Trailer Park Boys: 10 Times We Actually Felt Bad For Lahey (2023)

By Scoot Allan

While Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey was the main antagonist on Trailer Park Boys, fans still felt bad for the sometimes decent character.

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TheTrailer Park Boys have dealt with a number of challenges to the various criminal enterprises they've built over twelve live-action seasonsand two animated, though no one has proven to be more of a thorn in their side than Jim Lahey (played by the late John Dunsworth), an alcoholic former-cup-turned-Trailer Park Supervisor.

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However, while Lahey was often the antagonist of the series who spent most of his time trying to take down Julian, Ricky and Bubbles, as fans learned more about the character he became more sympathetic than some of the other threats the Boys faced over the years.


When The Boys Ruined His Career

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Jim Lahey's former life as a police officer was only mentioned in relation to his former career before he became Sunnyvale's Trailer Park Supervisor. However, the details behind his expulsion from the force were later revealed in the sixth season's "Halloween 1977" episode.

After an old videotape was discovered in Lahey's trailer, he finds evidence that proves he was erroneously fired from the force after the Boys (in homemade Star Wars costumes) stole his cop car and spilled liquor on him, which his partner George Green misinterpreted as a drunk driving incident.

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Every Time He Fell Off The Wagon

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Lahey's fall from grace after his expulsion from the police force led to further issues with alcoholism that waxed and waned over the course of the series, with Lahey frequently "giving up the liquor" after hitting rock bottom.

Fans always hoped Lahey was on the right path and would stay sober, though he inevitably continued to fall off the wagon, sometimes due to pressure from others which made it even sadder. One of his worst times off the wagon occurred with Private Leslie Dancer as they both dramatically succumbed to their alcoholic cravings and stole an army tank.

When He Had To Live In His Car With Randy

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Season four's premiere episode "Never Cry Sh*twolf" saw Mr. Lahey and Randy released from prison to a whole new Sunnyvale Trailer Park with Ricky and Bubbles acting as Trailer Park Supervisors and living in Lahey's former home.

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However, Ricky had set them up in a car at a different lot similar to how he had been living in earlier seasons. While he hadn't quite reached his most sympathetic levels with the audience yet, we still felt bad watching him and Randy try to live together in their car. Thankfully Barb fixed them up with an old camper until they returned to their old trailer.

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When He Tried to Kill Himself And Ricky With Dynamite

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Ricky's time as Trailer Park Supervisor in the fourth season also saw him enter into a somewhat odd relationship with Lahey's ex-wife Barb, who was also the owner of the park. Lahey's struggles with his drinking and his living situation led him to try and take his vengeance on Ricky through a series of attempted fatal "accidents."

When all of those fail, Lahey resorts to strapping himself up with dynamite and threatening to blow himself and Ricky up in a tense standoff downtown while they were surrounded by cops and news reporters. It wasn't the best look for Jim Lahey.

When Barb Got Him Back On The Liquor And Left Him For Sam Losco

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Jim Lahey and Barb were separated prior to the beginning ofTrailer Park Boys, though they did reconnect a couple of times over the course of the series, with Randy even joining them for a temporary throuple arrangement that didn't last after Randy cheated on them with Lucy.

Unfortunately, Jim's sobriety wasn't working for Barb and she terribly told him he was more fun when he was drinking. He soon fell off the wagon and hit rock bottomafter Barbleft him for "Caveman" Sam Losco.

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When HeWas Beaten And Left For Dead By The Police

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After Lahey's discovery of the Halloween tape led to his reinstatement with the police, an era of peaceful co-existence with the Boys developed after Bubbles negotiated a peace agreement and helped testifyto get Lahey's job back.

Unfortunately, cops George Green and Ted Johnson continued to investigate the Boys, which led Lahey to throw out one of their search warrants. George and Ted returned to Lahey's trailer and viciously beats him, Randy, and Phil the Mustard Tiger before turning over a barbeque in the trailer and leaving them for dead.

When He Created A Julian MannequinAnd Dyed Himself Blue In A Tub Of Liquor

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The eighth season ofTrailer Park Boys (and first produced by Netflix) saw a booze-free Sunnyvale that forced Ricky and Julian out of the park, where they hoped to set up a new life at a recently purchased run-down motel. While Lahey stayed sober for most of the season, his dramatic return to liquor with Private Dancer led to Julian moving out of the park for good.

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Lahey hit rock bottom again and created a Julian-lookalike out of a store mannequin. He then filled an inflatable tub with J-Roc's blue raspberry vodka, which dyed him blue after he passed out, leading to his wildest look as "The Liquor Snurf."

When Snoop Dog, Tom Arnold And Doug BensonTook Bets On His Drinking And Painted Him

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Jim Lahey dying himself blue in a tub of liquor wasn't the only time he found himself painted a different color. During the tenth season, celebrity guests Snoop Dogg, Super High Me'sDoug Benson andTrailer Park Boys' superfan Tom Arnold arrive in Sunnyvale to partake in Julian, Ricky and Bubbles' new casino.

Hoping to get the full Trailer Park Boysexperience, they sought out Jim Lahey (who was drinking with Private Dancer) and paid them to have adrinking contest. After they were passed out, Snoop then spray-paintedJim's head silver and Dancer's head gold for their amusement, which was hilarious but humiliating.

When He Discovered He Wasn't Ricky's Father

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Jim Lahey dropped a bombshell on the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park following the birth of Ricky's grandson Mo (short for The Motel). Hoping to finally bury the hatchet after developing a close connection with young Mo, Lahey revealed to Rickyhe was secretly his real father.

They began to come to terms with the new dynamic of their relationship and even move forward happily, though Julian and Bubbles were able to prove that Jim couldn't be Ricky's real father. This revelation crushed Jim Lahey and sent him into another spiral, as he truly believed he had been Ricky's father for years.

When HeWas Carried Away ByAS**thawk In The Animated Series

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John Dunsworth passed away after filming the twelfth season of Trailer Park Boys,which ended with everyone and jail and tripping on magic mushrooms, which teased the animated series that aired for two seasons on Netflix beginning in 2019.

WhileDunsworthwas given a touching moment in the finale of the twelfth season, the character of Lahey was killed off in the animated series when he was carried away by an actual s**thawk (an homage to Lahey'sunique fecal-based vocabulary). The ghost of Lahey then later appeared to Randy to pass on the position of Trailer Park Supervisor using previously-recorded dialogue.

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