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Michelle of Kathleen, GA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Aug. 30, 2022

I purchased 4health Dog Food beef potato formula for large dogs, I also purchased Small breed formula and urinary tract for cats. My 13 year old healthy boxer is the only dog that ate a bowl on Friday after an hour of eating it he started foaming at the mouth and had a seizure. Then on Saturday after eating a bowl he had 15 seizures throughout the day. My other pets wouldn't eat the food. THANK GOD!! On Sunday after eating he had a really bad seizure. I never even thought it could have been the food. We bought it cause the salesperson at Tractor Supply told us it was good for Bully breeds as he has allergies to dog food with corn and junk in it is the reason we were looking for something good for him.

I should have researched the brand before buying and the recalls from the company. My boxer Zeus after having so many seizures on Sunday we had to take him to the emergency veterinarian to have him put to sleep. I realized after thinking what did we do differently that could have caused the seizures it was the 4Health Beef and Potatoes that poisoned my dog. I took all 3 bags back to Tractor Supply they are having the dogfood tested and supposed to give me the results but, after learning it's their brand I'm sure I won't hear back so I kept a quart-size freezer bag of all the 3 bags I bought and going to have it tested myself.

I wish I would have just stuck with Bil Jac and feeding them a raw diet. I was trying to save money and it cost my Beloved Boxer of 13 years his life. I will not even go back to Tractor Supply after learning they are part owners of the 4health and Diamond brand dog foods. Makes me sick to think I fed my dog this poison. I'll stick with Bil Jac and raw diet from now on.

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Heather of Verona, NY Verified Reviewer

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Original review: May 20, 2022

I've always loved ProPlan for my dogs. They happily gobbled it up with no health issues for years, and then I broke down and adopted two cats, (Then two more). I was dumbfounded at the cost and lack of decent options for food at the time. Then one day, I was scanning the aisles of PetSmart for good options that didn't cost 1/2 my paycheck and there was a cat adoption day being held. I got to talking to the woman who runs the rescue and cat food came up. Because we were in PetSmart, she lowered her voice and very quietly told me that if I wanted the best cat food on the market, and at a fraction of the cost, to buy it from Tractor Supply Co, (TSC). She told me that their brand is called 4Health, but it's made by Blue Buffalo. The difference is in the price. It's extremely reasonable! She said she only feeds that to all the animals in her shelter but didn't want the staff at PetSmart to hear her say that.

I immediately went to TSC and was impressed with the variety of options for both dog and cat food. The cat food has options for outdoor, indoor, every life stage, dietary needs, etc., and the cost was a fraction of what buying the Blue Buffalo brand costs. I've been feeding it to my cats for about 4-5 years now, and I also switched the dogs to 4Health which also offers a variety of flavors, dietary needs, life stages, weights, activity levels, you name it. 4Health for is also the only brand I have ever seen for cat food that comes in a 25lb bag. You can get 60lbs of dog food, but cat food? Nope. Not until 4Health. The cost recently went up, as did everything but it's still less expensive at $35 for 25lbs and it's developed with great ingredients to meet every cat's needs. The dog food offers all the same options as Blue Buffalo with varying price levels. I highly recommend giving 4Health a try and feed your pets the best but save some money, too!

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (3)

Tracie of Pahrump, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 20, 2021

I thought it was the medication my dog was on making her throw up every day all day long. But it turns out it was this food. Very very disappointed and after reading all the complaints about how other people's dogs are doing the same thing and yet there is no recall being done I am switching brands and never coming back to this.

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (4)

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Christopher of Levittown, PA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 3, 2021

We thought we would try this for our 10 year old Catahoula/Rottie mix. It made her very sick with diarrhea and she was very lethargic until we stopped the treats. Going to return it to the store the next time we go there.

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (5)

Amber of Basehor, KS Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 16, 2021

The ingredient list is great which is why I bought it! Then my dog started getting extremely sick and lethargic. Refused to eat her dog food but acted like she was hungry and would eat treats. She had tiny dark inconsistent poops. Throwing up and absolutely no energy. I took her to the vet, who said she ate something that gave her a bug. She literally has no access to anything. Bathroom and bedroom doors always closed and the rest of the house is dog proofed.

They gave me meds, the next night I cooked her some hamburger and she devoured it and was still hungry. So I put half a can of this in her bowl she smelled it and made a disgusted face and refused to eat it. I dumped it, scrubbed her bowl and gave her more hamburger, which she immediately ate. I started researching the food and found on Consumer Affairs 2 dozen situations exactly like mine! It's been a few days now, and my dog still hasn't pooped, still no energy, and will only eat a little at a time. We are taking her to be tested for kidney failure from poisoning caused by this dog food! This has been the only change in her diet for the last 7 years... This food needs to be recalled!

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (6)

patrick of Campbell, NY Verified Reviewer

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Original review: March 3, 2021

Been with 4 health for a long time. Recently my 6 year old rottie started to not eat it. So we had to put grated cheese on it, somewhat helpful. So I personally did a taste test with Blue Buffalo. 1st was Blue Buffalo in my mouth that had the same taste threw out the chew from the beginning. I spit it out. 2nd 4 health put in my mouth and it had a pungent more of taste but when I bit it and spit it out instantly it was nasty chemical taste [I mean nasty]. If you don't believe me try it. I have called Diamond Pet Food and have told them my experience. Rottie wolfed down the buffalo food like he was starving to death. I personally will never give the food to my dogs again.

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (8)

Shari of Poland, IN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 9, 2020

I've been feeding this to my 14 yr old dog and my 2 year old for about 8 months. Before that, they both were on the 4 Health puppy formula. About 6 months ago, the old dog would whimper and whine when he ate and afterward. I thought he had bad tooth. I had the vet look at his teeth, there were no issues. He started barfing foam. A few years back a vet said he had acid reflux and to give him an acid reducer 1/2 hr before he eats. So I started that up. It wasnt helping, so I started mixing some instant potato flakes, cooked rice, a little canned Ole Roy, and milk in with a little dry 4 health. He doesnt cry when he eats now!

I think the 4 Health food by itself hurts his stomach (possible an ulcer)...and he's lost so much weight, you can feel his bones! I went back to the 4health puppy food while continuing my people food concoction for the old dog, including a hard boiled egg. He's doing much better! If 4H is hurting my old dog, what consequences are there continuing to feed it to our beautiful two yr old Pyrador? I'm ready to start making them both food in the kitchen. Who can you trust? Re cat food: I've had a number of cats on 9 Lives Urinary formula without one problem. I had a cat prone to UTI, and I switched to a different food once or twice, and he peed in the sink and let me know! Amazing creatures!

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (9)

Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (10)

Pia of Hondo, TX Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2020

Bought this at TS and thought this grain free food would be good for our three dogs. Boy, was I wrong!!! All three usually active dogs are just laying around, have diarrhea and are throwing up. We even have to carry them outside to go potty (if they make it that far). Would never ever buy this stuff again. Pet owners stay away from 4Health dog food!!!

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (11)

Crystal of Bayville, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Aug. 27, 2020

We have sister hounds and thought this brand was the way to go. Early this summer, we noticed both of the girls were not eating typically, their normally firm stools were straight diarrhea. Several times, they had vomiting (white foam included) and explosive diarrhea on more than several of occasions. We changed everything else except their food brand/line (this 4health food). After going round and round with the vets, at LEAST hundreds in vet bills, several rug cleaners, innumerable phone calls, and even tears, in desperation, we changed their food brand/line. THANKFULLY now they are BOTH MUCH better. We will NEVER go back to this line again....EVER. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LINE OF FOOD!

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Top 112 4health Dog Food Reviews (12)

T of Rutledge, TN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 11, 2020

I purchased 4 Health canned food after talking to someone that worked at TS. Our little dachshund puppy loves it but has now started with horrible diarrhea. She’s already housebroken but she can’t make it outside with how bad this is. She has finished 1 1/2 can but you better believe there will be no more. She’s slept more today and wants to be carried and that’s not her personality. A couple of our other dogs have ate it out of bowl and they now have diarrhea. I’ve thrown the rest in the garbage and will never purchase this again.

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