The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (2023)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” An astronaut? A race car driver? A pop star?

If we’d have known about thefollowing20 amazing jobs in ouryouth, I think ourdecision would’ve been just a little bit more difficult!

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (Guaranteed to Make You Jealous).

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For the Foodies.

1. Chocolate Consultant.

Getting paid a shed-load of money to taste and judge chocolate… Who wouldn’t love this job?

Talk about mixing business with pleasure though – right?

Check it out here.

2. Beer Taster.

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (1)If you fancy yourself as a bit of a beer connoisseur (don’t we all after a couple of swifties down the local) then this could quite possibly be the job for you.

Travelling around the country, visiting pubs and tasting different beers sounds like great fun to me.

Might not be great for the beer belly though.

OK there’s more to it than that… check out this article to find out more about the technical bit!

3. Master Sommelier.

A (slightly) classier version of the ‘beer taster;’ if wine’s your tipple then why not try becoming ‘Master Sommelier.’

Wine tasting and pairing (with food) in hotels and restaurants across the UK (or the world)…

And you actually get called “Master” – what more could you want?

Click here to findout how to become a wine sommelier!

Beer Taster, Master Sommelier or Chocolate Consultant? #Jobs #whynot

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4. Gumologist.

Do you like “gum?” How do you fancy getting paid to chew and blow bubbles for a living?

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A Gumologist will spend their time taste and bubble-testing gums before giving a final verdict and advising on new flavours.

Beware: it’s not as easy as it all sounds, according to this article form NY Times.

5. Tea Taster.

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (2)Are you a tea fiend? Is your favourite part of the day, having that first lovely cuppa?

What if you could drink endless amounts of (different) tea and get paid (a starting salary of £25,000) to do it?

Now you can: check this out.

Oh, did I mention that you’re also required to travel around the world?

6. The Professional Bridesmaid.

Always a bridesmaid… never the bride.

The ‘professional bridesmaid’ is basically a wedding planner who goes the extra mile; they’ll be by your side throughout the entire process, even when you finally reach the altar!

And they can get paid up to $1000 for their effort!

Imagine all that free food, drink and dresses?

Don’t worry, this one isn’t just for the ladies… lads, you can also hire a best man.

Would you ever hire a “professional” bridesmaid? #Wedding #Jobs

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For the Animal Lovers.

7. Dog Surfing Instructor.

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (3)Admit it; this would be a pretty cool party trick! Sure your dog can “sit” but can it surf?

If you’re passionate about pooches and partial to catching some waves, then this job is definitely for you; put simply, you teach other people’s dogs how to surf…

Check it out here.

8. Shark Tank Cleaner.

This one makes me shudder.

You’d be pretty disappointed if you went to an Aquarium and couldn’t see the sharks because of dirt and grime – someone’s got to clean those tanks. That someone is the (aptly named) Shark Tank Cleaner.

Warning: this job is not for the faint-hearted!

9. Zookeeper.

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (4)“What did you do at work today?” “Oh, nothing much, just fed some lions, tigers and gorillas.”

(Video) Brothers (8/10) Movie CLIP - I Wish You Stayed Dead! (2009) HD

OK, so you’ll also have to clean out the dens and enclosures, but come on, this job is perfect for any animal lover who’s not afraid to get their hands a little dirty!

Find out more about the ‘secret life of a zookeeper’ here.

Someone’s got to clean the shark tank glass; that someone could be YOU! #Jobs #Careers

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For the Creatives.

10. Fortune Cookie Writer.

Where did you think your fortunes came from… fortune cookie fairies?

How much fun could you have doing this job! “You will be hungry again in an hour” is my all-time favourite.

Fancy yourself asa bit of a fortune teller? Click here.

11. LEGO Builder.

Ever been to LEGOLAND? All of those huge, amazing sculptures are pretty impressive right?

Well, someone’s got to build them and that someone could be you!

Reckon you’ve got good Lego-architecture experience? Check it out here.

There’s no such thing as a fortune cookie fairy! #Jobs #Careers

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12. Destination Wedding Photographer.

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (5)Capturing the happiest moment in a person’s life must be extremely fulfilling.

But getting shipped to some of the most beautiful places in the world to do so? Even better.

As a destination wedding photographer, you get to travel to all kinds of exotic destinations to take snaps – and get paid for the pleasure!

13. Creature Designer.

Ever been watching a fantasy film or playing a horror video game and thought – who the heck comes up with these weird (and often terrifying) creatures?

That would be the ‘creature designer.’

Check some of these out; so impressive.

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Could your next career be in creature design? #creativejobs #whynot

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For the eccentrics.

14. Professional Snuggler.

Ok, so I’m not sure whether this is cool or creepy.

But if you’ve got a real passion for snuggles and you can get paid to give them, then why not?

We do always say you should love what you do…

Check it out: The Snuggle Buddies.

15. Sex Toy Tester.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory… (And it earns a pretty tidy £15,000).

Click here to find out more.

Professional snuggling: cool or creepy? #Jobs #Careers

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16. Professional “Zombie.”

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (6)Strangely, there are quite a few professional zombie jobs out there.

From survival experiences (sounds terrifying) to special events and parties, there’s a place for every budding zombie.

This guy even gave up his office job to follow his dream:

17. Waterslide Tester.

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? This job might just be for you.

For a pretty fair wage – £20,000 – the waterslide tester travels around the world, judging water slides on two things: “biggest splash” and “adrenaline factor.”

Pretty amazing.

Imagine introducing yourself as a ‘professional zombie’ or ‘waterslide tester’! #Jobs #Careers

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For the chilled.

18. Netflix ‘Tagger.’

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (7)How does getting paid to watch TV all day sound to you? Well, that’s what a ‘Netflix Tagger” does (jealous much?).

“Tagging involves entering words or phrases that describe the movie or television show into the company’s database in an effort to make Netflix’s search functions more precise.”

Don’t believe me? Click here.

19. Mystery Shopper.

Getting paid £30 – £40K per year to stay in a fancy hotel, try out a restaurant and/or go shopping has got to be a dream come true right?

That’s the reality that Laura, from this article, is living.

Of course, if you want this high a return, it’s not quite as easy as ABC… (As the article explains).

20. Paradise Island Caretaker.

Ben Southall actually managed to bag himself the “Best Job in the World.”

The 20 Most Amazing Jobs (That You'll Wish You Had). (8)6 months taking care of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, with “key duties including snorkelling, feeding fish and blogging” whilst living in a “three-bedroom oceanfront villa” with a swimming pool.

Did I mention he’d be earning $110,000?

Is being a ‘Paradise Island Caretaker’ really the best job in the world? #Jobs #Careers

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Pretty amazing jobs – right?

Unfortunately, they’re also very (very) difficult to get(because they’re rare and everyone wants them)!

(If you’d like to reada similar blog aboutthe 100 weirdest & most wonderful jobs out there –click here!)

Recruiter Pro Tip.

Of course, most of us don’t need a ridiculously odd and quirky job to be happyat work.

So if you’re looking for some advice on how to find a normal(ish) job, I may not be able to help you become a chocolate consultant, but I might well be able to help you as a C# developer!

Click hereto check out our careers advice blog or feel free to check out all of our our live vacancies!

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