Pisgah Manor Health Care Center: Nursing Home Overview (2022)

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Medical Staff Hours Per Patient (2021)













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In addition to being a strong nursing home overall, it also earned A+ health inspections recently. Its inspections are virtually flawless. Inspection grades weigh several factors included in a facility's inspection report. One of the most important criteria we rely on is the number and severity of deficiencies. Nursing homes with higher grades in this area generally have very few severe deficiencies. This particular nursing home had just a single deficiency on its inspection report and it was not one deemed to pose a threat to patient health or safety. Finally, this facility had no substantiated complaints this year from residents, which is an excellent sign.

Short-term Care Quality

Grade: A

This facility also was elite in the category of short-term care, where we awarded it a score of A. Only a select group of facilities fared better in this category. In calculating these short-term care grades, we assess the facility's skilled nursing services, such as those performed by registered nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other types of therapists. Our purpose is to create a tool for comparing the rehabilitation services of different facilities. Fortunately, it appear that this facility employs registered nurses. Not every nursing home employs these types of nurses. However, according to the data this nursing home provided, they do not appear to employ physical therapists. Lastly, we assessed the percentage of patients who were able to return to the community from this facility. We found that 7 percent of this nursing home's residents returned home.

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Long-term Care Quality

Grade: B-plus

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The third area we assessed was long-term care. This facility received an above average long-term care score, with a grade of B+ in this area. In a long-term care environment, the facility's primary goal is to keep patients healthy and safe. This is different than skilled nursing or short-term care where the goal is to rehabilitate patients. After considering the volume of care provided by nurses aids and other staff, we then looked at the nursing home's vaccination data. This nursing home vaccinated 92.36641 percent of its residents against pneumonia, which is a few points less than we expected but still a respectable percentage. Lastly, this facility was able to limit hospitalizations. Indeed, it had less than one hospitalization per one thousand long-term resident days, which is an impressively low figure.

Nurse Quality

Grade: C

The final area we scored was nursing. In this category, we gave this nursing home a solid grade of C. This proved to be this nursing home's weakest category. Nursing ratings are largely tied to a facility's nurse staffing. This nursing home provided just 0.3 hours of nursing care per resident per day. This is a relatively low total compared with most facilities. Lastly, we also assessed some nursing quality measures. Although this facility got dinged a bit for nursing hours per resident, it excelled in a few of these quality metrics. With fewer than five percent of its residents experiencing pressure ulcers, it performed well in this statistic. This can be an indicator of quality nursing care. Pressure ulcers can generally be prevented by offering better nursing care, such as having a policy of turning a patient more often.

Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

Pisgah Manor Health Care Center Quality Metrics

Minimizes Pressure Ulcers

Grade: D

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 10.18% of Patients had Pressure Ulcers

This is the percent of patients who have had a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers are skin damage caused by remaining in one position for an excessive period of time.

Minimizes Serious Falls

Grade: B-plus

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 3.86% of Patients had Serious Falls

This indicates the percent of patients that sustained a major fall. Falls resulting in serious injuries are routinely linked to lower quality nursing care. Additional nurse staffing limits the percentage of residents in a nursing home who sustain major falls.

Minimizes Urinary Tract Infections

Grade: F

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 3.21% of Patients had UTIs

This is the percentage of residents that suffered from a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are often the result of facilities with lower levels of hygiene. Better hygiene protocols reduces the number likelihood of residents sustaining infections. Keep in mind that this statistic is sometimes skewed by the fact that nursing homes have varying reporting standards for infections.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Psychotic Medication

Grade: A-minus

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 11.7% of Patients use Anti-Psychotic Medication

This is the percentage of patients who were given antipsychotic drugs. These medications may be used for treating several conditions, including dementia.

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Appropriately Uses Anti-Anxiety Medication

Grade: D

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 22.36% of Patients use Anti-Anxiety Medication

This indicates the percentage of long-term residents taking antianxiety drugs.

Managing Depression Among Residents

Grade: B

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 2.92% of Patients

This is a measure of the percent of long-term care patients who are exhibiting symptoms of depression. Many argue this is a reasonable measure of patient quality of care.

Appropriate Vaccine Usage

Grade: D

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 88.16% of Patients

This metric measures the percentage of long-term stay residents that were vaccinated against pneumonia and flu.

Ability to Keep Residents Mobile

Grade: C

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 26.81% Percentage of Residents

This metric tracks the percentage of long-term care residents that remained mobile levels.

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Grade: C

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 1.31 Hospitalizations per 1,000 resident days

This is the number of hospitalizations per 1,000 days of patient care.

Short-term Care: Rehospitalizations

Grade: A-minus

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 26.81 Percentage of Residents Rehospitalized

This is a measure of the number of times residents are rehospitalized per thousand days of short-term resident care. Avoiding the hospital during rehabilitation is important to restoring the health of residents.

Short-term Care: ER Visits

Grade: A-plus

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 11.94 Percentage of Patients

This tells you the number of emergency room visits per 1,000 days of short-term care. There is a correlation between keeping patients out of the emergency room and the overall quality of care.

Short-term Care: Facilitates Functional Improvement

Grade: B-minus

In Pisgah Manor Health Care Center, 72.2% Percentage of Resident

This tells you the percent of short-term care patients who saw functional improvements, such as enhanced ability to perform activities of daily living.

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