King's College Hospital London - Jumeirah Medical Centre, 2nd Floor, Al Kharbash Building Billqetair Street (37B Street, Dubai, Phone +971 4 378 9555 (2022)


14 May 2022 0:29

Dr Esra is the most encouraging, supportive and kind hearted. Before I chose her to deliver my baby girl I have seen so many doctors and none of them felt right. I was very anxious and Dr Esra did her absolut best to assure me that I will get the natural birth I hoped for and with as little damage as possible. Her energy is great and she gives time to her patients, came to me in early labour and comforted me, made me feel safe and secure.

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11 April 2022 6:13

Really want to thank KCH and especially Dr Farid Mojaveri for my treatment
I had painful knee for 8 years and with several clinics and drs diagnosis wasnt going away
Finally heard about Dr Farid and went for a consultation and right away he knew what was causing the issue and had a quick smooth surgery.

AlHamdulilah pain is gone now:)

Thank you Dr Farid and KCH

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12 March 2022 12:03

Had a meet the manager of King' Jumeirah named Lara as far I can remember, for complaining of no one calling us after lab results and ct scan, to set appointment with ENT doctor for evaluation, and this lady was extremely arrogant and rude saying that was ours to track and call, which never happen in other facilities, nursing call patients
Cannot recommend so sorry to say

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10 March 2022 6:33

I came in for a PCR test they told me the wait is 1 hour to 1.5 hours. I asked multiple times about the wait and they kept adding more hours. As I was waiting, other people would come in, do the PCR test a leave while I had been waiting.
After confronting reception, they said they were not going to take any complaints and I had the right to leave.
Very rude staff and very unhelpful. I do not recommend coming here for any reason whatsoever. Multiple people came in who also had appointments with their doctors and no one had informed them previously that their doctors were not there.

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01 January 2022 15:44

Oh dear another call - shocking co-ordination - between call centre and the team that should know the answers - long hold and then. - no more reviews - not returning to KCH [ Not the London Experinece ]

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13 December 2021 8:50

I went to Dr. Murtaza from ENT department for my sinus infection. He was very attentive and informed about all the aspects of the treatment. With his consultation I got better without any antibiotics. Additionally, thanks to Rejenal for his care when I had an immediate treatment.

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12 December 2021 16:37

Worst hospital in Dubai hands down. Two bad incidents with this hospital. 1-my father was recommended a completely wrong microdysectomy for his spine surgery which 3 other German and Egyptian doctors fully rejected and said this is absolutely the wrong approach and this would have been a disaster. My dad ended up successfully doing the lumbar disc herniation surgery with someone trusted. This hospital is very commercial. 2-they treat the ER as a clinic and have 0 ER experience in identifying a serious case from someone not so serious. My mother walked in with a serious shellfish allergic reaction that needed a cortizone shot, and the night time staff said, sorry 2 hour wait time and 600 aed consult before even understanding what was wrong with my mother. Sad to see this is just a franchise hospital and very commercial

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06 December 2021 20:53

Excellent doctor, she has a holistic approach which I appreciated and very knowledgeable.
Highly recommend.

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22 November 2021 21:05

Now waiting in lobby for over an hour to take simple PCR test for travel. Absolutely ridiculous. They will also take priority for people of a certain demographic.


20 November 2021 1:09

My appointment was at 11th September 10 am with Dr. Murtaza Najmi and I was at the hospital at 9: 50 am. They checked my vitals and they said I will be the next one. Then a guy came and they told him, he is after me. He created an issue, his appointment was earlier and the nurse gave my place to him. So because of his irresponsibility, I had to wait 30 minutes for my appointment. It is the second name, I am visiting the branch and there is always an issue about appointment times. You wait at least 30 minutes for your appointment.

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15 November 2021 8:20

I am very grateful for being under the care of such an experienced and capable doctor! Dr. Maher Abbas is very professional! I highly recommend dr. Maher if you are looking the best colorectal surgeon in Dubai. You are such a delighted person and dedicated doctor! Thanks a million! Stay blessed!

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11 November 2021 4:19

Staff not helpful at all, Mostafa at the call center was not helpful at all. The PCR with them normally arrives on time from Dubai hills and the investment park (8 hours to 10hours). Unfortunately this time from the Jumeirah facilities was a total mistake to go there. Time of waiting to make the pcr almost 1 hour. Staff like Mostafa at the call center not helpful at all. Next time please make sure you avoid these facilities to get a Quick pcr in Dubai. I have been patient waiting 11 hours for it but the way they provide the service it is rude and unproffesional (calling center staff). Go to dubai king college hospital un Dubai hills or to the investment park and avoid this facilities if you dont want to have a stressful time waiting for your PCR. Any way, thank you to all the staff in king college that was kind and helpful. I can not put all of them in the same category of service because the nurse this morning was very kind and sweet and helpful. People remember we are here to help each other as brothers and sisters. Remember that compasion it is a great cuality to have. I am cultivating my patiend with this experience, and that is always positive, even when stress come to your heart. Peace to all.
Blessings to all and good luck with your travelling plans.

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11 November 2021 2:43

Waiting time in this hospital is absurd! I came every time on time and i always wait AT LEAST 30-45mins. Unacceptable!

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01 November 2021 21:23

I always visit the Rheumatology department for my monthly checkup and Infusion, the team is very accommodating. From the reception to my nurse, they always makes me feel comfortable whenever I am having my infusion. They are always ready to assist if I have any questions or clarifications with my condition. Dr. Bhavna is one of the best rheumatologist in Dubai. I been seeing her for more than 5 years and she look after my condition and make sure that I get all the proper treatment that I need. What I love about her is she is very helpful, she cares about her patient even after my visit I can ask her advise if I feel something weird is happening is my body.


29 October 2021 6:37

I was so impressed with her knowledge, she listened carefully and explained in details. I found her online and she met all my expectations and beyond! Do not hesitate in going to see her. Thank you Dr Bhavna Khan

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06 September 2021 15:17

Dr. Hesham Souka (General Surgeon) did a very great job for my fistula treatment operation which is considered a very complicated case. He explained everything to me in details and very clear manner. I like the way when he’s writing down notes and drawing while I’m explaining. Very Intelligent and friendly Doctor, his Nurse is also very helpful. I am very glad I chose Kings Hospital, very nice Hospital, highly recommended to anyone.

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25 July 2021 21:15

I am extremely anxious following my visit to the psychiatrist at kings college. I am suffering from mental health issues which has left me unable to work so I pay for the medical myself. The price was 900 aed for a ten minute consultation to get anti depressants only for a one month supply. Since running out I asked for repeat prescription and was told I have to pay another 900 to simply get a repeat prescription. Despite explaining my circumstances I was left with no support. I am now suffering from withdrawal and the hospital has shown no compassion ar all.

Very sad to see that medical practitioners are business men and women rather than helpful members of society

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19 July 2021 1:40

Excellent service at Kings Jumeriah clinic. Facility is good and staff are all friendly and helpful. Having had initial negative consultations with Rheumatologists at other facilities, I received a recommendation for Dr. Bhavna. I have been visiting Dr. Bhavna for almost a year now, her advise and treatment has thankfully sorted my issue. She is fully professional with a great medical knowledge yet speaks to her patients in lay mans terms to clearly explain the issues and treatment in an empathetic manner. I would fully recommend Dr. Bhavna.

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14 July 2021 18:56

Shambles of a clinic. No follow up on appointments. Impossible to complain or communicate with anyone competent. I've been trying to follow up for weeks and nothing. They are happy enough to claim the money ASAP. I've had appointments made for the wrong location, wrong time and also prescriptions missed.

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