Clubs and Organizations | Regis University (2023)

Affinity Groups

Asian Student Alliance

Asian Student Alliance is a club that promotes and encourages Asian diversity. Asian Student Alliance makes an active and intentional effort to volunteer and create events for both the Regis University and Colorado community. Our events range from making and serving delicious Asian-cultured food, watching traditional lion dances, having celebrations that celebrate the culture for those within and outside of Asian communities, and engaging in outings meant to educate and entertain participants. Most importantly, Asian Student Alliance tries our best to provide our members with leadership opportunities and networking that can be applied toward their futures.

Black Student Alliance

We, as the Black Student Alliance aim to steward a culture of inclusive excellence, the pursuit of social justice, and intentional community building. We create safe spaces at Regis University through upholding the Jesuit values by caring for the whole person and aiming to uplift the Black community. Above all, we hope to create a healing and justice-oriented support system for both the Black community and the great Regis community.

In Between
In Between is a national bicultural organization that supports and unites Asian Americans who feel they do not fully align with either their Asian or American culture. This includes Asian Adoptees, Wasians, Hapas, and generational Asian Americans. For more information, pleaseemail InBetweenRegis.

Queer Student Alliance

The Queer Student Alliance (QSA) exists to create a place for queer students on campus to feel wholly embraced and safe. The QSA will push to create an environment that helps students learn about queerness in a constructive manner, and where young queer people can meet healthy examples of queerness. We strive to foster a queer community for queer students where they can fully express their whole identity, not just their queerness.


SOMOS exists to provide support, celebration and appreciation, and knowledge of the Latinx culture. All students of every age, race, heritage, gender, religion, etc. are welcome. SOMOS is also a club that strives to reach out to the community with Latinx events and resources. The group is also to provide comfort and unity amongst students of color who feel on the margins. The group also welcomes others who want to join in celebrating our culture and learn more about the Latinx heritage.


1LEADS exists to celebrate and support first generation students at Regis. First Generation students are students who are first in their family, aside from their siblings to attend a four-year college. 1LEADS aims to create events and support groups to assist and celebrate the first-gen experience.

Academic Clubs

Chemistry Club

The purpose of Regis Chemistry Club is first and foremost, to promote scientific endeavors in chemistry and to prepare undergraduate students for work, research, and education post-graduation.

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Regis University’s CyComp is a computer and cyber security focused club designed for cyber awareness campus wide to promote safe technology use and engage in activities that teach students valuable industry skills to prepare for high-level security careers.

English Club

This organization exists to create a space where everyone can feel welcomed and supported through the shared passion for English.

Publishing and Editing

Publishing & Editing exists to publish, print, and distribute student and alumni work and artistry to the Regis community. Each year, we publish the highest quality of academic work in Thirty-Three 33 and a diverse array of artistic work of all media in Loophole. To learn more visit Regis University Student Journals.

Regis Psychology and Neuroscience Club

The purpose of the Neuroscience and Psychology Club is to build community between students with a shared interest in neuroscience and psychology as well as help aid their future academic progress by offering opportunities for growth and vocational discernment.

Regis University Mathematics Association (RUMA)

The Mathematics Associationstrivesto develop a community of people interested in mathematics and create a regular gathering for collaboration on challenging problems and explorations into interesting fields of mathematics.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential. In addition to professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the communities in which they live.

Religious or Spiritual Club

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega strives to provide a spiritual outlet and conversation for all people, especially non-Catholic students.

Tipi Loschi Regis Catholic

Tipi Loschi strives to create a community of Catholic students who encourage one another to strive for holiness in their everyday lives and to take part in the sacraments of the Catholic Church regularly. The group is meant to create a community where there are consistent bible studies, holy hours, rosaries and intentional friendships with one another rooted in Christ.

Club or Recreational Sport Organization

Climbing Club

This organization exists to bring people interesting in climbing on the Regis campus together. We want to teach and introduce people to climbing that are interested. We also want to support current climbers on campus.

Regis Women's Club Soccer

Our mission is to give students an opportunity to continue to play the sport that they love or find a new affinity for soccer. While providing a way to make new friends, stay in shape, and have a sense of belonging at Regis.

Ski and Snowboard Club

The goal of this club is to bring like-minded students, faculty and staff of Regis together to share their love of skiing and snowboarding, and to extend their passion to others seeking a way to break into Colorado's favorite pastime.

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Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The Regis University Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a group of student-athletes that seeks to unify the Regis campus, excel in community service, as well as create a better all-around college experience for not only student-athletes but the Regis community as a whole.

Social Organizations

Billiards Club

The billiards club strives to create an inclusive environment for pool enthusiasts and novices to come together and learn the sport of pocket billiards.

Global Medical Brigades

This organization exists for the purpose to provide adequate healthcare to remote and under-resourced communities in the countries of Panama, Honduras, Ghana and Greece.

Providing Assistance to the Community Together (P.A.C.T.)

P.A.C.T. aims to improve morale, joy, and comfort to various patients under medical care by providing handmade gifts.

Regis Apiary Club

This club fosters an all-inclusive community centered around the teaching of apiculture and all that revolves around it.

Regis Hooks

Regis Hooks is the crochet and knitting club on campus that strives to create a stress-free and creative community of crocheters and knitters who work towards improving crochet and knitting skills, and creating and donating projects for different non-profit service organizations

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club aims to follow the Jesuit value of living for and with others through education of conservation issues both on campus and around the world. In order to help build a campus that is more sustainable, we strive to promote earth-conscious behavior among the student body by using a creative and integral mindset to withhold the Regis tradition of compassionate activism through social outreach. In an ever-changing world, Sustainability Club understands the difference that we can make, especially when we work together to care for our common home.

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in pre-professional health scholarship, including medicine, dentistry, physician assistant (PA), veterinary, and others.Contactaepsilond@regis.edufor more information.

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Tri Beta Honor Society

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a national biological honor society specific to undergraduates interested in scientific research and improving the understanding and appreciation of biological studies. The purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society is first and foremost, to create a community of students within Regis who are interested in science research and related endeavors. TriBeta will provide information on topics relating to science, such as summer research internship applications, graduate school applications, science career options, and faculty research opportunities.

Lambda Pi Eta

Regis University's School for Professional Advancement is affiliated with the National Communication Association (NCA), and our chapter (Lambda Pi Eta) recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies. Contactlpe@regis.edufor more information.The purpose of this organization shall be to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies, stimulate interest in the field of communication.

Graduate Honor Societies

College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP)

Our mission is to advance the reach and practice of psychiatric pharmacy and serve as the voice of the specialty.

Colorado Pharmacists Society- Academy of Student Pharmacists

Our primary focus is to provide unique experiences for pharmacy students, including one-of-a-kind networking events and advocating for the pharmacy profession.

Industry Pharmacists Organization

IPhO believes that pharmacists’ scientific training, medication expertise, clinical acumen, patient focus, and experience as healthcare providers make us ideally suited for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. IPhO works with its members to advocate for advancing industry-based pharmacists to leadership positions by increasing awareness and recognition among employers, senior management, colleagues, thought leaders, educators, and students of what pharmacists have to offer.

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc.

The mission of this organization is to develop leaders with a passion for service to their community while creating lifelong professional connections.

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

This organization is committed to the promotion of independent retail pharmacy.We are dedicated to the continuing growth of independent retail pharmacy and its impact on the community.

Phi Delta Chi

Phi Delta Chi's mission is to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members

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Phi Lambda Sigma

Our Mission is to support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development

Regis School of Pharmacy Student Government

The mission of this organization is to voice and uphold the opinions of pharmacy students: ourselves and our peers, as well as initiate and implement policies.

Regis University Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP)

This organization provides leadership, professional development, advocacy, and resources that enable clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice, research, and education. Advances clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through the support and promotion of research, training, and education.

Rho Chi

The national organization mission: As the academic honor society in pharmacy, the Rho Chi Society: encourages and recognizes intellectual achievement, stimulates critical inquiry to advance pharmacy, contributes to the development of intellectual leaders, promotes the highest ethical standards, fosters collaboration

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP)

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists believes that the mission of pharmacists is to help people achieve optimal health outcomes. SSHP helps its members achieve this mission by advocating and supporting the professional practice of pharmacists in hospitals, health systems, ambulatory clinics, and other settings spanning the full spectrum of medication use.

Interested in starting a club? Have questions about how to lead your new student organization?

If you are interested in starting a new club, please complete theProposed Student Organization Form.If you have any questions or want to connect with a current club, please contact the Office of Student Activities byemail, by phone at 303.458.3505 or stop by our officeor stop by our office in the basement of O'Connell.

Event and Space Request Form

Proposed Student Organization Form

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Student Event Post-Assessment

Student Club and Org Handbook


What is the academic integrity policy at Regis? ›

The Academic Integrity Policy prohibits cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, collusion and other forms of academic misconduct.

How to create a club University of Arizona? ›

Student Organization Registration Process. In order to be recognized, an organization MUST have at least 5 members who are enrolled students at the University of Arizona, have at least 3 officer positions, and an advisor who is both present on campus and is a full-time faculty or staff member at UA.

Is Regis University a good school? ›

Regis University's ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #250.

Does Regis have frats? ›

Regis College does not have fraternities or sororities.

Regis College students' favorite campus traditions are Spring Break, Heritage Week and Founder's Day.

Do colleges look at academic integrity? ›

It's likely that schools will consider your academic dishonesty when reviewing you as an applicant since it can speak about your judgement and character as a student and could be considered a serious offense by many schools- but it doesn't mean that colleges will write you off completely.

How do you break academic integrity? ›

“These include cheating, plagiarism, and referencing issues,” she says.
  1. Cheating. ...
  2. Plagiarism. ...
  3. Improper referencing. ...
  4. Understand expectations. ...
  5. Maintaining ethics and credibility. ...
  6. When to ask for help.
Mar 17, 2022

Are university clubs free? ›

Lots of societies will also put on a free social event to give you a taster for the kind of stuff they do and to give you a chance to meet other members. Then, if you decide you want to join, most societies will ask you to pay a membership fee.

How many clubs do you need to join university? ›

The number of student clubs and groups you join is entirely up to you. There is no official guideline for how many clubs or extracurricular activities one should participate in. Some students only join one club, while others are involved in several.

Can students make their own clubs? ›

If your school doesn't offer a particular club or group that you're interested in, starting your own is a great way to meet new people and spend time doing something you enjoy. You'll also get leadership experience that can help strengthen your resume and college applications.

Which school has the lowest acceptance rate? ›

11 Colleges With the Lowest Acceptance Rates
School (state)Fall 2020 acceptance rate
Harvard University (MA)5%
Stanford University (CA)5%
Columbia University (NY)6%
Princeton University (NJ)6%
8 more rows

What is the most prestigious school? ›

Here are the best global universities
  • Stanford University.
  • University of California Berkeley.
  • University of Oxford.
  • University of Washington Seattle.
  • Columbia University.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • California Institute of Technology.
  • Johns Hopkins University.

What is the best school in the Ivy League? ›

Harvard University is ranked as the most prestigious Ivy League School with the highest level ranking.

Are frats cheaper than dorms? ›

You aren't typically required to live in the fraternity house, so you may not have to pay housing costs, but these costs are often cheaper than living in on-campus dormitories. Aside from these fees, there are also the incidental costs of joining a fraternity.

Does Harvard have frat? ›

Three male fraternities and three female sororities exist at Harvard (although not officially acknowledged due to the institution's rule against recognizing single gender groups): Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Delta Gamma, respectively.

Does academic dishonesty go on your transcript? ›

The only sanctions that appear on transcripts are Suspensions and Dismissal. Disciplinary probation, educational sanctions and other outcomes do not appear. Although these sanctions do not appear on your transcript, they will be noted in your educational record.

Can academic dishonesty get you kicked out of college? ›

Academic Integrity Violations

Colleges set academic integrity policies that include expulsion as a disciplinary action. For example, serious cases of plagiarism or cheating may result in expulsion.

Do colleges look at your records? ›

College admissions officers will look at disciplinary records IF a high school provides them. Most college applications, including the Common App, inquire about disciplinary information.

What behaviors violate academic integrity? ›

Cheating: Using or attempting to use unauthorized assistance, information or study aids in any academic exercise. Copying answers from or looking at another student's exam. Accessing or possessing any material not expressly permitted during an exam, such as crib sheets, notes, books.

What are 4 breaches of academic integrity? ›

writing 'cheat notes' on your body or materials you take into the exam room. attempting to copy from other students. communicating with other students or people outside the exam venue while the exam is in progress. using electronic devices to access information related to the exam while it is in progress.

What is academic dishonesty called? ›

Academic misconduct, the term used for when individuals do not act with integrity in an academic setting, is defined in the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline.

Do colleges care what clubs you join? ›

In reality, colleges care a great deal about extracurriculars. Admissions officers aren't just interested in what you're doing in the classroom. They also care what you do out of school, and extracurriculars are an important piece of what high schoolers do with their free time outside of a strictly academic setting.

Is it worth it to join clubs in college? ›

You'll develop soft skills.

Participating in a student organization not only teaches you these skills, but also helps you broaden and improve those you already have. You'll learn the best way to communicate with both individuals and large groups, and you'll gain emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships.

Do clubs matter for university? ›

Colleges want to see you use extracurriculars to pursue your passion, experience something meaningful, increase your knowledge in your academic interest, or showcase your leadership abilities.

How many clubs do I really need? ›

Many pros agree that six to eight clubs is a good number for a beginner to start with. Dana Rader, the director of instruction at Belfair, a golf community in South Carolina, starts beginners off with six clubs—4-hybrid and 5-hybrid, 7-iron and 9-iron, a pitching wedge and a putter.

How many clubs should I join in freshman year? ›

You should not join every single club your school offers. This will lead you to feel overwhelmed and may prevent you from enjoying your extracurricular experiences. Instead, attend your school's club fair at the beginning of the year, choose two to three clubs that you truly enjoy, and focus on those.

How many clubs do colleges look for? ›

Admissions officers would far prefer to see “only” three or so activities that: a) Are aligned with your future academic/career goals. b) Demonstrate your ability to lead and get results (titles matter less than your actual duties/responsibilities).

What are some club ideas? ›

Top 10 Best After School Club Ideas
  • #10 - Gardening Club. Gardening is one of the most time-tested after school programs out there. ...
  • #9 - Photography Club. ...
  • #8 - Mixed Sports. ...
  • #7 - Origami Club. ...
  • #6 Coding Club. ...
  • #5 - Dance Off Club. ...
  • #4 - Robotics Club. ...
  • #3 - TV Theme Club.
Jan 2, 2023

Why are clubs important? ›

Clubs and organizations are a great way to help develop your character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in one.

What is the importance of joining a club or organization? ›

By joining different clubs and student organizations, you allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone and discover the things that you are good at. Being completely aware of your strengths, weaknesses, needs, desires, and habits as early as now will help you choose a career path that is perfectly suited for you.

What GPA is required for Harvard? ›

You should also have a 4.18 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. For a school as selective as Harvard, you'll also need to impress them with the rest of your application.

Which college has a 1 acceptance rate? ›

RankSchoolAcceptance Rate
1Harvard University6%
2Yale University7%
3University of Pennsylvania10%
4Johns Hopkins University14%
18 more rows

Which university in USA is easiest to get into? ›

Colleges with high acceptance rate are usually colleges with easy admission requirements.
Some good universities with high acceptance rates, and guaranteed admissions are:
  • California State University.
  • Arizona State University.
  • Oklahoma State University.
  • North Dakota State University.

What school has the richest students? ›

The Colleges With The Richest Students
  • Stanford University. ...
  • Harvard University. ...
  • Princeton University. ...
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ...
  • University of Southern California (USC) ...
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) ...
  • Duke University. ...
  • University of Pennsylvania.
Jan 16, 2023

What is the hardest school to get into in America? ›

Harvard ranked as the toughest school in the country to get into. It has a 5% acceptance rate, according to Niche. Stanford came in second on the list— with an acceptance rate of 5% as well. However, it accepts students with slightly lower test scores, Niche says.

What GPA do Ivy Leagues want? ›

However, for college applicants, the average GPA is more likely between 3.5 and 4.0. If you're aiming for a top university such as one in the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, or others of the same caliber, a 4.0 GPA — or close to it — is expected.

What is the hardest ivy? ›

Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the US and consistently ranks #1 hardest Ivy League to get into. Founded in 1636, Harvard offers students a world-class education from some of the most brilliant professors in the world.

What is the lowest Ivy League school? ›

What Are the Cheapest Ivy League Schools? The cheapest Ivy League schools include The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Princeton University.

What GPA do you need to join a fraternity? ›

The Interfraternity Council encourages that men going through the formal recruitment process have a minimum a 2.75 Core GPA from high school or a 2.5 college GPA if you have 12+ college units. Each fraternity must follow their own national academic standards and will not accept men below the individual standard.

Is joining a frat really worth it? ›

Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others. Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others.

What is the richest fraternity? ›

The frat with the all-time highest number of wealthiest alumni is Sigma Chi. Notable wealthy members include Michael Milken (president, UC Berkeley), Les Wexner, Neil Bluhm, Steve Wynn, Jonathan Gray, Erick Lefkofsky and Ron Baron.

Did Mark Zuckerberg join a frat? ›

Although he was a member of the Jewish fraternity AEPi before he dropped out of Harvard, Zuckerberg didn't discuss his Judaism much before 2015.

What fraternity is Zuckerberg? ›

College years

The New Yorker noted that by the time Zuckerberg began classes at Harvard in 2002, he had already achieved a "reputation as a programming prodigy". He studied psychology and computer science and belonged to Alpha Epsilon Pi and Kirkland House.

What frat was Bill Gates in? ›

He told a story of how Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, would force Gates to come out to the Fox Club, a Harvard social group that was similar to a fraternity.

Do frats lower GPA? ›

A study presented at the American Economic Association suggests that students' GPAs fall after becoming Greek affiliated and that joining a fraternity or sorority doesn't necessarily guarantee a higher salary.

What is the #1 fraternity in the US? ›

The biggest and one of the best fraternities in the nation, Sigma Phi Epsilon, was established on November 1st, 1901. At Richmond College (now the University of Richmond), 12 founding fathers of Sigma Phi Epsilon established the standards for their succeeding members by living up to their values and beliefs.

What fraternity has the highest GPA? ›

Beta Theta Pi achieved a total house GPA of 3.589, with their 23 new members posting a GPA of 3.890. Dating back to 1970, they have been awarded top fraternity GPA in 94 of 100 semesters.

What does a university academic integrity policy do? ›

Academic Integrity is a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. From these values flow principles of behavior that enable academic communities to translate ideals into action.

What are the 5 main academic integrity values? ›

Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity

The ICAI defines academic integrity as a commitment, even in the face of adversity to five fundamental values; honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility, plus the courage to act on them even in the face of adversity.

What is a passing grade at Regis University? ›

Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for undergraduate students or 3.0 CGPA for graduate students.

What is academic honesty policy? ›

“Academic Honesty” means performing all academic work without plagiarism, cheating, lying, tampering, stealing, receiving unauthorized or illegitimate assistance from any other person, or using any source of information that is not common knowledge.

What activities are covered by academic integrity? ›

Behaviours that support academic integrity
  • acknowledging where the information you use comes from, clearly citing or referencing the source.
  • sitting your own exams and submitting your own work.
  • accurately reporting research findings and abiding by research policies.
Oct 13, 2022

Why is academic integrity an issue? ›

Academic integrity allows students and staff the freedom to build new ideas, knowledge and creative works while respecting and acknowledging the work of others. The University will respond to academic misconduct in a fair, consistent, transparent and timely manner.

What is a good example of academic integrity? ›

Do not falsify or alter a record, health slip, or grade, or permit another person to do so. Avoid even the suspicion of collusion. Do not allow any possibility that someone else could copy your work or assignments or exams. You do not want to be accused of abetting someone else's academic misconduct.

What are 3 things you can do to show academic integrity? ›

Helpful Hints to Maintain Academic Integrity
  • Go to class. ...
  • Clarify instructions. ...
  • Plan ahead. ...
  • Know where to go for assistance. ...
  • Follow instructions. ...
  • Do your own work. ...
  • Sit apart from your friends during exams. ...
  • Know whose words or ideas you're using.

What are the 6 core values of our institution? ›

Institutional Values
  • Integrity. We act with integrity and honesty in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards​.
  • Respect. ...
  • Responsibility. ...
  • Discovery. ...
  • Excellence. ...
  • Community.

What are the 6 fundamentals of academic integrity? ›

ICAI defines academic integrity as a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. By embracing these fundamental values, instructors, students, staff, and administrators create effective scholarly communities where integrity is a touchstone.

Is a 69% passing in college? ›

Is a D Considered Passing? A letter grade of a D is technically considered passing because it not a failure. A D is any percentage between 60-69%, whereas a failure occurs below 60%.

Is a 76% passing? ›

C - this is a grade that rests right in the middle. C is anywhere between 70% and 79% D - this is still a passing grade, and it's between 59% and 69% F - this is a failing grade.

Is 58 a pass in university? ›

When you start at university, any mark over 50% is a great grade. Getting a mark over 50% means that you are beginning to understand the difficult work of your degree. Getting over 60% is excellent because it means you have demonstrated a deep knowledge of your subject to the marker.

Is academic integrity illegal? ›

Yes, the school may pursue criminal charges based on the accusation of academic dishonesty. When bribery or fraud is in play, criminal prosecution is possible. Paying for a grade leads to defrauding the school as students did not earn the grade through their academic merit.

What is breach of academic honesty? ›

Breaches of academic integrity occur when academic work is not done in an ethical way, and go against CBU's Charter values of originality, integrity, fairness, collegiality, and responsibility. Breaches are avoidable, and this handbook provides resources that students can use to succeed with integrity.

Why is academic dishonesty bad? ›

Academic dishonesty erodes the mutual trust between students and faculty that is at the core of higher ed. Students trust faculty to be knowledgeable in their fields and truthful in their teaching. Faculty trust students to give true information about their progress via graded work.


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