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Thanks to the support from our alumni, parents, and friends, Hofstra University continues to provide an unparalleled educational experience. Our generous and committed donors make this University an excellent institution through continued philanthropy. The investment in our campus allows Hofstra to attract the best and brightest students by offering competitive scholarships and financial aid packages, recruiting accomplished faculty, supporting transformative learning experiences, providing a technologically advanced environment, and showcasing a beautiful campus.

The Honor Roll of Donors allows us the opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for your vital contributions. A diverse group of benefactors supports Hofstra: alumni, friends, parents, faculty/staff, organizations, and corporations. We are grateful to have such dedicated and committed supporters.

Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (1)

A Letter from

A Letter from Hofstra President Susan Poser

As I reflect on my first year as president, I am grateful for the opportunity to join and serve the Hofstra community.

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Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (2)

A Letter from

Hofstra Vice President Alan Kelly

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Hofstra Honor Roll of Donors. On behalf of the University, I am grateful for the extraordinary commitment and generosity that so many of our alumni, parents, and friends have shown to Hofstra — over time and, in particular, in the past year.

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Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (3)


Hofstra University is uniquely equipped to offer students a personalized, world-class educational experience.

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Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (4)

A Letter from the

Hofstra Alumni Organization President

I am very proud to serve as the newest president of the more than 140,000-member Hofstra University Alumni Organization.

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Meet the

Alumni of the Month

The Alumni of the Month feature on the Hofstra University website showcases graduates who are doing interesting and exciting things.

Meet the Alumni of the Month

Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (6)

Hostra Pride

Athletics Highlights

A look back at the past year in Hofstra Pride athletics.

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The Fund for Hofstra University

How do annual gifts make such a big impact?

  • Provide scholarships for deserving students
  • Ensure a technologically advanced learning environment
  • Allow us to host world-class events and lectures
  • Preserve our beautiful and nationally recognized campus

Help us achieve extraordinary things! Visit or call 516-463-6336 to make your gift today.

Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (7)

Individual Donors

† = Deceased / * = Hofstra Loyals

Leo A. Guthart*
Sondra and David S. Mack '67*
Barbara and Donald Zucker*

Andrew M. Boas '80*
Rita and Frank Castagna†
Christopher J. Cavallaro
Mark Claster '77*
Michael E. DeDomenico '69*
Louis Feil Charitable Lead Annuity Trust*
Mindy and Arno Fried*
Laurence T. Ginsberg '79*
Arlene'77, '88 and Robert Goldberg*
Lawrence Herbert '51, '89*
Mary and Peter S. Kalikow '65, '86*
Florence Kaufman
Seryl '84 and Charles Kushner '79*
James C. Metzger '83*
Judith Livingston Moore '79, '98*
Ronald A. Narel '57
Michael W. Roberge '92*
Jodi and Robert D. Rosenthal '74*
Caryl and Leonard Shapiro*
Stewart A. Smith†
Toni Gross Sosnoff '63 and Martin Sosnoff*
Perry Weitz '83
Patricia Koster Zarb '57, '81 and Frank G. Zarb '57, '62*

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Carol and Alan J. Bernon '76*
Jan Burman
Lisa and Pat Comunale
Steven J. Eisman*
Howard Fensterman
Coleman Fung
Peggy and Robert F. Gartland '74*
Kevin J. Hesselbirg
Steven A. Klar
Doris Lister*
Elizabeth McCaul-Ingrassia and Francis Ingrassia
Cathy and Robert F. McKeon*
Marilyn B. Monter ’76 and Wilfred Witthuhm
Nancy and Stuart Rabinowitz*
Samuel Ramos '91*
Joan and Donald Schaeffer*
Libby G. Shapiro '54*
Philip J. Shapiro '78*
Lawrence G. Smith*
Mary and Robert Sparks
Steven C. Witkoff '80, '83*

Margaret and Jeffrey Abrams*
Tracey '87 and Todd Ant '81*
Janice and Jeffrey Beekman ‘76
P. J. Bjorneby '96*
Dorothy and Wilbur Breslin
Joan and Robert Catell*
Laurence N. Charney '69
Robert W. Chasanoff
Michael P. Delaney '85*
Nancy DeMatteis†
James K. Donaghy '89*
Nancy Ferrara '90
Warren G. Frisina*
Michelle S. Gegwich
Lorna '75 and Edwin Goodman
Josephine Nacht
Stephen Nacht
James J. Nolan '06*
Julio A. Portalatin '81, '13*
Debby and Scott Rechler*
Michael W. Seiman '01*
Marilyn and James Simons*
Peter Spera '02
Linda and Myron Teitelbaum
Jeffrey M. Weiner '79*
Rita and David Woldenberg†*
Carolyn Sanchez Woycik and E. David Woycik, Jr. '77, '80*

Wendy and Danal Abrams*
James Q. Ball
Karen M. Baumbach '99
John Belloni
Evelyn J. Benjamin
Mark Bibi '80*
Michael Blisko '01
Robert W. Buckner '56, '65*
Nancy J. Burner '88*
John Cameron*
Gregory T. Cerchione '84*
The Cerrato Family*
Martha E. White Colabella '95 and Mark R. Colabella '85, '91
Paul Cooper*
John M. Czygier, Jr. '74*
James A. D'Addario '72*
Jennifer and Bruce Danly
Erin Brookes Dempster '94 and Craig E. Dempster '94*
Robert F. D'Esposito '64*
Charles F. Dolan
Elissa Epstein '78†
Jeffrey D. Forchelli*
Jordan W. Fried '13, '15*
John P. Gering
Andrea and Timothy J. Gladding '76, '81
Maria A. Grasso '86*
Michele and Martin Greenberg '60
Marc L. Hamroff '83, '16*
Nancy Gittleson Hodson '82, '84
Jeffrey O. Hollinger '69
Joey Jackson '95*
Frederick Johs '76*
Edward M. Kalikow '78*
Larry Keigwin '94 and Christian Keesee*
Lenard Leeds '74
Janet A. Lenaghan '92*
Diane S. Levy '65*
Jacqueline O. LiCalzi '85*
Mark Lukasiewicz
D. Carl Lustig, III '78*
Philip H. Mark '64*
Donna E. Marshall '95
Lawrence Martino '94
Sneh and Gopal Mehta
Janet George Murnick and Daniel Murnick '62*
Steven Napolitano
John G. Newman '59
Catharine and Anthony Perettine '87*
Tammy A. Petragnani '88
Jay I. Pomerantz '89*
A. Gail Prudenti and Robert Cimino*
Joseph A. Quatela '85
Sina Y. Rabbany*
Kristen and Stephen Rielly '87
Brian Ruane '96
Stephanie '68 and Stuart Saft '68*
Steven R. Salbu '77*
Debra Sandler '82
Fred T. Santucci
John Sartor
Nancy and Paul R. Saueracker '78*
Jason Savarese '95
Joseph W. Schier '76*†
Steven R. Schlesinger '76
Holly Seirup '90, '95 and Clifford Pincus '83, 85, '09*
Dorthe A. Selda '69*
Terri C. Shapiro '86, '89, '95*
Shelley Sherman '77
Robin '86 and Joseph Sparacio '89*
Ronald E. Strothkamp*
Susan M. Sullivan '64, '01*
Brigid '11 and Benjamin Vogt*
Thad and Bin Wolfe

Margaret Abraham and Pradeep Singh*
Benjamin H. Abrams '19*
M. Patricia Adamski*
Linda '85, '00 and Marc Alpert '83
Elaine M. Anton-Lotruglio '90*
Beverly Baker Jackson '97*
Rosalba '73 and R. Gary Barth*
Annette Schrader '84 and Herman A. Berliner*
Robert J. Bernstein '55*†
Sondra L. Bernstein '53*
Bill Bleyer '74*
Lynn A. Boccio '78
Irene K. Bossert '64*
Deborah and William Bradley*
Linda and M. David Burghardt*
Andrew D. Cameron '12
Lynn '64 and Richard Cardozo '64*
Melanie Moore Carpenter '95, '98 and Matthew Carpenter '96*
Linda Wing Caruso '78 and Frank Caruso
Robert C. Carvalho '88
Alicia and Michael S. Catanzarita
Kim M. Ciesinski '86, '89*
Brooke and Richard J. Cole
Francis Ford Coppola '60, '77
Emily M. Corzel '13, '14*
Kathleen H. Fanos '78
Debra Tosi Ferriso '14 and Alfred Ferriso '13*
Kathleen and Rodney Finzel*
Kraig G. Fox '93*
Dolores Fredrich '80 and Jeffrey Keller '80*
John H. Frew '74*
Judith Fryer '75 and Daniel Biggs*
Judy Cella Gilligan '67, '72*
Gerard N. Giovaniello '64
Kathleen Dooley Glass '99 and Jeffrey Glass '79*
Dennis Greenwald
Barbara '70 and Norman Gross '50†*
Calla M. Hales '12, '15*
Joseph P. Heaney, III*
Jeffrey L. Hecht '94
Catherine '81 and William Hennessy*
Lisa Shushan Heymann '89 and David Heymann '89*
Leslie Sirota Hirsch '94 and Douglas Hirsch '90
Susan and Arthur Kremer*
Diana E. Lake '68*
Terry Lamantia '81, '86
Ralph E. Lambert '84
Donald F. Leistman '78, '81
Eric Lempel '95
Salvatore T. Lentini '94*
Randy L. Levine '80
Lizabeth Lynner '85 and James Palenchar*
Mary '73 and Michael Madden
Matthew McCarthy '12, '13
Janice M. McFadden '87, '92*
Stella '09 and Paul Mendes*
Joseph A. Mihalich*
Peter S. Morgan '97
Lynda and Richard Murphy '62*
Fusae Nara '91*
Eric W. Nodiff '80, '83*
Ann Mccaffrey O'Dwyer '59 and Terry F. O'Dwyer '60*
Paul O'Neill, Jr. '90
A. J. Paluska, Jr. '68, '70*
Michael D. Patrick '78
Michelle Pintek
Gregory P. Polli '85*
Jill Rabin '75 and Barbara Friedlander*
Wendy and Brian Rathjen
Denee' A. Barracato '00
Anthony J. Rondello '19
Beth S. Rosenberg '79*
Judith A. Salerno '70*
Catherine C. Samuels '79*
Vicki Santello in memory of Estelle Aden
Rebecca Capozzi Schaeffer '13 and Andrew D. Schaeffer '15*
Steven Schlesinger
David Schwed '12
Patricia '64 and John Sepulveda '67*
Peter D. Shapiro '67*
Anne Shybunko-Moore
Daniel Sinnreich
Lawrence A. Sipkin '66
Grace Anne '81 and Casimir Skrzypczak '70
Howard J. Talmud '91
Terrence Tarver '07*
Guy L. Truicko '91*
Arthur Trust
Christopher P. Wacker '76
Tai Wang
Jack A. Weisbaum '64*
David E. Weissman
Rondell J. Wescott '03*
Rona F. Woldenberg

Robin S. Abramowitz '89
Michael J. Ackerman '66*
Robert J. Adams
Denise Jones Adler '81*
Susan '09 and Ronald Alber '99, '02
Michael Allain '03
David N. Altman '90
Mary and Lawrence Altmann*
Lori Goldman Ames '79*
James A. Amodio '74*
Eleanor '75, '84 and Calvin Andrew '72*
Andres Anglade '02
Nancy Aries and Elliott D. Sclar '63*
Carol and Alex Arthur
Thomas Barbaro '77
Jay G. Baris '78*
Doreen Bartoldus
Thomas J. Basile '97*
Richard C. Bayer '84*
Timothy M. Beckett '99
Anna Benedetto '98 and Christopher Caruso '00*
Hank H. Bjorklund '80, '96
Larry Bloom*
Courtney P. Boccio '16
Robert V. Boos '59*
Richard Bouwman '85
Kristina and Joe Boyle
Mark A. Bracco '92
Barbara Brizzi Wynne
Andrea and Kenneth Brodlieb*
Louis Bruno
Melissa Butchin '93 and David McNamara '90, '91*
Barbara '75, '76 and Peter Bye*
Thomas M. Byrne '89*
Marivi Caban '08 and Christopher Weidman '07
Charles L. Cacciabaudo
Adam Cahn
Konrad L. Cailteux '85*
Anthony M. Camisa '98
Susan Devine Canada '72 and David Canada '72*
Lori Jean Canestraro '84, '88 and Richard Powell '84, '91
Jane E. Carleton
William Carmody*
Maria Carney
Joseph J. Carrello '91*
Jordan L. Caruso '11
Alex Caruso
Jennifer and Shawn Cassidy '88
Susan and Fred Catalano*
Diana T. Cecchini '85, '97*
Christina Cerroni '97
Bennett Chaite
Billi J. Chambers '03
Anita J. Chinkes-Ratner '89
Ralph Choi '21*
Angie Choi
Thomas K. Chu '12
Gregory B. Classon '81*
Richard J. Clavell '53*
Craig E. Claxton '11
Timothy Cleves
Michael J. Cohen*
Heather Cohen '98 and Michael Waxman '97*
Andrew T. Coholan '14
Vincent Colatriano '16
Catharine '75 and C. Payson Coleman '76
Scott Colletti
Patrick J. Conlon
Melissa A. Kane-Connolly '89, '17*
Dorothy E. Connolly*
Caren Cook -Lipsey '87
Katharine and John Conroy
Steven R. Costenoble*
Teri '09, '17 and Mark Cox '93, '02*
Philip A. Crotty '73*
Charles B. Cummings '73*
Margaret D'Albert '84
Shalom Danenza
Peter Dante
Suzanne Mikos David '99 and Kenneth David '99*
Lawrence A. Davis '70, '74*
Solange and Frederick Davis '85*
Beverly and Gary Davis
Steven J. Davis '66
Armand DeAmbrosis '69
Meredith M. Decsi '00 and Matthew D. Prince '97
Michael J. DeLibero '93*
Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson '12
Donald Derrico
Gina Desalvo '82 and Milan Krainchich '82*
Louis DeThomasis
Donna C. Diamond '86*
Louis F. DiBlasi '61
John F. DiCapua
Gerard DiConza '91*
Michael D'Innocenzo†*
Louis J. Dionisio '81
W. Houston Dougharty*
Rosalie Downey*
Joseph R. Downey '85*
Sean F. Dugan
John Dulmovits*
Brian M. Dulmovits '20
Neil F. Duncan*
Ronald Edelson
William W. Edwards
John B. Edwards '96
Bruce Eiber '77, '80*
Julie and John Elarde
Cristina Diaconu '95 and Christopher Eldredge '95*
Nicholas Elefterakis '10
Angela L. Emrich '89
Pinda '94 and George Eng '94*
Raymond Every
Robert M. Ey '74
Thomas A. Famigletti '68
Sean A. Fanelli '97*
Carolyn '72, '75 and Paul Farinella '69, '74*
Cynthia A. Farr '85*
Michael Feeley '01, '03
Kelly and Douglas P. Feick
David B. Fellin '72
Edward M. Finegan '66*
Laurie and Paul Flamm*
James P. Flood '77*
Nicholas M. Florio '78*
Robert Ford
Suzanne and Donald Forte*
Joseph M. Fowler '90*
Nancy '91 and Richard Freedman*
Brianne E. Frew '14, '16
Robert K. Fricke '90*
Dominic Gallina '99
Kathleen Gallo*
Patricia Galteri '80, '83
Lisa and Milo Gates
Adam D. Gelcich '94
Eugene E. Gelling '97*
Sleiman R. Ghorayeb*
Denise Sciabarra Giannone '90 and David Giannone '92
Gretchen Gill
Evan S. Giniger '87
Robin F. Goldberg
Diane D. Goldman '75*
Melissa E. Goldman '83
Daniel A. Golub '70
Myrka Gonzalez '82 and David Ochoa
John K. Gorman '08
Susan S. Gould*
Marianne Grady '10*
Marguerite Grays '82 and Hugh Campbell '82*
Scott G. Greissman '94*
Michael Grieco
Kathy and Ross Hallam*
Joyce '56 and Samuel Hanna
Bronwyn '13 and James Kemp Hannon '00*
Maria E. Harris '86*
Stephen B. Harris '86
Evelyn M. Harrison '84*
Rashad Hasan Haughton '00*
Pamela Shaw Hawkesworth '88 and Kevin Hawkesworth '88
John Healy '69, '77*
William M. Hennessey '88
Shawn M. Henry '87
Robert Herber
Stephen E. Hershkowitz '66
Robert Heyl '71
Norman L. Hicks '62*
John J. Hill, Jr. '77
Barbara Hecht Hirst and Arthur Hirst*
Donald J. Hofmann, Jr. '79*
Shegun Holder '97
Daphne Hornbuckle '86
S. Zaki Hossain
Jing Hua
Zhen Huang '91 and Qiong-Ying Chen '96
Gerald D. Hubshman
Cathy Hummel
Eleanor and Pascal Imperato
Thomas J. Interlicchio '10
Donna M. Iucolano '86, '88, '94*
Jacqueline Jackson
Susan '81 and Steven D. Jannace '87
Paul I. Jeffery '63*
Richard G. Johanson '75*
Patrick H. Joy '17
Joanna M. Molfetta '96 and Richard Justino '98
Roger Kale
Gregory Kalikow '10
Louise Kapner
Roberta S. Karp '83*
Neil D. Katz '88
Edward Kawczynski
Hilke and Peter Kayser
James H. Keegan '80
Kevin M. Kelly '90*
Kristen E. Mullarkey Kelley '00 and Andrew Kelley
Susan and Alan J. Kelly '20*
Norman Elliott Kent '71, '75
Tariq A. Khan
Maureen P. Kiedaisch '93, '98*
Stephen T. Kiernan '94
Thomas J. Killeen*
David M. Kleinman '06*
David J. Koehler '87, '91
James J. Kolb*
Iris S. Korol '61
Joel M. Kotick '82
Elisa Krause '88, '92 and Thomas Berger
Joanne Bonello Krush '79
Michelle Lamendola-Essel '11
Salvatore LaMonica '88
Colleen and Daniel Langner
Michelle Laskin '90 and David Weissman '90*
Helen M. Latimer*
Michael J. Laudenslager '91*
Michael X. Laurano '99
Jeffrey D. Lebowitz '76*
Amy Serper Leder '92 and Andrew Leder '92
Melissa L. Lee '02
Alan R. Leiderman '81
Michael J. Lerner '83
Caroline Levy '80 and David Lazer '80
Tanya F. Levy-Odom '90 and Edward Odom*
Cindy Lewis '79*
Eliza T. Lewis '17, '21
Wendy and Peter Lewis
Michael Liebowitz*
Joseph L. Liebowitz '18, '19
Evans Lizardos*
Gloria L. Wilson '73, '77*
Carol and Jamie Loeb
Anthony Lomangino
George Lombardo
Dennis Losco
Daniel Maccarrone '01
Eugene T. Maccarrone '76, '82*
Ilene Mack
Michael J. Malave, Jr. '15*
Ann M. Mallouk '72
Joseph S. Maniscalco '95
Eric R. Marcus
Leslie A. Margolin '80
Joseph Marino
Trudy and Steven Markowitz
Robert W. Martin '70
Sammy Martin
Carlo Massaro '93, '96*
David J. Mattana '86*
Mark P. Matthews '90
Forrest McMullen '51, '54*
Jennifer N. Mieres
Emily P. Miethner '10
Jonathan J. Miller '07*
Ryan B. Miller '07
Mary Ann and Joseph D. Monticciolo*
David Moss
Dina Muldoon
Sharon Murphy '88
Hillary Serota Needle '89 and Michael Needle '88*
Sheldon Newman
Jeffrey Nicholson
Michael L. Nimaroff '16
Elizabeth L. O'Brien '00
Stephanie J. O'Brien '04, '06
Karen O'Callaghan and Grace Cucchissi*
Charles Occhipinti, Jr. '12
John Palmer '03
Gregory Parisi '83*
Robert T. Parrinelli '00, '03*
Ann E. Parry '76*
Michele and Michael Paton
Barry J. Peek '77
Anamaria Perez '73*
Cynthia L. Pett '84
Patrick T. Philbin '87*
Lauretta D. Pinckney '70
Emily S. Pines '72, '76*
Eric N. Piper '64*
Constance R. Pizarro '82
Martha S. Pope*
Victoria Porges
Valerie L. Powell '14, '18
Gabrielle G. Prusko '21
Jean and James Prusko*
Robert Pryor
Robert J. Quinlan '86*
Bruce W. Quinn '86
Nicholas J. Quinn '19
Parker B. Quinn '19
Ryan J. Quinn '13*
Raymond Raia
Timothy Reilly
Gia K. Reynolds
Brenda R. Rezak
Nancy and John L. Rivkin*
Linda and George Roberts*
Mark Roder
John A. Rodger, Jr.*
David M. Rooney*
Jill L. Rosenberg*
Judith Goldberg Rosenberg and Richard Rosenberg*
Mary and Louis Ruggilo*
Kevin Ryan
Manuel Saavedra
Antonio Salva '78
Maryellen and Pat Santoro*
Veronica and Ozzy Santos
Steven Savona
Morton O. Schapiro '75
Kevin Schlosser '84*
Vicki Schneps-Yunis
Jane and Martin Schwartz
Ann '92 and Matthew Schwartzberg '93
Kathryn Kronenberger Shanahan '92 and James Shanahan '91, '94
Denise '78 and Robert Sher*
Sara Ann '83, '88 and Ronald Shindel '96
Francine '76, '87, '93 and Henry Sikorski '75
Renee '79 and Stephen Silver '66
Pamela S. Silverblatt '85
Varinder P. Singh
Aram Sinnreich
Michael A. Smith '05
Nathalie J. Smith '68*
Shannon E. Smith*
Jonathan Somerstein '92
Joyce Pinto Sparrow '75*
Kathleen and Mark Spruyt
Carol St Clair
Charles St. Clair
Barbara J. Stark*
Andrew M. Steele '19
Panayiota '00 and Michael Stefanakis '99
Frank Stolfa
Joseph P. Sulzbach '13
Linda and Leonard L. Susman
Patricia and Jerome Tatar
Brian Taylor
Charles E. Tholen '63*
Amy and Stephen Thorne
Roger B. Tilles
George F. Tischler, Jr. '15*
George J. Tsunis*
Shari and Jonathan Turell
Lisa Vignogna-Barlas
Anoopkumar S. Villait '94
Mary and T. Brent Voelkel
Thomas A. Voelkel '17*
Nanette M. Wachter-Jurcsak*
Marlene J. Cookson Wallace '92 and Jay Wallace '00*
Jennifer Waller
Dawn and James P. Walsh
Dr. Stefan Waner
Bonnie and Bennett J. Wasserman '74
Kristine Suapengco Watson '09, '11 and Ryan M. Watson '09
Joyce and William Weir '85*
Harvey Weisenberg '60
Clifford A. Wexler '80
Jil and Mitchell Wexler '82*
Jamie Whitfield '83*
Laura Anne Whitley '96
Rachel '72 and Marc Wiener '70†
Robert P. Williams*
Rita Williams-Garcia '87
Jacqueline K. Worrall '17*
Renee Pissk Worrall '79 and Richard Worrall '77, '81*
Julie '01, '03 and Zak Wright '96, '00
Ron Yakuel '99
Gail and Allen Zagoren '69*
Anthony J. Zappone '14*
Jerome Zollenberg '61*

Caryl and Herbert Ackerman '50*
Gerard Agostinello
India Y. Ali '08
Geri and Stuart Almer
Irene Angelakis '07
Saud and Nishat Ansari
Sophia Arzoumanidis '16
Leonard B. Austin '77*
Susan F. Axelrod '89
Richard Barakat
Patricia '98 and Joseph Barkwill
Steven Bartels '85
Takita '01 and Aaron Battle*
Kathy and Gene Bernstein
Ronald Binday '56
Mindy Birnbaum '83 and Barry Rutcofsky '83
Charlotte and Roger Blumencranz
Jennifer B. Tillem Bogner '90
Linda M. Coyne Bohman '86, '12 and
Kenneth Bohman '87
David R. Bolnick '80
Candace L. Bond '13, '18
Calandra Y. Branch '91
Joyce A. Brauer-Weston '77*
Alyssa M. Breres '15
George Breres
Leslie and John Brigham*
Kenneth W. Brooks '74*
Marc Bruggeman
Delilah Buitron '00
Judith Burfeindt
Alafair S. Burke
Philip W. Cadieux '77, '84
Adrianne Cajayon '06 and Patrick Vaughan '06*
Juliana V. Campagna*
Laurence E. Campbell '77*
Douglas P. Carbonara '75, '77*
Andrea J. Caruso '10 and Philip A. Hammarberg '12
Mark J. Caruso '77*
Michael J. Caruso '08*
Peter J. Clagnaz '73*
Daniel H. Cohen
Sarah K. Cohn '87*
Anthony C. Coles '89
Robert Coletti
Michael A. Colleluori '09
Alex Concannon
Caitlin M. Connolly '05
Ilene Sherwyn Cooper '79 and Mitchell Cooper '78
John A. Corrado, Jr. '61*
Marie Corrado '56*
Barbara '60 and Tom Cousins '60†*
Cornell L. Craig
Andrew M. Crossfield
Denise S. Cunningham '97*
Ronee D'Amico '70, '73
Stephen Delaney
William A. Delaney '86*
Frank D. Dellaquila '71
John F. Demek, Jr.
Daniel M. DeStefano '69, '72*
Kenneth W. Dobert '68*
Gerry T. Donaghy '02, '05*
Douglas G. Dourado '17
Matthias Dunse
Daniel G. Dyer '85*
Jessica A. Eads '96*
Ellen Efros '78
Brian Egan
Joseph J. Elliott*
Linda and Alan Engle*
Jay Ennesser '80
Laura Evangelista '92 and Bradley Siciliano '92
John J. Farley, III '73*
Timothy B. Farrell '93*
Kevin Ferrari
John G. Ferreira '83
Edith and Bernard J. Firestone
Marion P. Fleming '68*
Paul J. Flora '68*
Kaitlyn E. Flynn '14
Eric M. Freedman
Henry A. Freedman
Stefan Freeman
Paul Friedlander '76, '78
Lawrence Frydman
Carl E. Fulwiler '78*
Nicholas A. Gallo '77*
Harish Gally
Douglas K. Gannon '00,'02
Gwenae G. Garvey*
Nicole and Robert Gauthier
Mireille Genadry '76
Jim Gerbo
Chester J. Geveda, Jr. '68
Joan M. Gilmore '77
Luke Gomez '18
Jeffrey Goodstein
Robert A. Gordon*
Rosalind M. Gordon '73*
George P. Goulard '88
Howard Graf
Bryan Graff
Laura J. Granelli '97
Daniel H. Graves '12, '18
Francine '92 and Jeffrey Greenberg
Ginny Ehrlich Greenberg '90 and Glenn Greenberg*
Charles M. Griffin '09
Jennifer Anne Gundlach
Calla Gutter*
Angela Scaringella Guziewicz '92*
Lynne Gerhard Halik '76
Aaliyah J. Haqq '14
Robert M. Harper '07*
James F. Harrington '93
Alan Hartman
Nancy and Mark Heller
Jason R. Hernandez '00,'03
Terri Rosini Hess '88 and Richard Hess '86, '90
John F. Hoffman '86, '93*
Daniel C. Holahan '92
Henry Holden
Peter Hollis
Stephen A. Horblitt '64, '66*
Todd Hummel
Bridget T. Hunter*
Karen E. Ingvoldstad '67, '72*
Robert Ioanna
Peter Ioppolo
Vidya V. Jaggernauth '06
Jacqueline A. Jones*
Rebecca Kadish and Robert Levine*
Cameron L. Kadison '03
Jonathan S. Kaiman '84, '88
Shaunen P. Kaiman '18
Evelyn Kalenscher '66, '89*
Christian H. Kampfl '88
Susan Kane '77 and Kent Moston '75
Ronald M. Kanner*
Dianne Russo Karpowicz '79
Betsy Katcher-Oestreicher
Anna M. Kerekes '55*
Thomas J. Kessler '02*
James M. Kinglsey '18
Margaret D. Kranz '83*
Branka Kristic*
Constantine D. Kyropoulos '58*
Brett H. Lake '15
Roxanne and David Lalama*
Eric Lane*
Lewis B. Lane
Joseph A. Larsen '92
John Lavin*
Linda Leaf '65
Catherine E. Leahy-Scott '82, '85
Samuel S. Lee '98
Geraldine Fishman Lehrer '71*
Louis Henry Liotti '70, '74
Brian Lotito
Patricia Y. Love '70*
William Low '98
Nicole and Adam Lutfi
Miriam R. Lyman*
Theresa Mangravite '70
Theodore J. Maniatis
Alan Mantis*
Michelle and Anthony Manto
Alston J. Mason '98
John Mastrocola
C. Jane Currie Matteson '66, '75*
Matthew J. Mazzilli '89
Peter McCann
Julie and Robert Mcintosh
William J. McLaughlin '57*
Bruce A. Mina '70
Janet Barnett Minc '70 and David C. Minc '68
Randell Montellaro '82, '85*
J. Michael Moore*
Sarah A. Mori '14*
Steven Mori
Darren M. Morton '89
Terrence J. Mulligan
Terese and Keith Mullin
Val Musial
Michelle and Scott Nathanson
Alan Neuschatz '59*
John L. Nickelsberg '75*
Judith Nuss-Steele '60*
Heather K. Nyein '12, '13
Lila and Roland Nyein
Kevin O'Brien
Anna Odintsova '08
Michael D. Ogazon, Jr. '01, '04*
Ronald G. Ort '75*
Gina and Cosmo Parrella
Tiana M. Parrella '18
YuhTyng '07 and Michael Patka
Peter Pavlakis
Michael G. Peco '82*
Rachel Peel-Macandrew '05, '12
Daniel Pellegriti '00*
Monica N. Pham '11
Andrea C. Phoenix '89
Joshua Pines*
Laurie Pines*
Marilyn Serota '61
Daniel M. Posener '89*
Susan Poser
Louis Potters
Karen M. Pracanica-Grando '78
Amanda E. Preston '12
Tracy and Matthew Pupke
Henry Ramirez '76*
Alyeah E. Ramjit '15*
Debra Rand*
Mary O. Regan*
Brett M. Reiss '78
Benjamin Rifkin*
Kenneth C. Riscica '76
Norm L. Rogers
M. Jennifer Romanello '87 and Stanislao Pugliese '87*
The Roppolo Family*
Christopher B. Rose '99, '17
Eric J. Russo
Michelle Sakhai '04
Peter M. Sander
Alyssa and Paulu Scarola
Richard H. Schaffer
Eric Schmiesing '01*
Amanda Carlson Schnipper '05 and Michael Schnipper '04*
Michael Schulder
Richard B. Schwarz
Courtney Seesz
James Shaffer
David M. Shapiro '72
Ralph C. Shelley '85
William A. Shuart '92*
Teresa Simone
Richard A. Small '80*
Patricia Smith
William A. Sollin '18
Michael A. Sorrentino '05*
Brian Spallina '00
Regina M. Spallina '00
Jane '99, '01 and Mark P. Spruyt '97,'98, '99
Kathleen '91 and William Stanley '91*
Meredith '97 and Richard Steigman '97
Penny M. Stern*
Jeffrey D. Straussman '66
Florence and Arlen M. Strongin '92
Andrew Summers
Nancy Ann '81 and Jeffrey Sunshine '80
Adam J. Swarsen '09
Carolyn W. Takla '98, '05
Berndt Tausch
Catherine M. Taylor
Ron Tonuzi
Erin M. Trippi '15
Stanley Uk*
Robert Vanamonde
Charles E. Vasoll '51, '60*
Kathleen and Edward Vowinkel
Alda and Hector Walcott*
Kathleen Walser
Jordan S. Walters '21
Jermain L. Warren '01
Lisa Warren '85
Judith Wasserman '67, '68*
Jeanne M. Waters '14*
Patrick T. Watson '09
Shelley Freilich Weinberg '69*
Gary A. Weinstock '75*
Helene M. Weiss '16
Marc S. Wenger '87
Michael West
Carolyn N. White '61*
Daniel K. Levine '19
Lisa M. Wiley '84*
Tracie and Robert Williams*
Curtis Winkler
Katie Winslade
Carolyn Reinach Wolf '79, '86*
Gregory A. Youdan, Jr. '07
Hope S. Zimmerman '86
Diana L. Ziskin '10, '18 and Nicholas Bassett '20*
Amy E. Zwarico '82*

Patricia and Frank Affronti
Susan F. Aksionoff '72, '79
Lindsey N. Alfano '16
Anael Alston '94
Tyler E. Alvarez
Kumar A. Alwar '85
Joanne Morse Anderson '73, '76*
Steven H. Anderson '82*
Kelly and Timm Appleton
William J. Arkenau
Bonnie '84 and Dwight Arneson*
Arleen M. Asti
Cleveland Atkinson
Rita Augle
Rachel N. August '11, '14*
Dina Avanzato '91 and Martin Kelly '90
Meryl Avni
William A. Bader '84
Abigail R. Banegas '11
Hector Banegas
Keith Bantz '63
Joseph Barile '01
Kelle '03, '08 and John C. Barth '00, '08
Nicole R. Barth '05
Carol Bartolotta
Karen C. Baswell '07
Shelley B. Beck '73*
Arthur B. Behal, Jr. '88*
Robert J. Belford '73
Bruce H. Belsky
Dorothy Phillips Bendetti '57*
Gail and J. Bret Bennington*
Mitchell Beres
Andrew E. Berman '13*
David Bernstein
Elizabeth and Robert Bielunas
Robert J. Bielunas '17*
Judith Bilello '73, '82
Terry B. Birdsong '73
John M. Bishop '85*
Christopher M. Bissonnette '94
G. Lansing Blackshaw '58, '62, '66*
Liam Blohm '18
Pattie and Douglas Blohm
Elfreda V. Blue
Meenekshi Bose*
Kathryn L. Bourdeau '12
Jeanne F. Boykin
Eric B. Brettschneider '79*
Rita Brettschneider and Bertram Cohn*
Timothy H. Brodlieb '89
Shadawn Brooks
Theresa A. Brown '88
Paul A. Bruckner '14*
Sal Bruno
Daniel N. Buch '05
Emily A. Buch*
Linda and Michael Buckley
Sandra Burgos
Kevin J. Burke '80
Jason M. Busch '08, '10*
Mark W. Busch*
Jean Cacciabaudo
Richard Cacciato '67
Barbara Callahan
Bradley Camarda
Beatrice W. Cambridge '83*
Melanie Campbell '17*
Kevin Cappock
Donna and Christopher Carlin
Cal Carmichael
Elizabeth A. Carter '89*
Palmira M. Cataliotti '90
James M. Cavanaugh '00
Meredith and Paul Celentano*
Carolyn Chambers
Susan Emery Chandler '75 and Fred S. Chandler '73, '96*
Robert G. Chapman '75*
Jing Jing Chen '77
Michelle '92 and Albert Cheong '90
Frank Chervenak
Nicole K. Chevalier '18
Sharon and Rob Chevalier
Joanne Chirico '86*
Catherine Clancy-Dumont '97, '00
Ramar D. Clash '02
Harris N. Cogan '78
David M. Cohen
Gail R. Cohen '59*
Margaret and Michael Cohen '81
Nicole Samartino Cohen '09 and James Cohen '05, '11
Randy Cohn
Adriana Cole
Camille B. Collier
Dawne Collier
Maureen O'Brien Collins '84*
Patricia and Cornelius Collins '10*
Timothy Concannon
Stephanie Cooper '82, '89 and Cosby Smiley*
Baraka Corley '00
Lisa H. Corr '94
Andrew F. Corrado '92*
Patricia M. Costello*
Barbara A. Coughlin-Byrne '87*
Jerilyn Cowen '70, '73
Michael D. Cozza '93
Kenneth A. Crabbs '81
Mary Phinney Crabbs '70*
Eleanor and Alan Craig '56*
Andrew Crecca
Fred Cummings
Vincent J. Curran
Michele '93, '01 and James Cusack '90, '98*
Chuck Cutolo
Andrea G. Cyriacks '67
Mark S. Danielson '76
Michael Dawidziak*
Christine '05, '07 and Ralph DeFeo '05
Jasinta De La Cruz '05
Rakesh Desai
Michael P. Devlin '89, '08*
Avinash Dhar '00, '03
Arthur Diamond '78
Kim and Mike Diamond
Spencer H. Diamond '17, '18
Michael DiFabio '75, '77*
Denise J. DiMeglio '81*
Theodore DiPasquale '85*
Robert W. Dixon '58
Orsola and Louis D'Onofrio
Sean P. Doonan '13*
Edward M. Dooney '86
Christy and Mike Drickamer
Jyy-Chiang John Duh*
Kevin K. Duh '19
Bridget Ebbert '20
Colleen and Thomas Ebbert*
Stanley Ehrlich '60
Erica and Henry Emmet
Henry T. Emmet, Jr. '12
Erin M. Enderle '13
Keith B. Enderle '81
Michael B. Engle '16
Saralee P. Evans '78
Carmen Every-Degel
Mark and Laurie Faello
Marilyn Fagelson '83 and Anthony Kaplan '82
Kenneth Faith
Ericka E. Fang '09
Andrew Feng '19
Yong Xuan Feng and Guo Yong Feng*
James Ferguson
Samuel J. Ferrara '94*
Eileen Callahan Fiechter and Rene Fiechter '74*
Shania Figueroa '21
Kathy and Ken Fiola
Declan Flynn
Kevin Foley '87
Henrik Fonager
Barb and Tom Ford
Alice and Victor Fornari
Laura M. Fu '02
Mark Fuster '69*
Elisa Gallaro '80 and Mark Marchand
Albert W. Garrigan '58*
Kathleen and Kenneth Gatti
Ralph Gazzillo
Veronica L. B. Genco '74*
Harry F. George
Deborah '77, '78 and Joel Gerstenblatt '77*
Stephen Giaccone
Rodney E. Gilmore
Mark S. Ginsburg '73*
Dennis E. Glazer '72
Terry F. Godlove
Meredith M. Golden '12
Marc D. Goldsmith '07*
Alan Goodman '72
Stephen A. Gorchov
Rebecca and William Gould '72
Susan O. Grabel '75*
Roger Gray
Jennifer Liddy Green '93*
Jeffrey H. Greenfield
David A. Greenidge '92
Katerina Grinko
Jerry A. Guerra Sr.
Jonathan I. Guevara '18
Jeffrey Haber '88
Martine Hackett*
Linda '72 and Richard Halluska '73*
Gerald P. Hanley*
Joseph A. Hanshe '69, '70
Thomas J. Hauser
Deirdre Hay
William G. Heimerle '94
William J. Heimerle '58*
K'Sean L. Henderson
Leslie Hickis
Marques Highland
Robert V. Hill '97
Kimberly A. Hillier '08
Francine Hippolyte
Mie Hoff '21
Nicole D. Hoffner '12, '14
Charles Hofmann
Pamela Hofmann
Doni-Melissa '07 and Matthew Homenick '05
Pat and Lawrence P. Hurl
Pamela and Willis H. Hough Jr.
Peter Howley '79, '80
Patricia A. Hoyle
Neil G. Huber '17
Maria D. Huntsman
Miriam Hyman '77*
Veronica Renta Irwin '99
Cheryl James
Henry R. Janiesch '57*
Marsha D. Jordan*
Sharon Kahn-Bernstein '00*
Sofia Kakoulidis '91, '96*
Jessica Kalbfleisch
Virginia Kalbfleisch
Robert Kammerer
Virginia Kane '97, '98 and Jason McKenna '96
Philip C. Kantz '75*
Michael Katzen '07
Kristin Kelleher
David A. Kellman '74*
Anne Marie D. Kellogg '21
Denise Kellog
Ashley Kendrick
Adrienne B. Kennedy '60, '62*
Michael B. Kent '76
George H. Kessler
Elise '81 and Richard Kestenbaum '74
Matthew G. Kiernan*
Jonathan W. Kilmer '10*
Mary Ellen and Carleton Kilmer*
Alan M. Kirshner '59*
Frances Mortensen Kittelmann '63*
Jessica C. Kleid '12
Terry L. Kleid
Harvey Kletzkin '68*
Susan T. Kluewer '74
Gerald R. Knorr '65
Janice Koch '87*
Lori Kosloske
John J. Koster '75, '82*
Brenda '90 and John Kowalewski
Lynne Kramer '76 and Frederick Eisenbud '75
Andrew A. Kress '76, '79*
Abraham B. Krieger '75
Stefan H. Krieger*
Nancy Kwon
Corinne M. Kyriacou*
Joseph T. Lamantia '93
Carol Lambert
Alice Janks Langholz '62*
Debbi and Gary P. Larkin
Stephen S. Lawrence*
Katherine Layton
Stefan H. Leader '65*
Richard S. Leddy*
Soh Young Lee-Segredo
Ivy L. Leibowitz '71, '88*
Harvey Levinson
Helen Lipitz Lewis '69 and Harold Lewis '70*
Owen G. Lewis '16, '18
William Lewis
Maureen Liccione
Howard W. Linker '67
Karen '76, '79 and Wayne Lipton
Caren L. Loguercio
Kimberley M. Maccarrone '08, '10, '11
Kristin M. Maccarrone '09, '19*
Michael Macri '97
Ginny '95 and Frank Mahr '94, '97*
Birgitte Mahrt
Arisleyda C. Riehl '94
Dorothy Fischer Malings '81 and Glen Malings '80
Jeffrey L. Marcus '82, '84
Max T. Marcus '17
Robert A. Margolis '78, '92
Thomas R. Marich '98
Amela Markisic
Maria Markovina
Julia Markus*
Adria C. Marlowe '17*
Christopher C. Martin '92
Susan L. Martin
Anthony D. Masters
Newley and Frank Mattera*
PeggyAnn V. Matusiak '11*
Robert O. Mayer '73*
Charles D. McFaul '67*
Kathleen and Michael McCarry*
Sean McCormick
Chantal and Joseph McCullough '85*
Cheryl and Sean McDonald
Robert K. McDonald*
Diane M. McFarlane '94
James McGinty
Samantha McGill McKevitt '98, '99 and Thomas F. McKevitt '93, '96*
Arthur F. McLoughlin, Jr. '58*
Richard McNally '69*
Carol and William McPherson*
Ryan M. McPherson '08
David G. Mecca '16
Catherine and George Melanthiou*
Paul Meller
Carle-Marie P. Memnon '98, '13*
Kelly and Chris Mennella
Margaret '87 and Thomas Merle '71*
William G. Metzler '86
Tracey Greco Meyer '05 and Lance Meyer '05
Jonathan Mignola '19
Joyce Mikolaicyk
Pamela Milan '17
Evelyn V. Miller
William Minoff '83
Jeanette and Joseph Mirando
Mary C. Moder*
Salim A. Mohammed '02, '11*
Jennifer M. Mone*
Patricia A. Montagano*
Alyssa M. Morales '18
Theresa Durante Mormile '86 and Keith Mormile '85
Liam Muldoon
Charles J. Mulhern '91*
Daniel C. Murphy '93*
Terrence Murphy
Diamond J. Navarro
Christine D. Newins '87
Margaret Carey Niebuhr '94*
Cynthia Niesman
Kristen Mulhern Nolan '03 and Christopher Nolan '01*
Nicole Notaro-Rizzo '04 and Francis A. Rizzo, III '99, '16
Marianne Novak
Frederick G. Nurse '71*
Richard M. Nuttall
Jen L. O'Brien
Elizabeth J. O'Connor '00
Mary E. O'Connor '70
William L. Olivari, Sr. '66
Bonnie I. Optekman '76*
John J. O'Rourke
Ronald Ostrow
Michal E. Ovadia '12, '14
Dorothy Sullivan Palma '70, '73 and Ralph Palma '70
Michael Palumbo*
Leonie S. Pan '83
Kirit P. Panchamia
Laura Miller Papa '82 and John Papa '82
Alyssa Parrella '21
Vincent J. Parrella
Raffaele Pascuzzo '96*
Sean M. Paton '21
Chase P. Patterson
Miniki Peacock
Jean C. Peden-Christodoulou '19*
Mark Pericolosi
Judith Petray
Kerry Piaggione '07
Rocky Piaggione '74
Patricia S. Pierce
Stephen D. Piraino '13*
Taylor R. Pirone '15, '17*
Dawn '85, '86, '93 and Joseph Plumitallo '81
Jeffrey Polizotto '00
Eileen Prendergast
Richard J. Puerzer*
Michael Pugliese
Guy Ragault
Harry Rakovski '06*
Dianne L. Ralph '11
Shama Rasool
Stephen Recher
Tara '01, '03 and Matthew R. Reedy '02
Amy R. Reich '14*
Mary A. Rempe '81*
Leslie Lewis Renfroe and Charles Renfroe
Joseph J. Richetti '98
Gary S. Rinaldi '93
Michele Roberts '90, '21*
Fernando Rodriguez
Marjorie and Peter Rogatz
Paul A. Romano '11
Paul Romano '11, '15*
Christina M. Rosas '03
Adam Rosen '95
Morris Rosen '55*
Laura Rosenberg
Samantha Rotchford
Jeffrey M. Rotella '11
Amy '82 and Howard Rothschild '81, '84
Jack M. Rubenstein
Heather Rudd
Jeanette Ruiz
Tina and Terence G. Ryan
Henry A. Saavedra
Alice '62 and Nicholas Salerno
Annabella Salvador
James J. Sample*
William J. Santora
Keegan O. Santos '21
Rebecca '95 and Sassan Sassouni
Charles Scanio
Joseph R. Scardapane '83*
Janet and Victor Schachter*
Michael E. Schechner '17*
Michael P. Schenk '80*
William J. Schickler '63
Philip M. Schiliro '78, '13*
Michelle Schimel
William R. Schlameuss '70
Ronald J. Schley '89
Barbara A. Schmaltz '98
Doris and Stephen Schmaltz
Scott Ian Schneider '84*
Ryan A. Schreiber '94*
David P. Schultz '14*
Mark Schur
Elaine J. Schwartz '64
Rudene Scipio '83*
Edward Scott '59, '65*
Michael Senders '16
Christopher G. Senior '92
Nicole Settimo
Shila Shah-Gavnoudias*
Chris Sheridan
Maryann Shichtman
Donna Oseff Shirreffs '75, '80*
Dean Shumate
Devoll I. Sino '96*
Caterina Skenderi
Kathleen and James Slattery
Martin Smagorinsky '61*
Jessie and Daniel Smiley
Alicia E. Smith '01, '09
Monica A. Smith
Patricia Smith
Mary Beth Spallina
Charles A. Spector '68*
Anne Marie Spensieri-Fidis*
Stuart T. Spitzer '77
Mary P. Sprong '89
Wilkie Stadeker
Gail Berkes Starkie '59, '65, '77*
Janet W. Starwood '78*
Bruce Stegner '86
Adam B. Stein
Arthur Steinberg
Bettie Steinberg
Ira Steinberg
Rob Stewart
John A. Stocker '86
Arthur Strunk '52
Paul V. Sullivan '65
Zyheima K. Swint
Robert Sykes
Emily Szachnowicz '19, '21
Erin and Aleksy Szachnowicz*
Francine M. Tarpey
Kathleen A. Theiling '75
Gerald M. Therrien '64*
Margaret M. Thieke '96, '98
Frank Thisgaard
Seth B. Tierney*
Mark Tipperman '73*
James J. Toone '68
Arlene Torres
Nomi '60 and Frederick Trapnell*
Sean Trepeta
Robert W. Trester '69
Timothy J. Treubig '06*
Judith and Kenneth Tripp '96
Kevin C. Tripp '17, '19
Richard E. Turnau '58*
Frederic J. Vagnini, II '86*
Karyn M. Valerius*
Marianne Graham Vecsey '61, '73 and George Vecsey '60
Carlo Vigorito
Dion Visconti
Tania H. Visconti '97
Emily Von Hollen '13, '15
Julie Wahrman-Cramer
Joy M. Watson
David Walsh*
Radue Watson
Laura G. Weiss '78*
Matthew Weiss '92
Neil T. West '71*
Eric White
Andrew H. Wilkins
Francesca Winch
Robert Wishnew '73*
Agnes Wohl
George F. Wright '54*
Winifred '15 and William Wymes
Rosemarie Yancosek '86*
Yaniv A. Yardeni '13*
Barbara Young and Bennett Bruckner*
Charles J. Yovino '79
Todd M. Zelnick '77*
Cynthia Zhao
Zelik Ziegelbaum '79*
David R. Zimmerman

Joseph R. Zoeller '75*

Mike Abela
Lenny Abruzzo
Jerry Accordino
Justin N. Accordino '12, '14
Wylie A. Adames '01
Kira Adaricheva
Jacob Addeche
Scott Lee Adler '76
Judith '80, '86 and Gary Adler*
Frank Affronti '16
Michael A. Agnes '64
Antoine Agudio '08
Paula S. Akst '72
Frank J. Alberti '53, '59*
Donna and Doug Aloise '75, '84*
Gerness '68 and Harvey Alpert*
Abraham Alston
Sadrettin Altinok
Kelly Morris Alwine '05 and Jeffrey Alwine '03
Elizabeth Murphy Aly '83, '89 and Amr Aly '89*
Angel L. Amaro
David Amaro
Ronald Ammon '86
Frederick Amore '56*
Doreen '72 and Alan L. Andersen '75
Amy and Carl Anderson
Anne M. Anderson '89
Larissa A. Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Lori Anderson-Turczyn '19*
Theodor J. Andresen '67, '69
Thrisha C. Andrews '02*
Keith B. Annapolen
Robert A. Anspach '02*
Michele Anthony and James McClain*
Lydia DiGennaro '99
Ed Apalinski
Gregory J. Apgar '06
Richard M. Apollo '99
Abhiram Appalaneni '21
Glen Apsel
lowell Apsel
Rita Apsel
Kimberly and Jeremy Ardrey
Sterlyn Ardrey
Lisa Marinello Arena '87, '90 and Anthony Arena '85, '87
Denise Murray Arena '04 and Michael Arena '89
Dawn M. Arenella '97, '99
Laura J. Argento '69
Michelle Arnold
Christina Arnone '06, '09
Ellen L. Arthur '78
Tourai Assefi '65*
Gillian G. Atkinson
Danielle Atkinson
Lori Ann Attivissimo
Joanne and Stephen Auerbach '69*
Donald August†
Allon M. Avgi '18
Douglas N. Axman
Marty Azoulay
Alexander Baas
Matthew A. Babel '91*
Judy Babulski
Gloria Baca
Dean C. Bacigalupo '93, '02, '05, '13
Sherri Bailey
Ann M. Combes Baller
Patience O. Banister '74*
Tyler H. Banks '13
Stephen G. Barbone '59
Robert Bard
Gaetano R. Barile*
Veronica Davis Barkley '04 and Kehinde Barkley*
Theresa G. Barone '70*
Marci Barrett
Lewis Bartell
Maria Basic
Suzanne P. Basilicato '83
Joseph A. Battillo '82*
Anthony Battista
Nicholas J. Baudo '63
Marci '78, '85 and George Bauer
Denise D. '74 and James R. Bauer*
Jacqueline Bazompora
Corey Bearak '77, '81
Diana L. Benavides '07*
Daniel Benigno '06
Amber A. Bennett '17
Melanie Bennett
Danielle Berardi '01
Jack A. Berczi '20
Anthony Beres '21
Catherine Fechtmann Berg '69
Steven G. Berg '74*
Joanne M. Bergbom '65, '85*
Lorraine and Clyde Berger '76
Julia Berk '21
Terri and Benjamin Berk
Robert G. Berkson '60
Francine R. Berman '85, '00*
Lisa H. Berman*
Thomas Bermel*
Medgine Bernadotte '95
Volker A. Bernarding
Harold A. Bernstein
Carole Beroff
Howard Berrent '72, '76
Jared S. Berry '10*
Barbara Besdansky '89, '97*
Elizabeth Bevan
Patrick G. Bevan
Balbinder S. Bhogal
Aniello Bianco
Jessica '03 and Matthew L. Bielo '05
Donald J. Bieniewicz '70*
Jeffrey Binkley
Angelina Daniele Biondo
Stuart Birbach '77
James Birch
Marla Birch
Herbert E. Biste '14
Eileen Biundo
Christine '71 and Kent Bjornstad '68
Trevor Blaisdell '21
Catherine Blaisell
Natalie Blake
Erica L. Blank '99*
Robert C. Blank '61*
Alan R. Blayne '75, '78, '81, '84*
Robert T. Blinn '73
Randee Novick Bloch '67 and Brian Bloch '66*
Sheldon Bloom
Evaun M. '87 and Brian Boatman '85
Wendy and Richard M. Bochner
Christopher S. Boffa '99, '03
Mark W. Bolinsky
John W. Bongard, Jr. '69
Jeanne and George F. Bonnici
Charles Bonomo '87, '90
Larry Boone
Kevin E. Boston-Hill '93
Joann Bottiglia Mikowski*
Ruth Botwinik '69, '75
Sheila Warren Bouwman '58*
Lori Brand
Robert Brand '64*
Patricia Brandeau*
Abigail S. Brauer '17*
Jane and Robert Brauer '75*
Mike Braun
William J. Braun '57*
Louis Braunstein '89, '95
Courtney C. Breen '13, '16
Susan Brennan
Judith M. Brenner*
Cameron M. Brennick '17*
Elissa and Donald Brennick
James J. Breslin '81*
Patricia A. Brick
Lucas Brock
Carol Vickerman Bronzo '54*
Lynne Greene Brooke '66*
Jacqueline Grennon Brooks
Natalie Brooks '77 and Laurence Katz
Sara Gully Brooks '09 and Steven Brooks
Darnelle Brown
David Brown
Heidi Klein Brown '81 and Kenneth Brown '79*
Mindy '60 and Stan Brownstein '59*
Adam L. Browser '91*
Raymond P. Bruno '95
Dawn Brusic
Judy and Peter Buckley
John J. Budnick '71, '74*†
Carmen Bull
Marcia Bull-Stakeker
William E. Bulmer '81
Ronald Burakoff
Lisa Burch
Lauren Burignat-Kozol
Kelsey L. Burke
William J. Burke '72*
Ryan J. Burkert '21
Kristen Burns
Wendy G. Burns '75, '79
Mary Jo Bursig '77
Brian E. Burton '06
Ryan C. Byers '02
Alexander P. Cain '17*
Renaldo A. Calabrese '71
Frank W. Calamusa '71, '83, '85*
Mario E. Calderon '00*
Vincent A. Calderon '02
Heather '00, '04 and Brian Caligiure '00, '05
Ann M. Callaghan '93*
Michele D. Callender
Brian S. Cameron '19
Margaret and Stuart Cameron
John A. Cammarata '57*
Jacqueline Campbell '07
Lynn Campbell
Rob Campbell
Nadine and Neil Canter*
Susan Hale Capone '85 and Peter Capone '85*
Kathie A. Capozzi '77
Corey J. Caputo '14*
Linda Caputo '78, '90, '98*
Lisa Carcaterra
Alyse Cardello
Laura and Michael Cardello, III '86, '89, '96
Michael Cardello, IV '19, '21
Janet and Louis Cardinale
Donald T. Carlin '88
Mark S. Carlin
Rachel L. Carlin '21
Hilda Kurner Carman '53*
Allison J. Carmody '14
Frank L. Carollo '76*
Carlyn Carper
Deborah Carr
Kevin Carr
Noreen Carro
Wendy Carrus
John H. Carter '58*
Vicki and Richard Carter*
Derica Carty
Lucille Jane Caserio '55
Robert Casey '21
Siobhan Casey
Yvonne Casner
Joan Sinatra Cassandra '71 and Michael Cassandra '72*
Amy and Steven Castar*
Elaina Marie Castro '78
Sean M. Cavanaugh '17, '18
James R. Cavin '68*
Fino Celano '90
Jennifer Chan '94
Patricia Channer
Joseph M. Charchalis '06, '10
Pere Chares-Subira
Florence '06 and Dwayne Charles '04*
Isma H. Chaudhry '16
Robert Cherniak '60*
Charles Chiaramonte
Denise G. Chiarella
Suzanne Chiofolo
Rodney K. Chirchir '18
Michael P. Chisena '01
Stephen S. F. Choy '77*
Jade Chu '19, '20, '21
Tracy E. Robinson Chu*
Dorothy Chung '16*
William Chung*
Mary J. Ciamei '97
Donald L. Citak '80*
Adrienne Clark '05
Carol Clarke
Tierney Clark '97 and Denis Ahearn
Patricia Clarke
Peter J. Clarke '89
Lauren T. Clifton-Friednash '11
Timothy M. Cluess '84
Andrew Cobian
Dawn Coburn
Andrew T. F. Coen '02*
Clifford R. Cohen '75
Jason Y. Cohen '01
Susan Cohen
Nikolas P. Coles '18
Ann Collet
Athelene A. Collins '92
Catherine M. Collins
Cathie Collins
Kevin L. Cone
Lorri and John Considine
Tessa E. Considine '19, '21
Michael W. Constantine '19
Warren Constantine*
Michael C. Contreras '75*
Michael D. Contreras '05
Robin J. Conversano '93*
William T. Cooke*
David Copeman '94
Laurie Corben
Joseph M. Corcoran '82
Anne Kennedy Cordts '57
Jo Anne Corleto '79, '85*
Chris Corley
Kristin S. Cosover-Kanzer '90
John L. Cotronis '92
Karen Brucker Covitt '64*
Wayne M. Cox '15
Joseph Crescenzo
Courtney A. Crews '12
Nicole Crisafulli
Carla-Jo Croce '91
Michael W. Crouse
Eric Crusius '97, '00
Heather Crutchfield
James C. Cullen
AnnMarie DeMeo Cuocci '87, '93*
Colin J. Curtin
Adam Cymbler '98
David E. Dale '12
Dina and David Dale*
Mark A. Dale '16
Laura B. Daly '08 and Paul M. Zaragoza '09
Martin Daly
Rita and Michael D'Amato
Malea Flis D'Amico
Maureen '74 and Harold Damm '74, '78
Michelle Badami D'Amore '91 and Matthew D'Amore*
Yvette Dano
Tramaine Darby '95
Joel S. Dauman '80
Karina W. Davidson
Robert A. Davis '70*
Wilbert Kyle Davis '20
Sean Davy '09
Ava L. De Gori '09
Richard G. De Lambert '57
Joanne and Phillip De Luca
Petrina De Marco
Ruben De Swaan
Deborah and Michael N. DeAngelo
Jessica L. Dease '04, '07
Dolores Deasley '04
Courtney Deena
Norman Deena
Susan M. DeFlorio
Brian J. Degaetano '92
Rory F. Deignan '73, '74*
Jerome H. Delamater*
Bruce P. Delaurentis '75
Panayiota '01 and Nick Delis
John DeLuca '08
Barbara Lum Dembinski '78, '82 and Kevin Dembinski '78*
Susan Demko
Steven DeNapoli '11
Mark Denbo
Temna Desai
Salvatore DeSantis
Cecelia DeSimone
Iva Ellen Deutchman '74*
Nancy Di Napoli Deutsch '66 and Herbert Deutsch '56*
William H. DeVeer '51*
Edward J. Devereaux '66
Harley D. Diamond '79*
Andris Dikmanis '03
Athina Dimitriadis
Andrew C. Dinan '74*
Julie R. Dincesen '17
Rochelle S. Stein '71
Barbara J. Doctor '69*
Jeffrey A. Dodge '06*
Daniel P. Dolan
Deborah V. Dolan
Eugene Dolgonos*
Francine Domicolo
Frances L. Donnelly '05*
Catherine and William Donnino
Margaret L. Donohue
Mark Donzella
Christopher Dougé '11
Jade A. Drawec '21
Timothy S. Driscoll '88
Eileen Amari Driscoll '69*
Michael A. Ducroiset '09
Carolyn M. Dudek*
Marci Kronberg Duffy '86 and Robert Duffy '86
Christopher G. Duffy
Louise C. Duffy
Susan and Patrick Dunn '76*
Erica '96 and Eric Fuller '95
James T. Dutrow
Christine Drauch Dzus '73 and George Dzus '73
Nancy B. Saxon '76, '81
Jonas Ebbesson
Stefan Ebbesson
Shereen Frances Edelson '77*
Jillian B. Edwards '12
Kaitlyn A. Edwards '15
Mark A. Edwards
Tom Egen
Marsha and Timothy Ehrsam
Timothy J. Ehrsam '14, '16
Judith N. Eidenberg '95*
Robert F. Eisen, Jr. '76*
James W. Ekberg '81*
Joseph A. Elio '12, '13
Jeanne and Ralph Elio
Zachary Elkwood
Jayne M. Kitsos '93
Roger Elliott
Anita M. Ellis '88, '90
Caryl Perlman Ellis '59
Christine M. Ellis '95
Deena F. Ellis '02
Gillian Z. Elston and Daniel Seabold
Kevin Elston
Claire E. English '13
Jennifer Ensminger
Ralph Esposito
Michael J. Esposito
Henry J. Etheredge '68, '72
Colette M. Euksuzian '21
Candice L. Bellocchio '12
Johanna Every
John Every
Amy Ezagui
David Fagan
Marion Fahnestock '56
Richard Faiella '92
Brandon J. Falchiere '87*
Kristen M. Fasanella '15
Helaine D. Fashbinder '82
Gabrielle Fastow '88 and Steven Tesch*
David S. Faupel '93
Diane Favre
David Feather '93
Alex B. Feinstein '18, '19*
Ellen D. Feinstein '80*
Mindy A. Feldman '85*
Steven M. Feldman '78*
Hans E. Feldmann '61*
Leslye Fenton '74 and Jonathan Moreno '73, '98*
Georgette Fernandez
Nathalia Fernandez '11
Thomas A. Ferro '87, '91*
Lauren Fallon Ferruzzi '03 and Michael Ferruzzi '03
Diane and Thomas P. Ferry
Laura L. Fetter '98
Jonathan C. Fidis '20
Joseph E. Field '88
Rachelle Kritzer Filipek '86, '90 and Stephan Filipek '88
Yvette Rolon Fink '77 and Stephen Fink '68*
Michael P. Finneran*
Mary Ann Fiola
Joseph A. Fischetti '67, '69, '86
Barbara '88 and Michael Fissene*
Danielle T. Fisenne '18*
Alan D. Fishbein '80
Catherine Fisher '16, '21
Leanne Fisher
Suzanne Fishman '98
Pamela Fitton-Gale '84*
Claire '12 and Terence P. Fitzgibbon '11
Reese Fitzpatrick
Ann M. Fitzpatrick '75*
Judith Fixler '69
Keri Flaccomio
Jennifer Flaherty
Joan and Edward Fleischer
Wayne Fleischhacker
Paul Fleishman
Carol T. Fletcher*
Alexa Melonopoulos Fleury '92
Anne Flynn
Kevin Flynn
Maureen '84 and Richard Fogel
Hanne Fonager
Jean P. Fontana '66, '88*
Elizabeth M. Ford '79, '83*
Dawn Lee Forgione '79
Brittany N. Forgione '08
Mike Forman
Charles J. Forrest, Jr. '09*
Alfreida D. Foster '92
Alexander Fotiadis '19
Maria and Harry Fotiadis*
Isabel Foulkes '81*
Michael Fowler '79*
Cate Foy
Collen Francis
Dorothy Urban Francis '54 and John Francis '54*
James R. Franco '14
Lisa Kennedy
Douglas Frank
Michael B. Frank '77*
Merrie S. Frankel '80*
Nicole Franklin
Thomas J. Fratello '71*
Richard S. Frazer '69*
Deena Fredericka
Hagen E. Freihoff
Phyllis D. Fried '79
Peter R. Friedman '71
Elizabeth Friedman
Beth Friedman
Sandrea Friedman '84*
Leslie Froccaro
Jeffrey Fuchs
Robert K. Fuessler '13
Diane E. Fuller '72*
Rebecca Fulman
Mike Gabay
Jamie Gabel '98
Dominick Gadaleta
Warren W. Gaggin '66, '72*
William Scott Galasso '74*
Mike Gale
Judith Ann Galgano '75
Edith M. Gallagher '90
Emily A. Gallagher '17
Alison '85, '88 and Michael Gallub '86
Eric J. Gandras
Francesa L. Garay '10
Stephan Garber '69
Pamela A. Gardella '89*
Cara Gardenswartz
Megan M. Gardner
Grace K. Garemore '20
Holly Garemore
John Gartiser
Carmela E. Gass
Daniel D. Gass '21
K. Paul Gassner*
Kelly Gaughan
Deborah '79 and John E. Gault
Robert Gaupp
Darrell L. Gavrin '76
Christine Gavzy
Carmen Gawronski '86
Adam Gehlmeyer '02
Shirley B. Geis
Clare Geithner
Dolores Genovese '54
Jean Zimmermann Genovese '76 and Andrew Genovese '74*
Heloisa Geralis
Roger Gerland*
Bret German '12*
June and Harold German*
Stephen M. Gershenson '62*
Naomi L. Gewanter '10
Lawrence Giaccone
Jennifer Michelle Giaccone
Vincent Giambanco
Steven T. Gianaca '10
Gary Giangola
Frank G. Giangrande '58, '64
Mary Beth and John Giannoni '66
Rosetta '87 and John Giannotti '78
Francis B. Gibbons '82, '87
Dorita and Paul Gibson
Jean Dobie Giebel and Timothy Giebel
Karen M. Gill '70
Paul B. Gillespie '13, '17
Jordan Gilroy
Stephen Gilroy
Ryan Gineo
John M. Giordano '83
Joanne M. Giordano '05
Meghan Giordano
Karan and Scott Giordano
Rosemarie Giovaniello
Mary A. Glenn '85
Joseph Glennon
Grace E. Glover '77, '83*
DawnMarie Goins '93*
Beth S. Goldberg '95
Douglas S. Goldberg '82*
Murray G. Goldberg '81
Jan Goldman '80
Sherry R. Goldman '80*
Steven D. Goldman '90, '95, '96*
Cathy '89 and Michael Goldsmith*
Barbara Goldstein
Noreen Koppelman Goldstein '89
Franklin A. Gomez -Figueroa
Max Gonera
Kathleen Michelsen Gonzalez '65, '72 and John Gonzalez '64, '72
Melanie R. Goodin '96
Terry Goodin
Kaitlyn E. Gorsky '18
Jane Gottlieb
Brian P. Goulard '21
Judith M. Graber '82*
James Graff
Richard Graff
Curtis B. Graham '13*
Deborah and Philip Graham*
Margarita Grasing
Howard E. Graves, Jr. '81*
Leeann Graziose
Ellen M. Greaves
Helen Greco
Marian D. Greenberg '60*
Glenn J. Greenfader '85
Melissa J. Grier '09
Louise L. Gross '77
Richard P. Grucela '75*
Donna M. Guilbault '82
Ann Gulino-Thompson
Gary R. Guth '90*
John C. Guthman '92, '04*
Viviane Guyou
Diane Haight
Judi Halperin
Christopher J. Hamilton '92
Michael F. Hamilton '12
Jared D. Hammer '13
Mary Mead Hammond*
Robin '73, '74 and Eric Hananel '72, '74*
Daniel J. Hanley '93
Kelly Hanlon '98
Alexandra H. Hannon '11*
Madeleine G. Hannon '11*
Dave Hanrahan
Andrea '99 and James Hansen '99
Richard Hansen '69*
Lovette W. Harper '65
Kyle Harrington
Michele Harrington
Bernadette A. Harrison
Melissa D. Harriss '02
Scott B. Harshbarger
Geraldine H. Hart
Kathleen L. Harth '81*
Lillie Hartman
Rosanna Haskelson
Stacey and Stephane Hatchett
Stephan Hatchett Jr. '21
Ryan Hauck
Richard T. Haunss '70
Patricia W. Hauser
Richard T. Hawke '05
Eugene A. Hawkins '92
Michele Hawkins
Robert A. Hawkins, Jr. '65*
Lisa Haynie
Raymond J. Hazel '74
Brendan J. Healy '05
Elaine '71 and James Healy '67
Stefan Hebbeker
Larry H. Hecht '74
Robert J. Hefter '65*
Marielaine Hegel '74*
Susan Heilig
Armando Helliger
Everett Henderson
Sara R. Hendricks '16*
Lamont Henry
Jacqueline Henry
Erika A. Herbert '02
Pamela Herget
Tonya N. Herring
Michael D. Hershfield '12
Ilana Herzberg '15, '16, '18
Alan D. Hetherinton '18
Elynda Hickson-Tinnie '80
Andrew Hill '00
Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill '01
Edward D. Hillel '87*
John L. Hiller '65
Robert C. Hiller '76*
Ryden Hines
Eileen and Mark Hirsch*
Matthew Hirsch '19, '20
David Hirschwerk
Rosanna Hirshkind
Denise and Alan Hodish
Steven M. Hodish '09, '18
Katherine Hoey '95*
Connor Holbrook
Doris B. Holdorf '55
Brett Holey
Richard A. Hollenberg '71*
Marta Garcia Holliday '94*
Patrick J. Holton
Sarah A. Holzberg '15*
John R. Honkanen '85*
Mike Horan
Laurie Sayevich Horz '95 and Bryan Horz '10*
Edward D. Houghton '69*
Larry M. Howard '64*
Robin M. Howard-Banks
Katherine Prusiewicz Howe '80, '96*
Pat Howe
Christopher T. Howell '14
Robert J. Hower '66*
Gerald Hubshman Sr.
Lois Hubshman
Jamel C. Hudson '16
Amanda L. Hughes '13
Donna Hughes
Jennifer H. Hughes '83
Lori Hummel
Andrew Huntsman
Kim and Tim Hurley
Leo Hurley '21
Annie L. Hurst-Smith
Patricia A. Hutchinson '75
Vito Iacobellis '18
Flavia and Frances Iannaccone*
Edward P. Ichart '81*
Bruce Immerman '67*
Christina J. Infuso
Samuel Ingardia '21
Robert A. Israel '54
Sheila K. Jabalpurwala '91, '94*
Keith Jackson
Shari R. Jacobs
Barbara l. Jaffe '06
Mark S. Jaffe '77*
Michael R. Jakob '12*
James Jasterzenski
Jenine A. Jimenez '94
Amanda Johansen
Prescilla D. John '12
Ayesha Johnson '01
Chanel Y. Johnson '07
Darlene A. Johnson*
Effie I. Johnson
Mary Johnson
Evelyn R. Jones '75, '81
Jessica O. Jones
Meredith '00, '07 and Jimmy Jones '00*
Ryan M. Jones '10
Michele Jordan
Stephen J. Juchem '90*
Patrice Kainrath
Corey J. Kale '21
Jesika Kalika
Christopher Kane
Patrick J. Kane '76*
Jonathan Kanovsky '86
Renee N. Kantor '72*
Jay P. Kaplan '65*
Stephanie and Jeffrey Kaplan
Michael Kasperski
Howard Kassinove '65
Charles Kast
Ina Katz*
Robert I. Kaufman '77*
Laura and Steven Kaufmann
Henry B. Kayser '71
Thomas J. Kehoe '75
Robert W. Keith '57*
Erin N. Kelleher '09
Kevin Kelleher
David R. Keller '85*
Margaret A. Keller
Ursula Kelley
Diane R. Kelly '75*
John Kelly
Peter K. Kelly '75
Susan P. Kelly '78*
Glenn W. Kempa '84
Eric Kempter
Colm H. Kennedy
John G. Kennedy '91*
Kevin J. Kennedy '92*
Tim Kennedy
Ross Kerber
John Kerins
Sean J. Kerins
Delores C. Kershaw
Gary D. Kerzner '91
Nicole '02 and Jason Kidd '02
Howard G. Kiedaisch '72
Marilyn Kiefer
Emma M. Kilduff '05
John D. Killian, III '50*
James H. Kilmeade '85
Christopher S. King '89, '91
Dacardo King
Carol Ann Kinghorn '69, '73
Joanne Kinsey
Edmond Kirby '17
Gillian P. Kirkpatrick '17
Patricia E. Klahn '64*
Richard A. Klass '89*
Karen McAuley Klausen and James Klausen '59, '62*
Fred B. Klein
Richard L. Klein '51, '52
Victor Klein '13
Irene Kleshefsky
Jeffrey Klirsfeld
Elizabeth A. Knauss '82
Keith J. Kobel '85
Kara J. Koch '07*
Karen '73 and John Koegel '88*
Evan S. Koegl '09
Ileen '70 and Michael Koenig*
Michael Kohner
Paul Kohner
Douglas S. Kolker '78*
Susan C. Kopher '70*
Edward Kornreich
Robynelaine '02, '05 and Steven A. Kostulias '96
Richard J. Koszarski '69*
Richard F. Koubek
Kathiann M. Kowalski '76*
Rosemary and Ted Kozlowski
Diana Krameisen
Lawrence J. Kramer '98
Michael Krasilovsky
Linda L. Kreicher '83
Patricia A. Kreiser '10*
Amanda Krestul
Linda Krieg '89
Michael S. Krolick '73*
Peggy Karlin Kroll '66*
Libby Kronthal
Leonard M. Krulewich '69
Alicia Kubeck '95
William R. Kugelman '83*
Bryan Kuhl '98
David M. Kuhl '85
Kristi Kuick
Devin Kulka
Richard L. Kuntz '65
Paul Kuperschmid
Cathy and Randy Kurihara
Heather and John Kuzmich
Katherine Kuzmich
Thomas Kwiatkowski
Margaret Laibach '80*
Evelyn Van Ness Laky '71 and William Laky '59, '66*
Donald D. Lalama
Sara B. Lamar-Sterling '92
Kristen Lamb and Thomas Orphanos '67, '70
Eileen P. Lambert '90, '92*
Garrett Lambert '19, '21
Sakeenah F. Lambert
Peter Lancy '66, '67*
Eric A. Landau '68*
Valerie A. Landry '08
Ashley E. Lane '08
Jodie Lane
Leah Lane '20
Karen and Ron Langella
Brian Langtry '98
Frank Lanzo
Kathleen Laracca
Amanda Laramie
Benjamin Laramie
Laura and Gregory Laramie
Francis X. Larkin '21
James Larkin
Jane M. LaRocco*
Anthony D. Larson '08, '17
Regina Lattimore
Richard V. Laue '53*
Stuart J. Lava '77*
Kimberlee LaVecchia '95
Aileen E. Lavin '12
Sally Lavista
Ellen L. Le Noble '78*
Lorraine and William Leacock '90*
Barbara G. Leass '71*
Mary Jo Lechowicz '92
Joseph S. Lechowicz*
Fran Lederman
Jonathan E. Ledesma '14
Kara '95 and Brian J. Ledwith
Kristen J. Lee '10
Melanie Lee '05 and Michael Coates '08
Yeyoung Lee '10
Margaret McCormack Lehner '67*
Yang Lei '19
Paul Leibowitz
Jessica A. Leis '11
Mary C. Lemp '20
Therese M. Lendino '78*
Carolyn Leon
Tanda J. Lerner '64*
Ronnie Frances Lesh '74
Myles R. Levin '55*
Marilyn M. Levine '77
Ronnie E. Freedman Levine '74, '76*
Jennifer N. Levy '10
Kenneth M. Lewis '86*
Vinson Lewis '81
Barbara and Albert Libman
Leah Libresco
Kathie Roberts Lieberman '75, '78 and Edward Lieberman '77
Theodor S. Liebmann*
Talia Lifschutz
Robert A. Lifson
Marisa A. Lim '09
Robert Lipper '74*
Carol and Andy Lipton '77
Jeffrey M. Lipton
Ileane Bayer Liss '96*
Jason Lista*
Joan Weil Litt '69*
Karl Livigni
Keith Livingston
Michele M. LoFaso '15*
Sandra J. Lombino*
Thomas R. Lonergan '82
Cathy Jo Lore
Joseph LoRusso
Patricia A. Losco
Ronnie Lott
Susan R. Love '94
Michael J. Ludwig
Jeanette Lupinacci
Donald G. Lussier '94
Meryl Steinberg Lutz '70 and Dennis Lutz*
Brian S. Lyght '87*
Rui Machida
Mary MacLean
Jean M. Maddaloni '82*
John Magrini
Susan C. Maher
Marichel F. Matthews '99*
James Mahon '87
Michael S. Mahoski '17, '19*
Ronnie S. Maibaum '72*
Laura L. Maitland
Ian M. Majka
Alex Malapitan
Edel Malone '09, '12
James J. Malone '73*
Joseph T. Maloney '81
Cynthia Crici Malouin '88
Peter Mancini '01
Scott J. Mandel '96, '99
Rosalie D. Mangels '68*
Roy Mangiamele*
John Nicholas Maniego '17
John Mankowich
Barbara B. Manning '79*
Emily Mansur
Patricia Margiotta Mantoan '93 and Domenic Mantoan '94*
Joseph D. Maracich, Jr. '04
Lean Maracich
William Marinaccio
Katarina Markovina
Michael H. Marrell '57*
Eddie Marrero
Joseph G. Marshall '58*
Rosalie and Bruce Marshall*
Amy-Beth Martin '00*
Kathy Stuckey Martin '76*
Susan L. Martin '87
Judith M. Martinez '80
Diane Masciale
Frank Massaro
Milton Masur
Barbara and Harold B. Matles '57
Nori and Arthur Mattson
Mairead A. Matusiak '10
Matthew J. Matusiak '14*
Andrew J. Matzelle '82*
Michael J. McGinniss '92
Christine McAllister
Erin F. McAnespie '20
Laurie and John McAnespie
Daniel P. McCabe
Shannon A. McCardell '14
Kathleen M. McClain '11*
Melissa A. Herley '94
Sara E. McCleskey*
Jacqueline P. McCormack
Patrick J. McCormack
Susan McDermott
Tara L. McEvoy '21
Michael McGuinness
Joyce P. McGurrin
Tim McInerney
Timothy McIntee
Lydie McKenzie
Brian McKinley '94
Jean M. McMahon
Danielle McNally
Joan McNichol '79 and James Coffman '70, '79
Mary M. McShane '87
Fernando A. Medina '86*
Patricia Dalton Medved '90 and Michael Medved '89
Christine Meehan
Dorie '95 and Scott R. Mehling '94
Rajiv C. Mehta '97
William G. Melone '69*
Theresa and Anthony Melosci*
Lisa '83 and Stephen Mendelsohn '83
Rosalie and Jose Mendes
Bruce W. Menzies '76*
Nicholas R. Mercado '15
Marc A. Merolesi '95
Lisa Merrill
Joseph Messina '67, '71
Robert T. Metzler '15
Michele '81 and Peter Michaelson*
Nicolette M. Michalowski '18
Olga and Demetrios Mihailidis
Mark E. Mildner '80*
Charles Miller
David W. Miller '82*
Harriet Sultan Miller '61 and Stephen Miller '60
Harry S. Miller '80
Jordyn Miller
Krista C. Miller '14
Ramon N. Mills '81
Nick Milonas
Sherri Mirando
Sophia Mirando
Alexander V. Mirante '17
Barbara J. Mishkin '62*
Esta S. Mitchell '64*
Elizabeth Moerschel
Adam S. Mojica '11
Thomas Moles
Mark A. Molinsky '79
Susan A. Monahan '74*
Richard E. Monath '72*
Gerald N. Mongeluzo '65*
Abigail Montague
Colleen A. Montague '96
Pauline Montegari
Lisa M. Monticciolo '89*
Michael Monticciolo '97
Carolyn Morant
Maria L. Morash
Phil Morash
Timothy Morash
Kenneth J. Morgan '77*
Kirk D. Moritz '77
Winifred L. Moroney '73*
Jeffrey S. Morosoff
Emily Morphitis '14
David B. Morris '56
Michael H. Morris '59*
Antonietta Morse '91
Christine M. Morvay '89
Sarah Mott
Susan and James Mrozack '69 *
Wayne M. Muchmore '62*
Karen Mullane
John Mullin
Lisa C. Mulosmani
Sue Gilcher Mundy '78*
Gregory M. Murphy '84*
Karen V. Murphy '81
Michael Murphy
Peggy and Michael Murphy*
Robert F. Murray
Thomas Musser
Louis Najarian
Christopher Napoli '10, '15, '21
Jerry P. Nappi '81*
Joann A. Nash
Arthur J. Nastre '68*
Blake Nation
Cecilia B. Nauck '64*
Natalie A. Naylor*
Sean Nealis '19
Randall Neeb '64
Michael P. Neely '10, '13
C. Scott Neff '98
Stephen T. Neiman '65, '66*
John Nemjo
Naomi Neuwirth '76*
Alina Newman '05
Arlene C. Newman '72*
James Nigro
Michael J. Nigro '06
Robert M. Nigro
Nancy M. Nockler
Cody D. Normand '13
Lauren Norton-Lerner '96
Adar Novak
Melva Z. Novak
Marjorie Thomas Nozzi '84
Anthony Nunez '95*
James Nuzzo
Patrick E. O'Brien '13, '14
Marc Ochs
Nadine Ochs
Kevin J. O'Connell '93*
Adrienne M. O'Connor '69, '96*
Stacey M. O'Donnell '11
Thelma Ofori '09
Maureen Ogden
Jane O'Keefe '01 and Thomas M. DeMicco '01
Patricia Carroll Olds '81, '84*
Adriana B. Oleksiuk '71
Edward Oleske '70*
Gina Oliver
Steven J. Oliveri '07
James E. Olivo '77, '81*
Richard Olsen '15
Lynda '97, '19 and Steven O'Malley*
Peter J. O'Malley '20
Sara and John O'Malley
Archie O'Neil
Andrew R. Oppenheimer
Lawrence M. O'Reilly '74*
Jess and John O'Rourke
Elvie and Cesar Ortiona*
Rosemary S. Ortiona '12, '14*
Rochelle L. Ostroff-Weinberg '74
David Ozersky '68*
David E. Paccone '85
Timothy Pacer
Frederick C. Paine '85*
Justin E. Paley '06*
John J. Panarese, Jr. '65, '75
Krishna V. Pandit '20
Sangeeta Pandit
Kurt Panzenbeck
Cleovoulos D. Papadatos '93
Nicholas C. Papayani '63*
Anthony W. Paradiso
Toni Parikas
Judith and David Paris*
Byeongju Park '11
Bernard Parker '67
Barbara D. Passero '84*
Diane E. Paterson '88
Jospeh Patrovich '04
Mark H. Patterson
Maria Paulsen '72
Mary Ann Pazler '82*
Richard J. Pearson '74*
Richard Pelcher
Leonard V. Peres '69*
Matthew F. Perettine '18
Will Perez
Rosanna Perotti and Mohammed Bouzaidi*
Tucker Perry
Ann M. Peterson '75, '79*
Erik Pfennin
Sal Picataggio '88
Linda C. Pierce '72*
Lisa A. Pieroni '90*
Maria '88 and Daniel Pinnell '86
Joseph D. Piorkowski, Jr. '76
Robert E. Pipia '92
Kelly and John Pirone
Melissa Pisapia
Lisa Pitre
Laraine A. Pizzi '95*
Alan J. Placa '83
Eric M. Plakun '68*
Rona L. Platt '85, '94
Marci Plissner
Michael Plumer
Mitchell I. Podgorowiez '18
John J. Podsiadlo, Jr. '53, '58
Francis D. Poeta '83
Mia Anne Polizzotto '20
Rosemarie and Bob Polo
William J. Porter, Jr. '74, '77
Linda Potthast
Alexander R. Pouch
Denise Pratesi '69, '71 and Frank Cutolo*
Douglas J. Pravda '70
Albert Prete '76
Sophia Prountzos '87
Leeann Prussak
Dominic Pryor
John W. Puckaber '18
Concetta Puglisi-Mikovic '86, '89
Laura Pupke
Joanne Kruscn Python '81*
Donna Marie Quilty '82
Julie and Rizwan Qureshi
Kamran Qureshi '19
Rudy R. Racine '04
Linda Sue M. Racano '65
Anoop Rai*
Steven Raisfeld '10
Carol and Harry Ransom
Frances Ranzie '95
Linda '77 and Bruce A. Rauch '69
Ruth Rauch '74
Patricia H. Raynor '77*
Robert L. Rediger '81
Jeanette Reed
Kristen N. Reed '93, '96*
Shirley Reed
Daniel S. Reich*
Beth Reilly
Catherine R. Reilly
Kathleen Reilly
Maria S. Reilly '87*
David H. Reinharz
Michael B. Reiss '98
Lois '74 and Alan Reitzfeld '76
Thalia R. Reniers '12
Julia Flanigan Repeta '57 and Bernard Repeta '55*
Richard W. Reutzel '74*
Rosemarie P. Revan '90
David M. Reynolds
Dennis M. Reynolds
George A. Rhodes*
David A. Rich '80*
Patricia L. Rich
Kariena Richards '09
Kenneth R. Richards '84*
Mary Jane Richilson '76, '77
Heather '99, '02, '07 and Simon Riddiough '97
Sam Rieff
Lawrence Ripak, Jr. '67
Matthew Riss
Philip J. Rizzuto
Brenda D. Robie '10*
Helen R. Robinson '83
Kevin Robinson
Tomeka M. Robinson '89
Sally M. Robles '84*
Stephen Roche
Crochester Rochester-Duckett
Jessica H. Rodgers '00*
Leiry Rodriguez-Marine
Dariely Rodriguez-Veny '06 and Jason R. Veny '03
Joan and Robert Roehrig '68*
Patricia M. Rolston
Sharon Roman '72*
Susan and Theodore Ronneburger
Jacqueline D. Roscoe-Henry
Kimberly Rosello '96
Tricia Rosenbaum
Norman S. Rosenberg '66
Jared Rosenblatt '03
Kathy '77 and Stuart A. Rosenthal '78†
Taylor G. Roth '05*
Anthony B. Rubano
Richard L. Rubenfeld '70*
Daniel R. Rubey*
Steven E. Rubin
Christian D. Rudolph '17*
Elizabeth M. Rudolph
Joan and Donal Rudolph '17*
Roger S. Rue
Scott Rue
Carol and Walter Ruskiewicz*
Jo Anne Russell
John B. Russo
Kathryn Russo
Dennis J. Ryan '87
Kieran A. Ryan '17
Mailread G. Ryan
Mikaela R. Ryan '16
William J. Ryan '80*
Lite Sabin
Joseph Sabol '92
Franca '06 and Steven Sachs '05*
Dorothy Safranek '81
Kelly P. Sahner
Christopher M. Sajewicz '02
Jennifer Saleta
Peter R. Salit '58
Marvin Salth '63*
Michael Sambur
Katerina and Samir Sanbar*
Susan '87 and Frederic Sanders*
Robert L. Sandherr '69
Joshua Sankowski '09*
Anthony J. Santella '17*
Robert J. Santimays '79, '82
Philip A. Santopadre '99
Janine M. Santoro '07*
Anthony Santos
Jose L. Santos '87
Michael Santos
Brenda Santos-Olive
Stephen S. Sapega, II '75
Grace and Michael Sapienza
Makayla R. Sapienza '18
Richard A. Sarner '80
Thomas J. Savio '90
Mary Scanlon
Ryan Scannell
Robert A. Scaringe '70
Irene Vagnini Scavelli '85*
Peter N. Scavelli '18
Alan Schackman '66
Danielle A. Schadler '12
Kerry I. Schaefer '04, '06
Will Schaefer '85
Wendy L. Kugelman Schaffer '82
Eugenie and John Scharf '68*
Erika A. Schaub*
Gerald C. Scheiner '66*
Andrew I. Schepard*
Robert D. Schimmenti '86
Robert J. Schless '73
Michael Schmid
Brian T. Schneider '09
Jonathan Schneps
Melissa Schoenberger
Kathryn E. Scholnick '12
Michael C. Scholnick '20
Matthew J. Schorr '08
Jenny S. Schrager '02
Lorraine Schratz
Albert L. Schreiber '66
Joseph B. Schubach '66*
Alida M. Schubert-McGuire '69, '75
William Schulder '77
Janice Schulman
Jed N. Schulman '79
Ilene J. Goldberg Schuss '80, '04, '07*
Dona Schwab '83*
Gail and Neil Schwab*
Henry R. Schwab '59 '66
Corey M. Schwartz '80*
Roberta B. Schwartz '61, '67
Lori Beeber Schwinger '93 and Steven Schwinger '93
Samantha N. Scolarici '15
Joseph Scorca '73
Frank G. Scotti*
William F. Scull
Maria Scunziano-Singh
Annette '74 and Donald Seaman '55*
Joseph M. Seaman '59*
Alexandria Sedlak
Frank Sedlak
Chloe E. Sedlar
Edward Sedlar
Brian L. Seesz
Frank Sepe
Harriet A. Serota '64*
James E. Sewell
Sandra Lynne Sgroi '78
Alessandra F. Shaaya '11
Barbara Tellis Shapiro '64
Irene Sullivan Shatz '59*
Erin '04 and David Shaw '04*
Eric Shelly '19
Mitchell C. Shenk '17, '19
Philip R. Shenton '91
Theodore H. Sherman '75
Barbara Sherry
Diane E. Shevlin '84, '88*
Duane Shippey '03
Ilya Shteynman
Mark A. Shulman '77*
Troy Sica
Nicholas Siciliano '60*
Victor R. Siclari '83*
Joyce and Sheldon Siegel '64*
Mark S. Sigmon
Duane Sigsbury
Joel Sikowitz '59*
Joseph A. Silcott '68*
Jesse M. Silver '99
Barbara Simoneau
Eric M. Singer '17
Shaan P. Singh '21
Peter B. Skelos
Jeremy N. Skiba '19
Maria Skiba
Martin P. Skrocki '71*
Lawrence R. Slade '95
David J. Sloane '85
Judith A. Small '86, '89*
Lauren E. Small '19*
Rob Smalley
Brad G. Smith '01, '04
Brooke Smith
Carole '91 and Paul Smith*
Duyren T. Smith '08
Joyce Smith '77, '80
Kevin Smith
Leonard Smith
Michael S. Smith '94, '97*
Morna Smith
Sean P. Smith '21
Thelma and Howard Smith
Tyeesha '12 and Roosevelt Smith, Jr. '05
Jo Ann S. Solagnier
Darrol B. Solin '59*
George Solomon
Janet E. Solomon '75*
Jonathan M. Solomon '76*
Jacob Somerville
Janet and Kevin Somerville
Susan S. Soroka '68*
Michael L. Soshnick
Andrew Speacht '11
Donna and Martin Spellman
Karin J. Spencer '94
Rita Spera
Debra G. Speyer '80, '84, '88*
Andrew C. Spieler*
Robert B. Spieler '64*
Fern C. Spies '64*
Joan A. Spitsen '53
Jason A. Squitieri '02
Brian Stamm*
Claire Anne '99 and Gregory Stanek '98*
Nicolas A. Stanziani '91*
Candice Stark '76*
Christopher Stark
Martha and Robert H. Stark, Jr. '80*
Mark Starr '65*
Jeffrey Stavisky
Kyle R. Steinbach
Richard S. Steinberg '76
Krista R. Stella*
James K. Stern '85
Chris Stiller
Daniel S. Stollow '79*
Janet '98 and Brian Stone '90*
William Strynkowski '63*
Elliot Stumacher '81
Samira Sujak
Amy Sullivan
Colin P. Sullivan '09, '15*
James M. Sullivan '87, '91
Arthur H. Sulzer, IV '86
Janet M. Sutherland-Killeen '86, '92
Robert B. Swersky
Aaron A. Swinson
Linda Wax Swirsky '55*
Robert A. Swirsky '84, '88
Patrick Swords '73*
Tara Sykes
Melissa Symeon '95, '98
Jay P. Szerencsy*
Janet and Charles Tadduni '75
Michael J. Taratko '95
Salma Tarik '12
Robert J. Taurozzi
Richard L. Tax '66
Barbara A. Taylor '89*
David Taylor '01
Michael R. Taylor
Anthony N. Teekah '92
Claire R. Telecki '89
Suzanne and Christopher Teleha*
Cary S. Tepper '80*
Yohannan Terrell
William M. Terrone '69*
Christine Thomas
Elizabeth A. Thomas '72, '80*
William Thomas
Brett Tietjen '03
Steven J. Tietze*
Karen A. Till '84*
Christine E. Tomback '72, '75
Bernard Tomlin '77
Alicia Torres
Samantha M. Torres
Anthony Tortora '10
Denise '94 and James L. Tortorelli '94
Yumiko Toyomasu '09
Linh My Tran
Beth A. Tripmacher '00
Marilyn Lefkowitz Troy '61
Michael Tu
David N. Tuchman '73*
Steven Tugander '89
John A. Tuominen '73*
Harriett L. Turner
Marc S. Turner '85
Joan Werber Tweedell '55
Kenneth R. Tyler
Rosanne Ullman '75
Tara M. Ulrich '06
Linda M. Unterstein '75
Melissa '07 and Kevin A. Unterstein '08, '17
Chris R. Vaccaro '07
James P. Vafeas '90*
Luke D. Vaith '14
Hector S. Valentin '99
Kenneth L. Valentini '90
Thomas Vallely
Ann M. Van Cleef '74*
William H. Vandewater, Jr. '56*
Heather M. VanPatten '20
Elisa Varano
Courtney Veinotte
Rick Veinotte
Roberto C. Velez '04
Anthony Vella '82*
Arthur J. Venezia '50*
Vincent A. Verdi '89
Nico Verdoes
Robert W. Vestigo*
John Vetter
Donald J. Viewig '73*
Libby Villavicencio
Miriam T. Vincent '12
Dorothy Vinsky
Frank P. Viola '74*
Chemene '98 and Rick Vizzi '97
Marilyn '56 and Robert Vogel '54*
Thomas J. Vogel '16*
Thomas Vogel '13*
Terrence M. Vogenberger '05
Carol A. Vogt
Millicent J. Vulcan '87
Freda H. Wagner
Joyce B. Wagner*
Tiffany Wakeham
Kevin Walker '73
Taylor Wallach '20
Tracy and Ira Wallach '91
John Waller
James R. Walsh '97*
Gregory Walter '72
Cephas Ward
Kevin J. Ward '89
Lisa and Chris Ward
Tynnetta Warden
Michael Warshall
Stephanie and David Warshall
Robert P. Warshauer '70*
Annette and James Watterson
Saul Waxman '77
Eric J. Weaver '73, '80*
Ross V. Weaver, Jr. '58*
Laury Weber
Sari '87 and Peter Weber '84, '85*
Jesse A. Webster '07
Clifford R. Weidberg '69*
Jacquelyn Weigand
Catherine Weinberg
Joseph S. Weiner*
Robert Weinstein '79
The Weissberg Family
Kevin R. Weissheier '15
Kim and Russ Weissheier
Matthew R. Weissheier '17, '19
Stephen Welch
Brian and Tammy Wellman
David B. Welsh '13
Matthew G. Wessinger
Jacqueline and Steve West
Lance Westergard
Brenda F. Westheim '64*
Carolyn M. Whalen '67*
Patrick Whelan
George H. Whitacre '57, '59, '69*†
Patricia W. White '80
Barbara Milsen Wiener '61*
Barry S. Wilder '68*
Carol F. Wilgus '70
John F. Wilkens '79, '87*
Susan L. Wilker '89
Joanne M. Willey
Duane L. Williams '02
Scott Williams
Veta Williams '03
Gerald Williamson
Nelson H. Willick '76*
Mari M. Wilson '14*
Shawn Wilson
Ruth '85 and Walter Winfree
Corey Winkoff
Andrew Wojtach
Maxine W. Wolf '64
Karla Wolfangle
David W. Won '17
Matthew H. Woodard '03
Matthew D. Wooden '11
Cynthia A. Woodhouse '91*
Charmise P. Woodside-Desire '19
Patricia and Allen Wooster '76
Patricia P. Wright '90, '93*
Kenneth J. Wunsch '72*
Warren W. Wynter '19
Kelsey Yam
Catherine Yanchak '18
Jerod C. Yancy '74
Ellen C. Yaroshefsky*
Marcia Lafferty Yeates '55
Lakshmi L. Yeluri
Jerome A. Young '00
Omar K. Yusaf '05
Irene Wenzek Zaccor '82 and Albert Zaccor '82*
Timothy F. Zalak '74*
Stacy L. Zalewski
Francis J. Zampino '65*
James Zappone
Matt Zappone
Sheri Zappone
Renata and William Zeh '71, '77
Martha A. Zeleniak '78 and James R. Podobinski '78
Elizabeth A. Zembruski '97*
Chengliang Zhang
Jinlong Zhao '21
Bari A. Ziegel '80*
Richard A. Zimmerman '83
Susan Zizza '87, '95*
David Zona
Courtney '11, '15 and Aaron Z. Zucker '15
David W. Zuhusky '79
Jeffrey Zwillinger

Michela Abbatiello '02
Scott Abbende
Aneesa Abdul-Rahim
Marie Abed
Darlene Abraham '95
Barbara Abrams '68
Leslie Abrams '69
Tobie Accardi Ancipink
Kathleen Acer '86, '90, '94
Marc Acierno '05
Michelle Adams
William G. Adams '79*
Jaclyn Adler
Joel E. M. Adler '61*
Angela Affronti
Aaron D. Aguiar '21
Yuri Aguiar
Kathleen Ahearn
Paige C. Akalski '21
Adeshola Akintobi '05, '08
Jonathan P. Akl '21
Lynn Akl
Amber L. Albrecht '06
James Albrechtsen
Gioia B. Aldrich '70, '76*
Naomie Alexandre
Jack Algaze
Abby W. Alhante '80
Joanna M. Ali '20
Dannah R. Allen '21
Elysa and Larry Allen
Travis Allen
Kimberly Allen -Davis
Patti Ann Alleva '76, '79
Jenna Alma '21
Robyn D. Alma '21
Meaghan S. Almon '04, '08
Isabella Aloysius*
Steven L. Alter '91
James M. Altmann '20
Janette Alvarez
Amanda L. Alves '21
Debra Alves
Saad D. Amar '21
Sadia Amar
Keith A. Amato '88
Ruth Ann K. Amberstone '76*
Joanna Ambrosio '21
Shela Ambrosio
Marisa Kussoy Amirata '97 and Ralph Amirata '96*
Shivraj Anand '86*
Carlee Ancona '18
Jean-Marie M. Andersen '94, '00*
Brandon S. Anderson '21
Erin Anderson '05
Gina Anderson
Julie Anderson
Mary Ann Anderson
Ken Andrews
Diane Andriaccio*
Judith C. Andronici
Ahmed Aneer
Eric Anglero
Amy and Robert Angrisani '04
Dominic M. Annacone '76*
Giovanni Annatelli '18
Tori Anne
Matthew F. Annunziata '21
Laura M. Ansell
Tom Antony
Emily Antos '21
Stacey Antos
Joanne Antun
Adrian B. Applebaum '57, '66
Joann Appleton
Angela Aragona
Joseph N. Aragona '15
Inaki E. Aranguiz '21
Marcela Aranguiz
Barbara Arce
Sharon Arem '09, '11, '13*
Katrina Arenas '21
Sonia D. Arenas
Alexa R. Arent '16
Carol A. Arent*
Corinne M. Arent '18
Vivian Argoty '21
Ruth '89 and Scott B. Armstrong '87
Sidney Armstrong '21
Maria Arnold
Lori and James Arnone
Alec W. Aronson '21
Alyson Aronson
Jan S. Aronson '91*
Monica Arora '10, '20
Nia D. Arrington-Seward
Alex W. Arthur '20
Ann Augeri
Andrea Ault-Brutus
Sally Avellino
Minnthu Aye '21
Wynn Aye
Abraham Ayrookuzhi
Esha Babar
William G. Babcock '73†
Kathleen Babulski
Kimberly Badger
Ashley G. Baierlein '21
Jennifer J. Baierlein
Shawneece Bailey
Tyler Bailey
Audrey Baird
Azhad W. Bajwa '21
Marianne Baker
Joseph B. Bakovsky '76*
Joseph S. Balbalian '56*
Elizabeth A. Baller '77
Mary K. Banahan*
Sean Banahan '19
Kenar T. Bannister '21
Alyssa M. Banotai '03
Lauren M. Banzer
Ivory J. Baptiste '89
Gina Marie Barbara
Danielle A. Barbarito '21
Althea T. Bardin '13, '17
L. Karen Barkman '66*
Jacalyn L. Barnett '73
Breana Baron '19
Mario Barragan
Kenneth J. Barrett, III '15
Laura I. Barrouk
Ian P. Barry '04
Jared M. Barry '09
Jennifer Barry
Julia B. Barry '18
Mollie Bartell
Frederick G. Barth '57
Richard M. Bass '98
Kathy Batchelor
Laura E. Batchelor '21
Carole M. Bates '13
Leanne M. Batih '05
Vincent Battagila
Juliana M. Battaglia '21
James E. Bauer '93
Stephen J. Bauer
Thomas J. Bauer '21
Lori and Tom Bauer
Nancy Baumel '64
Katherine E. Baxter
Lisa E. Baxter
Yxa J. Bazan '89*
Melanie Bazer '91
Kyle Beamon
Frank Beasley
Jean Michel Beau '12, '20
Linda-Lee Beauman '18
Bruce S. Beaver '60*
Angela Becher
Lucas J. Becher '21
April Johnson
Betty Bedford
Lindsay A. Beer '01
Amir H. Behnia '99
Katerina Belales '21
Angela and Theodore Belales
Anthony Belfiore
Janeita L. Bellamy '08
Edoardo Belland
Mark G. Bello '96
Brooke Bendernagel '13, '16
James M. Benesh '12*
Barbara Steinman Bengels '65 and Dennis Bengels
Daniel Benjamin '74
Everette A. Benjamin '11
Nikki Benn
Clifford Bennett '59, '61
Kristin M. Bennett '09, '11
Patrick D. Bennett '70*
Robert C. Bennett
Robert L. Bennett '00
Jennifer and Justin Bentivegna
Marcus Berardino
Analise Beres
Jennifer Berg
Amy '90 and Michael Bergen*
Stephanie J. Bergen '21
Cheryl Bergenstock
Rachel Bergenstock '21
Emily R. Berger
Gail L. Bergersen '87
Linda '70 and Bruce Bergman
Bobbette Baskowitz Bergstein '58 and Martin Bergstein
Linda Berkin '67*
Melissa P. Berman '20
Caitlin Bernal
Sarena K. Bernard '13
Lilly Bernardi
Brenda Krackow Bernhard '64
Elliot A. Bernstein '12
Henry K. Bernstein
Judith L. Bernstein '84, '85*
Rebecca D. Bero '21
David Beroff
Andrew Berrouet '07
Crystal L. Berry '97
Maura Berry '19
Barbara G. Berse '87*
Bree K. Skinner '07
Alejandro Betancourt-Ramirez
Sharon Beth
Ashley B. Betz '21
David Bevan
Kathleen A. Bevan
Matthew Bevan
David H. Beyer '74
Jackie Biancamano
Chelsea Bianco
Rick Biedermann
Lois A. Biello '72, '76
Jolyn Bien
Joseph E. Bifulco '94*
Brackett H. Bilodeau '11
Carole and Daniel Bilodeau*
Josh Binfield
John P. Biordi '02
Ruth L. Birabwa
John J. Bird '85
Rene Biren
Sharon R. Birn '92, '96
Steven R. Birnbaum '67, '70, '74*
Matthew G. Bisanz '07, '08
Anna and Carmine Biscardi*
Kimberly G. Bishop '94, '97
Adam Bissell
Catherine Bittlingmeyer
Kathryn Pfeifer Bittner '84*
Carol Katchmar Blach '80 and Tadeus A. Blach '80
Christopher M. Blach '13
Michael A. Blach '11, '12
Melanie B. Milove '93, '95
Deanna Goldstein Blafer '60*
Hector Blaise
Jeff Blanch
Carolyn L. Blatt '62*
Tara Blevins
Curtis W. Block '61
William R. Bloom '74
Brucha Blum
Chris Blumenstetter
Cynthia M. Bluming '76, '86
Paula P. Boccio '69
Carie Bodo '88, '06
Toni Boehm '99
Anne Boesenberg
Karl Boesenberg
Danielle Bogachunas '21
Tyler Bogart
Brian K. Bohl '08, '10,17*
Ruth Boisvert
Zak Boisvert
Mireille and Claudel Boliscar
Mirdell A. Boliscar '10
Joanne Y. Bonasera '73*
Alison Bonaviso '18
James Bond
Christina M. Bono '07
Alysia S. Boodram '21
Lourdes Boodram
Danette E. Boone '89
Damian M. Booth '04*
Jason A. Bornstein '01
Michael Borut '59, '62*
Edward C. Boruta, Jr. '78*
Lisa '83 and Steven Boscarino '82
Robert C. Bosco '66*
Nancy F. Boursiquot '01
Joyce P. Bowen '21
Emily Bradbury '21
Melissa J. Bradley '93, '99
David Brady '21
Doug Brady
Florence Anne Brady '84*
Patricia H. Brady '81
Theresa A. Brady '86*
Una M. Brady
Ana Branco
Jose Luis P. Branco
James R. Brannigan '92
Laurie V. Brasher '78
Thomas Brassil '21
Andrew M. Braverman '94
Erin T. Breen '12
Jacqueline Linitz Bregman '76, '99 and Gene Bregman
Maureen A. Brennan '72
John E. Bresnan '70
Arthur W. Breunig '75
Raven A. Brewington '20, '21
Dennis A. Briggs '83*
Paulette Brinka '04
Marie Brinker
Steven W. Brockett '86
Tina M. Broderick '98*
Jennifer and Andrew Brodtman
Maya R. Brodtman '21
Harper Broody
Angela A. Brooks '20
Barbara A. Brown '63
Christopher Brown
Dominique Brown '20
Edward W. Brown '21
Janice E. Brown '57
Peggy S. Brown
Ronald Brown '57
Darren W. Brownlee '09, '12
Carolyn Bruggeman
Michael G. Brundage '75*
Joseph P. Brunetta '66*
Michael H. Bruzik '82*
Karen Bryan
Joyce Bryk '79*
Mary Agnes Buatti '77
Kathleen '76 and Daniel Babbao '81
Eleanor G. Buchman '65
Victoria Buckley-Murawski '19
Jackee Buckvar
Andrew W. Budris
Desure Buie '19, '20
Michael J. Buonaiuto
Martha J. Burgos '14
Elizabeth R. Burke
Margaret G. Burke '90, '04
Matthew Burke '21
Jane Burns
Nancy Burns
Candice Burton
Monica A. Burton
Norma R. Busching '73*
Donna L. Butler '85, '03

Amy and Steven Buttiglieri
Elizabeth C. Buttiglieri '21
Christina and Peter Bylina
Sophie Bylina '21
Gina Byrne
Karen Byrne
Matthew A. Byrne '21
Helen Byrnes
Katie L. Byrnes '21
Regina Cafferty
Sean P. Cafferty '21*
Kathleen '67 and T. Taylor Cahill '66
Arthur G. Caione '65
Anthony Cairo
Matthew Cairo
Christopher Calabrese '94
Christopher J. Calabrese
Peter Calandra
Corae Calbert '21
Maria Calderon
Maureen Callaghan '93
Erin R. Callahan '98
Hannah Joy Callahan
Jahlani H. Callender '16, '18
Russell Camhi
Pina M. Campagna '00*
Fernando Campo '67*
Louis Campo
Jordan Canik*
Fanny S. Cano Franco '17
Jessie Cao
Jeffrey Capeci '87
Thomas D. Capobianco '15*
Maria and Rusty Cappadona
Ryan T. Cappadona '21
David Cappiello
Marie Cappiello
Joseph E. Caprioglio
Dana M. Caraballo '17
June Carbone
Mike Cardi
Claire Cardillo
Christina A. Cardinal '21
Maryclaire and Vincent Cardinal
Marielena L. Cardinale '64, '67*
Olivia L. Carhart
Eileen Aanonsen Carlsen '64 and Richard Carlsen '64*
James A. Carlucci '84
Joan Schuppel Carman '45, '74*
Colleen '90 and Eric J. Carmeli '89
Christina M. Carnovale '13, '15, '20
Nicholas R. Carr '09
Esperanza Carrero
Jared Carrino '21
Catherine M. Carroll '12
James Carroll
Madeleine L. Carroll '15, '18
Peter E. Carter '74
Paul G. Cartier '81
Natalie Casale '21
Rosemarie and Jeffrey Casale
John Casares '21
Jessica Casey '13
Alyssa Casino
Anthony Cassella
Adam Castar '19
Anna M. Castelli '97, '03
Donna Castelli '72 '76*
Elizabeth Castelli
Nicolas Castelli, Jr. '21
Erin E. Caster '16
Erin M. Cauley '21
Johanna and Joseph A. Ceccarini
Andrew Cecora '20
Graceanne '91, '17 and Louie Cecora*
Brianna Cedrone
James A. Celiberti
Rebecca Celorio '16
Francesca Cencioni '21
Joseph C. Centrone '18, '20
Timothy J. P. Cereste '81, '82*
Nicholas Cerrone '04, '11
Sondra Cestari '12, '16
Helen R. Chambers '80, '83*
Khin Mee Chan
Lauren E. Chandler '13
Victoria Chaparro
Farid Charles
Patrick A. Charles '04
Juliette L. Charles-Pierre '93*
Cassandre Charlot
Elizabeth A. Chase '89*
Purva Chavda '21
Tejal Chawla '21
Richard A. Cheek '14, '19
Navkiran S. Cheema '18
James Chen '11
Aaron Cheris
Nat T. Cherney '73
Leah Mary Chiappino
Donald W. Chichester '55*
Delores Chichi
Josephine Chichi
Darnell Childs
Jordan Chipman
Jackie Chirimbes
Kevin Choi '17*
Aisha Choudhry
Angela Chousa
Briana N. Chousa '21
Marguerite Christe
Catherine Ann Christian '85
James Christian '21
Vincent Christian
Louis Christiano
Ashley Christy
Angelica Chryssides
Janna Chukumerije
Stacey Ciarrocchi
Henry C. Cierski '64
Cheryl L. Cincotta '01
Scott C. Cinnamom '81
Deborah A. McCarthy '75, '78
Peter J. Cirona '81
Lisa Cittadino
James Clark
Patrick Clarke
Jade Clavier
Kristin and Andrew Clegg
Rob Clemens
Beverly Clendening
Steve Cline
Holly Coady '89, '06
Robert F. Coady '70
Tareq D. Coburn '21
Darina Cochrane
Jack C. Codera '21
Bryce A. Cody '13
Andrew Cohen '16
Barbara M. Cohen '67
Bonni Cohen '95
Harriet W. Cohen '68, '72, '76
Judith '90 and Richard Cohen*
Sheila Cohen
Sherry L. Cohen-Frank
Christine M. Colao '86
Jennifer Colbert
Mackenzie Cole
Paula G. Cole '05
Taylor Cole
Trey Cole
Jasmine K. Cole Marrow '17
Linda and Joseph Collica*
Brian Collins
Candice Collins '21
Denward W. Collins III
Donald F. Collins '76*
Jacqueline A. Collins '98
James Collins
Pauline Collins
Susan Collins
Yazmeen Y. Colon
Leslie W. Colvin '64
Thomas M. Colwell '74
Jane Comfort
Theodore Conklin '66
Fanny Connolly
Janet M. Connolly '80
Susan M. Connolly '74
Laurie-Ann Connors '93
Sue and Ed Estey
Dan Conrad
Kenneth Conrade '20
Karen Conroy
Eileen T. Conry '79*
Cole H. Considine '18
Emily M. Considine '16
Emily M. Conti '21
Kathleen A. Conti '16
Kerri J. Conti
Michele Conway
Diane W. Cooney '63*
Linda Caprio Cooper '67 and Richard Cooper '65*
Wende L. Cooper '12 and Kyle M. Mitchell '12
Miriam Cooperman '78*
Gloria J. Copeland-Herrera '85
Helen E. Copp '21
Lynn Copp
William J. Coppola '08
Gloria W. Cordeiro '58*
Robert P. Cordeiro '91
Paul R. Cordella '97
Curtis Cornier
Sofia C. Coronado '21
Christopher M. Correia '95*
David J. Correnti '77
Samantha J. Rozakis Cosgrove '07, '09 and William F. Cosgrove '08
Salvatore J. Cossentino '80*
Grace M. Costantino '77
Shirley A. Cote '95
Daphne Cottone '07
Andrea D. Cowles '95
Jessica Crankshaw '10, '12
Jessica D. Crawford '98
Lois Crawford-Pruden '79*
Fabian Cristian '04
Tony Crocco '85
Susan R. Croon '98, '02
Robyn S. Crosby '00
Annette T. Crowley
Olivia Crowley '21
Alex C. Cruz '21
Yvonne Cruz
Nicole Cuccurullo
James P. Cunningham '72
Kathleen Cuomo
Lauren Cuomo
Susan Cuozzo '94, '97
Diana Curcio '18
Kacie Curran
Sarah Curran '99 and Dale Morgan
Angela Curtis
Christopher Cusack '13
William Cusack
Magda Custodio
Charles Cusumano '90
Claudia A. Cuti '77
Alicia Daigle '20
Janet M. Daigle '86*
Marion Dailey
William Dailey
Sal Dalessio
Laurie Dalton
Marissa A. Daly '21
Mary Daly
Victoria M. Daly '21
Carmine D'Ambrosio '95
Michelle D'Amelio-Rodriguez '91 and Luis Rodriguez '92
Gina M. D'Andrea '06
Lorraine C. Darcy '90
Kathy and Steve D'Argenio
Jean D'Avanzo
Beatriz David
Marjorie Davidson '73*
Adeline Davis
Christina P. Davis '85
Mark V. Davis '04
Regina M. Davis '68
Renelle D. Davis
Elvira Santeramo-Davis '82, '86 and Thomas A. Davis '80
Viola Davis
Crystal De La Parra
Obdulio S. De Leon '04
Linda Deakoum
Deborah E. Deasy '75
Kevin DeBartolomeo
Mandie DeCamp
Patrick L. Decatrel '88
Ken Decker
Kenny Decker
Maureen Decker
Corinne and Daniel DeCrescenzo
Guy A. DeFlorio
Albert Degregoris '80, '95
Kathleen Deininger
Jamie K. Deklin '96
Debbie Del Franco
Joel Del Rosario
Ruth Elaine Delaney '76
Tristan Delaney
Vasiliki Delegos
Daniel N. DellaMonica '12
Stanley Delman '63*
Joanne F. DeLuca '77
Schuyler W. DeLuca '14
Gabriella DeMaggio
Jonathan M. Demars '18
Marianne '62 and Ronald DeMartino '62
Carole and John F. Demek, Sr.
Greg Demeter
Margaret E. DeMicco '79*
Ingrid '63 and A. Bradford Demilo '63
Dale L. Demner '64, '67
Andrea Dempsey '21
Victoria R. Dempsey '18, '20*
Felix J. Deneau
Taylor Deneau '21
Paul Dengel
Richard F. DeNigris '65, '71*
Mary DeNisco*
William A. DeNisco '10*
Lauren Denker '19
Robert L. Denny '85
Keith G. Denton '77*
Darren P. Deoraj '14*
Brianna DePaulo '21
Rita DePaulo
Kate L. DePetro '21
Kristen A. Depetro
Christina M. DeRespino
Rebecca M. DeRespino '14, '20
Grace K. Dervin '85*
Emma DeSimone '21
Frank DeSimone '76, '82
Margaret Desimone
Kristin Desmond '18
Benjamin W. Detweiler '19
Brian Deveaux
Renee M. Deweese '90
Mohan Dhillon
Rusna K. Dhillon '21
Amanda and Robert DiMonda
Marie F. Diamond
Stanley A. Diamond '77*
Elisabeth M. Diana '17*
Dawn M. Diangelo '90
Alice R. Diaz-Bonhomme
Stephanie M. DiChiara '04
Heather Dickenson
Katherine Dickenson '21
Robert Dicker
Denise DiCristofalo '98*
Rhonda C. Diener '74, '04
Catherine A. Dietz '86
Peter M. DiFiore '73, '84*
Ellen DiFrancisco
Jessica M. Dijkstra '21
Jill M. Dijkstra
Kayla Dillman
Bailey P. Dillworth '21
Trevor Dimmie '05
Steve DiPirro
Christopher Dippel '11
Lauren Ditizio
Denise DiTonno
Hannah DiTonno '21
Brian P. Doane '78
Anne H. Dobb
Don Doering
Michael Doherty
Nancy Doherty
Patricia Doherty
Sandra Doig '65*
James J. Dolce '21
Barbara and Robert Dolinski
Julianna Dolinski '21
Natalie Dolinski '19, '21
Mackenna Dombroski
Gregory Domond '01*
Norah A. Donahoe '18
Diane Donnelly '80
Alicia Donohue '83
Frances Donovan
Howard E. Doppel '60
Joseph M. Doria '16 '18
Patricia A. Dorilio '77, '80
Chelsea Dornan
Marie L. D'Ostilio '79
Daniel H. Dougherty '20
Ruth Dougherty*
Cale Douglas '62*
Averee R. Dovsek
Velynthia R. Dowdell '20, '21
Ann Semineri Doxsey '78*
Gary A. Doyle '72, '78
Karen R. Dozier-Ross
Beau Dragone
Louretta '92 and Michael Dragonetti
Diane Inserra Drew '66*
Sara Drischler
Arthur G. Drucker
Emily Dubay
Mallory Dubay '20
Kristen M. Duffy '05, '08
Charles L. Dumblis
Kaitlyn Dumont
Sharon H. Dumont '74*
Arthur Dumouchel Le Ricle
Patricia Welch '68
Judith Blatt Dunn and John Dunn*
Ralph Dunnings '86
Anh Duong '21
Jaimie Dupuis
William Durkin '74
Gary Duszynski
Priya Duvvuri
Jaiden K. Dwyer '21
Michael Dwyer
Thera Dyte '21
Sean M. Dzugan '06
Jeff Earle
Kevin T. Early '21
Thomas H. Early
Oneil G. Eastmond '84
Eric Eaton
James Eaton
Chris Eccles
Luisa F. Echeverry '15*
Bretz Echo
Audry Ecker
Haley Ecker '21
Paul J. Edelson '10
Brett Effman
Marissa and David Effman
Brenden T. Egan
Kristen C. Ehrling*
Warren E. Ehrmann '60*
Rona Pearl Eimer '77*
Christian A. Einnatz '18*
Jeff Eisen '83*
Barbara '86 and Walter Ejnes '86
Francine '72, '75 and Merton Ekelman*
Youssef El Bouzaidi '17, '21*
Jonathan D. El Kordi-Hubbard '14
John R. Elarde, III '17, '18
Christopher Eliot
Valerie Elliott
Donovan W. Ellis
Angela D. Ellis Gibbs '00
Brendan C. Elrick '21
Charles Elrick
Bob Elston
Brian Elston
Joan Elston
Gregory P. Ely '79
Camille Emmett
Charles T. Endy '69
Jonathan W. Eng '09
Sidney Eng
Lawrence J. Epstein '75
Susan Epstein-Merritt '79
Ayse S. Erguner '02
Marc A. Ernay '88
Ryan O. Espineli '17*
Diana Espinosa '05
Erick J. Espinoza '04
Salvatore M. Esposito '77*
Alison Estey '21
Calmina Estimar
Eunice Estimar '21
Josh A. Ettinger '13*
Dianne L. Evans '82
Patrick Evans
Karen D. Everett '89*
Toby Everett '64*
Christopher Eysser
Maxine S. Ezra '66*
Jennifer '92 and Andrew L. Faber '91
Rachelle Fabre '12, '17
Heather Facey
Randall Fach
Caroline Fahey
Carolyn R. Fairchild '60, '65*
Jalen Faison
Gena Faith
Martin C. Faith
Jennifer Faithfull
Elizabeth C. Falco '10
Debra Falkenberg
Theresa M. Falletta '09*
Roberta '81 and Michael Fallig '79, '91*
Stephen J. Fallon '12*
Frederick J. Falteisek '60*
Christina Farmer
Emma Farmer
Michael J. Farrelly
Kathleen Farren
Nancy Faulisis '89
Ingrid Favelus '00
Anthony P. Fazzone '92*
Anita Feldman
Kathryn Tripp Feldman '63
Charles Felix
Colin Felix
Gloria Felix
Dana Moore-Fellini '11
Robert L. Fellows '72
Steven Fendell '78*
Laurie Fendrich*
Ruiqi Feng '21
Josh V. Fenster '21
Heleen K. Fergus-Bentall '94
Maria Fernanda Branco
David Fernandez
Joette Ross '92, '96
Carole Ferrand
Eric Ferrand
Ferdinando Ferrara '12
Jillian Ferrara
Mary Ferrato
Thomas P. Ferry '11
Julia Field, In memory of Joshua D. Field '14, '17
Stephen Fields '61*
Rocco N. Figalora '69
Leyna R. Figliozzi '19
Cristina Figueira
Susan Fikshie
Amanda D. Filchock '15
Mona and Michael Filchock
Laurel A. Files '60
Lisa Filippi*
Ritchie Filippi '05
Deborah Lynn Finkel '79
Eliorah Finkelson '21
David Finn
Angela M. Fioretti '21
Justin D. Firenze '03
Sondra L. Fishkind
Gerald Fiterstein '60
Aigul Fitzgerald
Ellen Fitzpatrick
Gail Fitzpatrick
John Fitzpatrick '21
Robin A. Flaton '81*
Glenn Fleischhacker
Gregory J. Fleming, Jr. '58
Jaime D. Flores '03
Christine Flynn
John Fodera
John P. Foley '84
Shawn T. Foley '89
Denise R. Fontanella '12
Amanda E. Ford '21
Barbara Ford
Michael Ford
Wendy and Keith Ford
William Ford '83
Bethany L. Forrest '15
Alexandra P. Forte '18, '20
Oksana Fostakovska '21
Andriy Fostakovskyy
Brittany Foster '17*
Shaun D. Foster '15
Sydney Foulon
Spencer Fowler
Brooklyn Francis
Patricia J. Francis
Winnifred Francis
April C. Francis '03, '07, '15
Andrew Franco
Emily Franco
Maureen Franco
Sydni E. Epps '16, '18
Brittany R. Frank '20
Dianne L. Frank '75*
Rita Frank '01, '03
Sydney P. Frank
Regine M. Franklin '00
Alexandra Franks
Linda and David Frantz
Maryam Franzella
Frank R. Frasca '58
Florence T. Frazer '74
Collette B. Frazier '76
Virginia Ann Frederick '76*
Michael Fredette
Samuel E. Freedman
Eileen '75 and Bruce Freedman*
Lewis Freifeld '64
Eva M. Fremaint '06
Stephanie French
Isabel '09 and Gene Frey '05*
Yulisa Frias '21
Anthony D. Friedman '21
Dennis J. Friedman
Ellen E. Friedman
Mark Friedman
Mitchell Friedman '81
Nicholas D. Friedman '21
Ronald L. Friedman '77, '93
Claire R. Fritz '89
Alexandra Froehlich
Carl R. Froehlich '93
Frances Froehlich
Jennifer A. Frustace '97
Xiang Fu*
Asenath H. Fuchs '58
Rena Fukuda '21
Deborah Gaines '92
Lynette M. Gaiso
Sean E. Gaita '82
Carla-Margaux Gakiza
Joan '65 and Robert Galante '64, '71
Evangelos Galatas '02*
Noah A. Galietta '21
Damian P. Gallagher '17
Frank T. Gallo '65, '73
Fred S. Gallo '21
Lucille A. Gallo '74
Siddarth Gally
Hans C. Gamlien '88
Alexa Gandolfo '21
Tammy Gandolfo
Robert P. Gannon '82
Gabriela Garcia '88
Marie Garcia
Christian Gardecki
Dennis A. Garetano '75
Robin Garfield '94
Catherine L. Gates
Joanne Paul Gatland '62*
Maria Gavidia
Greg Gaxiola
Brittany M. Gayer '16, '19
Diane L. Gayer*
Stefanie Gayer '13
Margretta Geiger '94, '98
Daniel T. Geller '92
Katherine A. Geller '86
Erika R. Genova '15, '16
Christa Gentile
Joseph J. Gentile '21
Stephen P. Georgio
Nicholas Gerbo
Kelly M. Gerdes '18
Veronica M. Gerosimo '08, '12
Stacy and Daniel Gerstenblitt '83*
Kimberlee Gerstheimer '05
Robyn Gertner '07 and Adam Doyno '06
Dustin Derrick Gervais '04
Mark H. Getman '95
Judith D. Geyer '69*
Amanda Ghysel
Kevin M. Giaccone '17
Anthony M. Giambrone '17, '19
Maria Giannousis
Jennifer M. Gianunzio '90
Steve Giardino
Mary C. Gibbons '04*
Faith Gibson
Kathy Gibson
Xander Gibson
Karen and Dennis Giglio
Maureen Gill '95
Jodi Gillen
Douglas Gillies '12, '17
David Gilroy
Patricia Gilroy
Meghan E. Gioia '21
Mariana Giordan
Alexandra R. Giordano
Donna F. Giordano '84, '90*
James Giovanniello '97
Vincent E. Giovinco '91*
Grace '90 and Ralph Girardi
John E. Giradi '18
Maureen Y. Gittelman '90
Dawn M. Giudice '85*
George A. Giuliani*
Tim Giuliano
Emanuel Giumarra '02
Lois S. Glanzer '57
Ronni B. Glass '77
Amy Glawe
Darren Glick
Marjorie Gingold Glucksman '77, '78*
Theresa and Austin Goeke*
Andrew Goetz '21
Karen and Thomas Goetz
Kosmas Gogos
Laura Heend Goldfeld '60*
Amy I. Goldman
Laurie A. Goldstein '65*
Lauren Gomez
Stanley Gong
Joe Gonyeau
Ronnie Gonzalez
Sara Witmer '06
Beth Goodbaum '05
Jane Abbott Goodenough '79*
William H. Goodenough '13*
Kailee Goodine '21
Katherine and Kevin Goodine
Joshua A. Goodman '13
Seena Gorchov
Kathy and Tom Gorsky
Taylor Gosnell
Noah Gottesman
Andrew C. Governali '50*
Ava Grace '21
Theresa Graham '19
Regine Breton Grandmougin '01 and Benoit Grandmougin '11*
Justin A. Grant '17*
Jeffrey A. Grass
Maxx T. Grass '18
Angela Grasso '93
Grant Graulich '21
Leona S. Graup '73,'85
Carrie Gray-Buchmann '11*
Cecilia Gray '21
Pamela Gray
Richard Gray '76*
Steve Graziano
Sean P. Grealy '16
Treisha M. Green '98
Brian Greenberg '68*
Deborah L. Comm '94
Laura E. Greene '13
Nuevia Greene '09
Ron A. Greenfield '85*
Russell Greenspan '91
Kelsey E. Gregerson '15, '16
Taylor Grella
Carol and Joseph Grice
Joseph E. Grice '20, '21
Dolores C. Grieco '57
Ryan Griffths '01 and Philip J. Grosso '01
Lorraine Griffin
Avery M. Grimes-Farrow '17*
Dorothea Grimes-Farrow and John Frederick*
Michael Grochocki '05*
Jeanine K. Gross '84
Michael E. Gross '62*
John Grosse
Sharyn H. Grossman '66, '74*
Kirsten L. Gruener '18
Laura Gruer '11
Jeffrey R. Grzesik '93*
Jing Guan
Ann and Thomas Guarascio*
Sara Guarascio '19
Salvatore A. Guardino '17*
Janet and Barry Gubell
Carolyn Gubell '18, '19
Kathleen A. Gubitosi '89
Karen M. Guerin
Ruth Anne Guerrero '75, '96
Linda D. Guggino '75, '83*
Christina and James Guido
Daniel Guido
Daniela Guido '21
Claire Guilmette
Alexandra Gulmi
Ed Gulmi
Matthias Gumbrecht '06
Anjali P. Gupta '17
Adam Gutes
Kurt Guth
Aaron Gutterman
John F. Guy '57, '60*
Olivia Haas
Victoria and Gregory Haas
Ruth Carol Haber '79*
Julia Haft
Lee S. Hagy '11
Julia M. Hahn '14
Nicole Hahn
Ryan Haight '18
Erika Hale
Margot '86 and Donald A. Hall '56
William E. Hall '58*
Kristin E. Hallam '20, '21
Theresa Hallam
Trish Hallam
Grace L. Halleran '09
Nancy E. Halliday*
Josephine Hammond '21
Donna Lee Heinz Hanlon '60† and Daniel Hanlon, III '59 '64*
John M. Hanna '97
Joesph Hannigan
John Hannigan
Terence Hannigan
Randell Hansen '01
Jack M. Hanson '17
Harb Nidal Harb
Catherine Hardwick
Tarek S. Harhash
Stuart Harker '88
Leora Harleston
Bob Harms '94
Beryl M. Harold
Jordan Harouche
Bailey Harris
Bruce A. Harris '66
Deborah W. Harris '81*
Lee Harris
Maury S. Harris '79
Philip S. Harris '73*
Rachel Harris
Roseann Harris
Mark Harrison
David Hart
Michele Denise Hart '82*
Michelle S. Hart '12
Danielle Harvey
Sean J. Harvey '12
Holli Harvey-Dudlek
Sean Haselton
Sheila S. Hatami '06
Patrick Hatch
Brian C. Hatcher
Patrick Haufe
Alison Haun
Michael Hauser
Robert W. Hauser, Jr. '04, '14
Erin E. Havard '15
Eileen Haviland
Catherine R. Havlicek
Christine Hawkins
James Hawkins '18
Marva D. Hawkins '90*
Brian Hayes
Diane S. Hayes '74*
Gage Hayford '21
Gretchen Louise Haynes '74
Arpita Hazra '19
Christine Peterson Hedman '55 and Edward Hedman, Jr. '55*
Timothy Hegarty
Joan M. Heide '73*
Christopher Heilig '21
Julia Hekimian
Grant S. Held '98
Sharlene and James Helfgott '79
Linda Lee Hendrickson '69*
Ted Hendrickson '66, '70
Sherry Sue Henin '75
Elizabeth Henneberry '21
Maureen Hennessey
Michael Hennessy '90
Christine P. Henrique
Jillian Henrique '21
Marc L. Herbert*
Yvonne '74 and Warren Herbst '73, '83
Peter E. Hermanns '85
Logan Ava Hernandez '20
Roberto E. Hernandez '17, '19
Sandra Herrmann
Mark Herron, II
Norman R. Hershkowitz '67*
Richard H. Hershman*
Lauren J. Hertan '18
Barbara Herzog
Amy Widlitz Heumann '73*
Amanda L. Heyde '13, '14
Kimberly A. Hickey '94
Mary Jeanne Hurley Hickey '50, '55*
Patricia Verdon Hickey '81*
Karen L. Hickson '85
Caleb A. Hightower '21
Rodney F. Hill*
Louise Halpin Hillen '63 and Jon Hillen '61, '62
Bonnie Hiller '61*
Barbara Riemer Hirsch '53*
Susan R. Hirschstein '67*
Frances G. Hirst
Charles and Rae Hodge
Robert E. Hoehn '02
Stephen T. Hoernig '83
Barbara Hoffman
Jeffrey Hoffman '21
Laura A. Hoffman '73*
Douglas E. Hoffmann '67*
Melanie S. Hoffmann '02
William Holbrook
Susan G. Hollandb'76
Katrina Holm '21
Kay and Steven Holm
Hope Holmes '21
Susan and Christopher Holmes
Elana N. Holstein '21
Jacquelyn and Judah Holstein
Alex Holt
Arthur W. Hombach '64, '69*
Suman S. Home '05, '21
Tyler Hope
Michael Hoppe
John J. Hornik*
David Horowitz
Stuart D. Horowitz '75, '76*
JoAnn Hotaling
Michael Hotaling '21
Elizabeth Howard
Linda Howard
Edgar Huamantla '14
Yue Huang '16
Mathilde Demisay Huckins '52*
Jill R. Hughes
Kevin Hughes
Roger W. Hughes '64*
Jacquelyn Hulse '21
Jordan Hummel
Lynne Hummel
Kathleen Hunker '07
John Hunt
Eugene C. Hunter '86
Julia Huntsman
Michael R. Hut '63, '69
Bri Hutchen
Carolyn P. Hyatt
Renee A. Hylton '01
Tina Hynes
Maristella Iacobello
Nicholas J. Iacopelli '12
Christine M. Iannuzzi-Reaves '03*
Brittany Idoni
Salvatrice Ifasi-Williams '02*
Violeta Ilik
Tamaraingsey In '18
Sarah Infante '21
Stephanie D. Infante
Rita Infuso
Francis C. Inserra '82*
Andrew Iovino '21
Dana and Keith Iovino '89
Dafny J. Irizarry
Iffat Islam '21
Maryam Isles
Nikita Ivanynyuk
Vadym Ivanynyuk
Marsha W. Iverson
Adele Iwachow*
Natachi Iwuoha
Courtenaye Y. Jackson '92
Leland Jacob '79
Ely Jacobs '05*
Jonas Jacobsen
Amara Jafar
Imtiaz Jafar '90
Avery Jaffe
Kim Jaffe
Sam Jaffe
Michael Jagacki
Richard A. Jagel '73*
Donea James '19
Erica James
Katie L. Jannazzo '08
Bruce H. Janvey '71
Nijimbere Jean-Pierre
Kelly Jefferson
Richard Jenkins
Erica Jiang
Alexa Rae Jimenez '21
Emalee Jimenez '19
Marcelo A. Jimenez
Peter Jipp
Tulsi Jipp
Alexandra K. Johnson '21
Elizabeth Johnson '21
Gail Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson Fore '80
Laurie Johnson '85
Morriah I. Johnson '21
Peter K. Johnson '60
Samantha '10 and Dale Johnson '08
Terry Johnson
Michelle L. Johnston '90
Darnell Jonas '10
Jeannette Jones '94
Patricia J. Jones
Richard K. Jones '57*
Bridget M. Jordan '16
Devincy Joseph '15
Richard S. Joseph '58
Jody Joy
Grace L. Joyce
Jennifer N. Joyce '11, '13, '16
Alan L. Judson '56*
Emily C. Julian '20
Margaret Melluso Jusko '89, '93 and Jan Jusko '79
Randi Sue Kaden '83
Megan A. Kahlbaugh '05
Jaimee Kahn '03 and Lon Samuelson '97
Mary Joy Kaiser -Reinartz
Kavina Kalikasingh '18
Kristin M. Kalish '20
Sandra Lee Ann and Mark Kalish
Steven Kalka*
Constantine H. Kallaur '66
Kathy Kambouras
Robert S. Kamin
Pamela '75 and Henry Kampfer
Alisa Kandhai '21
Elaine and Brian Kane
Gabrielle Kane '18
Janine M. Kane '95
Mary Lynette N. Kane '83*
Nick Kapatos
Bruce Kaplan
Bryan Kaplan
Lawrence W. Kaplan
Sandra L. Kaplan*
Irene Graulich
Kelly Karazulas '21
Theodora E. Karczewski '68*
Emily Karl
Matthew T. Karl '21
Renee Kashawlic
James Kassebaum '81, '92
Tiffany S. Kassem-Benchimol '21
Sugandha Kataria-Singh '19
Lynne N. Katz '71
Mary J. Katz '93
Robin Katz
Charles N. Kaufman
Miriam Kaufman
Diane Kaufmann
Manpreet Kaur '17
John W. Kay '94
Sharon B. Keane '00*
Olivia Kearse '21
Alondra D. Kebreau '01
W. Hubert Keen
Richard A. Keenan '14, '15
Sarah M. Keene '21
Karl Kelber
Francis J. Kelleher '97
Terrence J. Kelleher
Dan Keller
Henry Kellerman '58, '59*
Joshua J. Kellett '08
Irene A. Kellner '67, '71
Richard T. Kellner '85
Francis J. Kelly '87
Michael E. Kelly
Neva A. Graham '09*
Maria Salob
Kaylee M. Kelsey '21
Aaron and Laurie Kelsey
Leah Kelsey
Luke Kennedy
Megan E. Kennedy '14
Troy A. Kennedy '20
John W. Kenny '10, '13
Sharon Binder Kenworthy '91
Antoinette Kerins
Brian Kerins
Kathryn Kerins
Maureen Kerins
Richard Kerins
Sue and Louis Kern*
Kitty and Melvin Kessler '67*
Nicholas Kettell
Magdalena '10 and Krishna Khadar '12*
Nadine K. Khalaf '21
Ammad N. Khan '21
Areeba Khan '16, '19
Isaac A. Khan '18
Lily Khan '20
Reza Khan
Deborah R. Kick '18
Kerry Kiddoo '13
Rita D. Kiernan '71*
Stefanie Kiernan '07
Tina A. Kiernan '86, '92*
John Kiggins
Aidan Kilgallon
Bradley J. King '00
Corey King
Steve King
Loralee A. Kinsel '72
Mary Anne Kirby '18
James A. Kirklin '72
Porter L. Kirkwood '93
Patricia Kitson
Hillar I. Kivi '86
Allison M. Klamkin '11
Jeffrey Kleger '69*
Enid Klein '77
Eric R. Klein '21
Joan M. Klein '56, '58*
Susan '72 and Ira Klein '71
Connor H. Klementowicz '20
Abby Rodell Klier '59*
Max Klipper '19, '20
Donald Klosterman
Robert J. Klotz '78
Michael Kluger '83
Zachary E. Knighton-Ward '21
Courtney E. Koch '18
Anne Koestner '21
Grace Kokasko
Andrea S. Kolbe '10
John C. Komst '65*
Heather Konefsky '21
Mary Beth Konefsky
Nedra Mendelsohn Koplin '65
Scott J. Koppelman '06
Susan Koscis
Bryan J. Koslow '01
Alexandra Kosokhar '21
Christopher Koutsoubis '14
Lisa A. Kovalsky '80, '84
Abigail Kozaczynski '21
Kimberly Kozaczynski
Martin S. Kozak '68
Dubravka Krakovic '21
Samantha R. Kralstein '17
Matthew Krangle '21
Stefanie Kratter
Jame' J. Krauter '99
Elaine B. Kravetz '93
Adrienne R. Kravitz '14, '16*
Stephan G. Kravitz '73, '74, '80*
Felix P. Krayeski '59
Nellie Kreimer
John Alan Kriz '64*
David Kronheim '79*
Anthony Krummel '19
Karen Krummel
Louis Kubat '70
Jacklyn '07, '15 and John C. Kuehn '01, '03
Rachel S. Kugelmass '12, '14
Alexandra Labeck '13
John A. Kuhn '77*
Irina Kukin
Colin B. Kulmoski '21
Michael and Patricia Kulmoski
Carolyn J. Kurek '05
Douglas Kurz
Patricia L. Kurz '04
Tristen D. Kurz '21
Nicole Kusinsko '21
Alexa Kuzmich
Courtney Kuzmich
Susan Bond Kuzmik '74, '75
Michelle L. Kyriakides
Sandra Laatz
Michael A. Labruzzo '86*
Antreise Lacey '20
Joseph Lachat '66,'70,'81
Elizabeth M. LaFaye*
Ryan G. LaFaye '18
Jaclyn Laforgia '18, '21
Christine and Michael LaForgia
Jamie LaGattuta
Joann Laguerre*
Laurence Laiken '75
Sandra Lakotta '18
Ralph Laluces*
Jonathan M. Lamattina '95
Matthew Lambdin
James Lamberti '18
Jerry G. Landau '71
Paul H. Landes '69*
Ashley Landi '08
Alton J. Landsman '78*
Jason A. Landy '98
Vincent Lane
Lynn Lapaglia
Michael T. Larkin '84
Cheryl A. Larosa '02*
Ryan P. Larson '13
Mary Ellen LaSala
Deborah J. Lasky '82
Joann C. Lassus '82*
Roseanne Laudisio '21
Bepty Antoine Laurencon '02, '04, '10*
Jennifer L. Lauria '08
Michael Lauria
Nicholas Lavacca '89, '99
Kevin J. Lavrado '21
Paula Lavrado
Joe Layfield
Chris Layton
Gabrielle Lazzaro
Sandy Le '17, '18
Carol Lea
Caroline Lea '20
Elizabeth Leavitt
Helen Leavitt
Andrea Lebedinski
Alistair M. Lee
Barbara V. Lee
Jean Rachel Espina Lee '14 and Wilson Lee '01*
Yeri Lee '14
Robert J. Leggiadro
Alyssa M. Legnetti '14, '16
Madelyn E. Leibowitz '64
Darlene Leininger
Rebecca Lembo
Kenneth F. Lemp '85
Susan M. Lempel '66
Nathan Lenhart
Michael J. Lennon '17
Stephen R. Lenowicz '71, '77
Fabiana Leomil
Howard C. Lerner '64*
Michael LeRose '68, '86
Iris Siegelheim Lesser '77 and Bruce Lesser
Olivia Lev
Iris D. Levin '74
Amy A. Levine '10, '18
Brittany M. Levine '15, '17*
Joseph Levine*
Stacy '92 and Elliot Levine '91, '04
Patricia S. Levitin '66
Michael Levitt '60
Leslie Levitt-Raschella
Brian R. Levy '72
Naomi Levy
Andrew P. Lewis '21
Irene F. Lewis '63*
Jeremy Lewitt '11
Lynne and Michael LeWitt
Jing Li '14
Steven P. Liantonio '85
Zachary J. Libresco
Alexandra Licata '19
Antoinette and Salvatore Licata
Anthony Licciardi
Jennifer Licciardi
Ralph R. Licciardi '21
Benjamin A. Lichy '19
Erika Lichy
Jeanette Lieber
Victoria C. Lieber '21
Joshua P. Liebman '00*
John J. Liljehult '76
Gongyao Lin
Debbie Lindell
Jennifer Lindell
Jesse L. Lindell '21
Glenn K. Lindquist '81
Alice Drake Link '67, '69
Scott Lipes
Shaina E. Lipes '21
Annie R. Lipkin '21
Elysa Lipkin
Charles F. Lipp '62*
Michelle Lisi '89, '92 and Dean M. Reiter '90
Rachel List
Pei Chao Liu '21
Yuchen Liu '15
Matthew P. Livote '12
Marika Lobue
Georgia LoCicero '65*
David A. Locke '70*
Nicole Lombino '02
Juliet Lompa
Susan Longo
Maureen E. Loonam '65, '70*
Teresa A. Lopez '03
Roseanne and Robert LoPinto
Devyn Losco '21
Lori Losco
Kevin Lotito
Jeannine A. Lovell '89
Sasha A. Lowe '15
Clare N. Lowell '90, '92, '00 and Lawrence Etri '89
Luis Lozado
Venessa Lozado '21
Mary Jane Lucas
Gerry Lucey
William A. Luciani '14
Paul S. Lucido
Olivier J. Lucien
Peter G. Luecken"72
Kristina '65 and Norman Luka '65
Angela '69 and Chester Lukaszewski*
Jennifer Luongo and Daniel Schmidt*
Patricia B. Lynch '61*
Bryan Lynskey
Nicole E. Lytle '00
Li Ma
Edward Mabeza
Brandon Macarz '10
Joseph B. Macchia '91
Brian D. MacDonald '14
Janine A. Macedo '95*
Olivia M. Macedo '18, '20
Patricia A. Maciarz '84
Marco Madia '15, '16
Frankie Madramuthu '21
Mintra D. Madramuthu
Ronald A. Maginniss '87
Jennifer Magliola
B. J. Magnani '72*
Philip N. Mainiero '15
Jacqueline A. Majka '87*
Amy Majkrzak
Evan Malings
Dina Maliszka
Miranda M. Maliszka '21
Jeffrey S. Malkin '88, '89
Mary Ellen Malloy '63, '71
Francis Maly '60
Saumya Mamgain '18
Jack S. Mandel '71*
John Mangieri
Cynthia Maniglia '82
Tina Manning
Christine M. Mannino '09
Lawrence E. Manton '65
Mikio J. Manuel '15
Jola A. Marcario '60*
Janice Marcin '95
Erin A. Mardon '11
Caryn Margolin
Ruth E. Mariampolski '09
Arthur Marino
Christa M. Marino '08
Elaine Mark
Alexis G. Marking '21
Laurence S. Markowitz '74
Fatima Sow Marquis '12 and Brian Marquis '11*
Glenn A. Marrus '72
Ella Marsh '21
Emily M. Marsh '14*
Mary and Michael Marsh*
Michael Marsigliano '13
Annalise Martin '19
Connor V. Martin '18*
Jacob Martin '20
Ana Cecilia Martinez
Imelba Martinez '99
Irene A. Martinez '89
Jacquelyn Martinez '21*
Stevens J. Martinez '19
Ellen A. Martino '88*
Olivia A. Martino '21
Ana Martinovic '21
Dragana Martinovic
Milos Martinovic
Chuck Martone
Georgina and Patrick Martorella '80*
Irwin Marvald '62*
Carole F. Marvelli '76, '83
Dawn M. Marzella '91, '02*
Ndinzi Masagara
Joseph J. Mascolo '91*
Stefan Mason
Roy B. Massa '78, '86*
Cara A. Massey '08, '11
Emily B. Massey
John Mateyko
John Mathew
Teney Mathew
Alexa Mattera '20
Linda Mattison
Bruce Matuson '73*
Stacy Maurer
Jillian Mauro '05
Antony J. Mavroudis '08
Jordyn D. Mayerhofer '16
Taylor Mayfield '14
Kim P. Mayo '82
Kimberly C. Mayo '21
Nicholas J. Mazzarella '16
Annette Mazziotti '84, '87, '07
Robert J. Mazzola '68*
Anthony J. Mazzurco '97
Theresa A. McEnery '75*
Molly McAlpine '21
Robert McAlpine
Andrea McBridd
Kaitlin McCabe
Eileen McCaffrey
Chris McCardell
Dawn McCarthy '96
Matthew McClean
Quinn K. McClure '08 and David T. Bridges '08
Ryan McCluskey
Randi McCray '21
Patricia and James McCreesh
Rebecca McCubbin
Dylan A. Mcdermott
Theresa McDermott
Maureen McDill
Meghan A. McDonald '95
Diane L. McDonough '73*
Michael G. McDonough '72*
Maureen McElhinney
Ann McFadden
Angel McFarland
Geraldine McGann '74
Ashleigh McGee '14
Chris Mcginnis
Sarah A. McGough '16
Emma McGovern
Brittany M. McGowan '20
Jeffrey McGowan
Janice McGuinness
Alida S. McGuire
Carol M. McGuire '65
Hannah McGuire
Thomas A. McHale '70
Dylan M. Mcintosh
Christina Visaxis McIntyre '62*
Emma McKean
Alicia A. McKenzie '21
Meleesa McKenzie
Raymond J. McKeough '77*
Sevion D. McLean
Catherine Mclelland '79
Jessica M. McNamara '17
Katherine R. McNeely '09
Sylvia M. McPartland
Tyler P. McPartland '21
Merry E. McVey-Noble '95, '00*
Shoshana McWhite
Kathy Mechling
Melissa M. Medina '21
Yolanda Medina-DeJesus '84
Rachel L. Meehan '07
Catherine and Steve Meehan*
Saurabh Mehta
Shivangi Mehta '21
Megan A. Meighan '12
Michelle Meikle
Tristan E. Meikle '21
Kathy E. Melchin
Mark D. Melchin '21
Natasha and Peter Mele
Sadie A. Mele '12, '14
Patricia T. Melendez '73*
Amber L. Melgar '18
Douglas J. Melgar '21
Marisol Melgar
Gary R. Melillo '78*
Ann Marie Mellone
Michael J. Mellone '21
Lori M. Melnitsky '85, '92
Tedd S. Melnyk '81, '90*
Kathleen Melton
Samantha E. Meltzer '21
Andrew S. Mencher '15
Linda Mengersen '89
Lisa Mengert
Madison S. Mento '21
Francesca Mercaldo
Tammeka O. Merchant '20
Linda A. Merklin '15
Julia A. Meyer
Lynn J. Meyer
Sharon Meyer
Kerry Meyers '18
Alexandra M. Mezzanotte '14
Laura and Dominic Mezzanotte
Stephen Michalenko
Francine R. Michel '17
Diana Mieles '21
Matthew Mihalich
John M. Mikolaicyk
Christopher J. Milcsik '21
Sue and Kenneth Milcsik
Dominique Milian '21
Anna J. Miller '21
Beverly S. Miller '84*
Danielle Miller
Jonathan M. Miller '16
Karen A. Miller '84
Mark Miller '84
Maryann Miller '63
Nancy B. Miller '74
Terry S. Miller '79*
Vicki Miller
Mikwaevonn J. Mills '16
Jacqueline O. Millwood '87
Joseph Milone, Jr. '14
Michael C. Mineo '65
Jonette Lynn Mines '83
Vicki L. Mingin '97, '06*
Christopher Miniaci
Elizabeth Minicozzi
Marc Anthony D. Minicozzi '18
Donna Minnicozzi
Raquel Mintah-Ellison
Lucille '82 and Joseph G. Minutillo '80
Ashley Mirabile '17
Leonard Miranda
Michael J. Mirando '21
Petera Mary Mironchik '65*
Frank J. Mirovsky '77
Kristen M. Misak '17, '18
Thomas J. Mistretta '19
Josie Mitchell
Shelby Mitchell '20
Susan Grimes Mitchell and Paul Mitchell*
Andrew Moerschel
Leslie Molder
Lila Molder '21
Jeannine L. Molleda '16
Rolf M. Moller '54
Dora Molnar '98*
Frances Monahan
Deborah '95 and Homa Monassebian
Amanda M. Moncada '17
Angelica M. Moncada '05
Joseph A. Moncada '14
Anne M. Mongillo
Karen M. Montalbano '80
Alexandra Montana
Tatiana H. Montes '19
David A. Monti, Sr. '77*
Joan Moore
Rhonda J. Moore
Terrence M. Moore '07
Susanne M. Morahan '82
Lex Morales
Barbara A. Moran
Bari J. Morchower '13
Bettyanne Morelli
Christina Morgana '21
Elizabeth Morino
Daniel Morrissey
Benjamin Morrow
Jeffrey Morstein '71
Christina Moschetti '16
Joanna and Edward Moschetti
Terrie Moseman
Hope Motreuil
Raymond W. Moy '72
Anne Mozingo
William Mozingo '21
Brooke V. Mraz
Kevin Muga
Dawn and Scott Muggeo
Patricia A. Mulderig '86*
Jillian Mulholland '16, '17
Danielle and Glenn D. Muller
Nerys H. Muller '21
Alexander M. Mullin '14
Kathleen M. Mundy '94
Marilyn '64, '75 and Gregory Munson*
Maura Munson-Pritchard '15, '20
Rachel M. Muratore '91
Christian Murcia
Andrew Murdolo '21
Sandra and Joseph Murdolo
Daniel A. Murillo '01
Bri A. Murphy '20
John F. Murphy '70*
Kevin B. Murphy
Mary Carmel Murphy '74, '88*
Robyn J. Murphy '85
Chris Murray
Penny and Rob Murray
Andrew T. Muscarello '21
Marta Musial
Carol '77 and Charles Mutterperl
Gladys Hertzendorf Nadel '66*
Christina Nanavrakis '06
Carlos Narine
Rebecca S. Natow
Leah Nebel '74
Julianne Neely
Maria Neely
Michael A. Neely '89
Patrick A. Neely '12
Max Nelkens
Charles Nelson '76*
Ryan R. Nelson '18
Paul D. Nenninger '64
Julia C. Neto '16
Sheryl '09 and Donald Neubauer '05
Mitchell Newman '83
Eliana Nicolson
Dolores Nisito '97
Lyssah Nogueira
Susan L. Nolan '81, '89*
Joan Noonan
Birgitta Noreus
Richard Norman
Jacob Novak
Elliott B. Nowak '69
Jack W. Nuttall
Kendra L. Nutting '12
Codi E. Nyland '13
Linda Rose Obedzinski '88 and David Obedzinski '85, '92*
Rachel Obergh
Robert P. O'Boyle '18
Kayleigh H. O'Brien '21
Staceyann O'Brien
Elizabeth Ochefu
Mariana Ochoa '21
Courtney A. O'Connor '10
Debora J. O'Connor '94
Elizabeth O'Connor
Joseph O. O'Connor '82
Michael C. O'Connor, Jr. '17
Ricky O'Connor
James O'Donnell '67*
Jennifer Ogman
Stephanie V. Ogman '21
Nkemdilim S. Okakpu '04
Bob O'Keefe
Jeanne L. O'Keefe*
Nicolette O'Keefe '21
Jeanette O'Leary '63
Alan D. Olinsky '64, '67*
Devin A. Oliva '20
Gabrielle Oliver '21
Matthew Oliver '21
Stephen Oliver
Diana Olsen
Rosemary A. Olsen '88
Nicole L. Olson '16, '20*
Tammy and Robert Olson*
Jennifer A. Olzaski '00
Michael P. O'Malley '21
Annette D. O'Neil '82 and A. Scott McNeal '82
Carol Ann Oneill
Deborah Ann Organ '81
Joseph Organtini
John O'Rourke
Brisa Ortiz
Crystal T. Ortiz '19, '21
Sammy Ostroff
Danielle L. O'Sullivan '94
Denise Ackley O'Sullivan '86*
Wes Ott
Carey A. Otterstedt '21
Julia M. Overton
Matthew D. Ovington '21
Daniel Owusu-Fianko '19
Henry Oyo '17, '20
Juan Pablo
Philip Pacelli
Kenneth R. Pacheco '79
Sabra Pacheco
Vivian Pachecol
Sariya Pacheco-Smith
Rosanne '96 ' 00, '03 and Billy Pachilakis '03
Brianna M. Paci '14
Rita Padden '77
Rebekah D. Paine '07
Devon Palilla
Kiera N. Paliotta '21
Dimitrios Pamboukes '78*
Michele G. Pandolfi
Dionisios Papadatos '00, '02
Patricia '90 and Arthur Papadopoulos
George Papaioannou*
Maria G. Papaioannou '08
Manuel C. Papazoglou '75, '81*
Ann Paquet
Lauren Paquet '21
Kaitlin Parente '21
Daillard Paris '21
Sungbin Park
Tom Parrotta
Jason Pasion
Jennifer Pasion
Annie Passik
Neha M. Patel '21
Sangita A. Patel
Shashi Patel
RoseMarie Paternostro
Carol '71 and Michael Patoka*
Mike Patrovich '08
JoAnn Patti
Tino Pattigno
Mary Alice Swartwood Patton '62*
Sharolyn Paturzo
Audrey Pavey '81
Jennifer Pawol '98
Michael G. Peco Jr. '21
Patricia A. Pedergnana
Christopher Pellegrini
Michael Pellizzi '05
Christine Pendola '92
Vincent G. Pennisi '89
Joanne Peragine '20
Yudelka Peralta
William Perez
Joseph Pergola
Kathryn A. Pericak '21
Patty and Thomas Pericak
Judith Perlman '75
Danielle A. Perry '17, '19
Joanne Person
Arnold J. Perz '91*
Bryan Peters
Harriet L. Peters*
Kenneth A. Peterson '75*
Barbara L. Petillo '21
Alma and Christopher Petillo
Mark N. Petosa '16*
Colleen Petrere '21
Rosann M. Burke Petruzzi '71*
Lisa M. Petrocelli '94
Melissa Petruzillo '97
Evelyn D. Pezold '68*
Meredith Pfennig '21
Doreen A. Phelan
Paul A. Phelan '15
Robert Philipps
Ayana Phillips '19
Joseph Pianka '91
Krista Piarulli '20
Joseph Piccerill
Austin Pierce
Janice Pieros
Lisa-Marie Pierre
Micheline Pierre
Sarah Pierre
Benjamin Piltch '81*
Juan Pina-Colon*
Jacob Pintek
Raquel and Michael Piraino
Lynette Pirong
Marcello Pisapia
Stanley Pitkowsky
Yanni Pittas '19
Michael J. Pizza
Michael Plugues
Michael Poch
Talene Pogharian '21
Barbara Pokorny
Richard Pokress '69
Tracey E. Polizzi '01, '02, '07
Joseph Pollack '61, '76
Sandra Pollinger
Eiko Pomarico
Louis Pomerantz '70
Kaitlyn Poncet '20
Julia Ponce '18
Olivia L. Porambo '21
Raymond J. Porambo
Anthony J. Porcelli '21
Evan Pouch '19
Deirdra S. Powell-Robinson '89
Catherine Powers*
Michele L. Poynton-Marsh
Miguel A. Pozo '94
Lisa M. Prazak '02
James M. Prendergast '14, '16
Arthur Price '82*
Dante C. Priebe
August H. Pries, III '61*
Eugene Primacio
Janine Primacio '21
Hilal Proulx
Kerem Proulx '21
Emily E. Provost '20
Raffaele Provvisiero '02
Vanessa Pugh
Joan L. Purdy '87
James Pustorino '16, '17
Marie and Paul Pustorino '89
Sherrima Queen
Thomas D. Quigley
Adeline Quinn '60
Melanie Quinoes '21
Caren G. Quintanilla
Gregory Quintanilla '21
Julian Quintin
Kathryn Quirk
Waheed Qureshi
Yasmeen T. Qureshi '21
Patrice B. Rachlin '78*
Graham H. Radcliffe '89, '91
Kristin Radecker
Denise Radicone
Rasel N. Rahman '17*
Arthur Raisfeld '89
Karishma Ramcharan '21
Deowattie Ramdeen
Reeya K. Ramdeen '21
Lovina T. Ramnauth '10
Rhina M. Ramos '95
Bernadette K. Ramsey '85
Marie Ranselle
Sarah C. Ransom-Maynor
Ashley Rapp
Daniel L. Rapp '10
Megan R. Rathbone '11
Prajay Rathore
Kevin P. Rauch '04, '07
Anna E. Rawlins '10
Mckenna Raymond
Shane Raymond
Abigail Razi
Mindy Reade
Angela Reda
Jenna Reda '21
Angela Z. Reddin '68*
Francia Reed
Fred C. Reed '53
Gail Reed
Judith '01 and Marvin Reed
Jason Reese '13
Mary Rehak
Georgia Reid-Daly '20
Lenore Davis Reilly '50, '59*
Meghan E. Reilly
W. Lance Reinheimer
Melissa Reinke
Angelica C. Relacion
Alicia Renda
Judith Green Rendely '63
John W. Resciniti '92, '94
Emily Resnik
Mary Jo Rett
Dave Reuame
Rosebud Reubel '66
Samantha Reuter
Francisco Reyes
Margaret R. Reynheer
Margery Nelson Reynolds '53
Joyce A. Ribar '87*
Robert E. Ribbe '71
Peter Ricci
Corinna M. Richards '98
Jonathan R. Richards '20
Spencer Richards
Donald R. Richardson '65*
Mary Richardson '86
Anita P. Richichi '98*
Steven C. Richman '02, '05
Courtney K. Richmond '18
Bonita J. Ricks*
Conchetta Riddick
Paxton Riddle '72
Jessica L. Riedel '15
Michelle Weintraub Riklan '89
Marie Rinaldi
Timothy Riordan
Patricia Ripley
Jean Michelle Ripley-Grier '21
Michael V. Riscica '17, '18*
Lisa and John Rispoli '79*
Mary Ann Rispoli '91*
Richard A. Rissetto '13
Ashlei Rivera '21
Tammy Rivera
Lorraine L. Rizzuto Pellegrino '98
Caryn Bailey '16
Kristi S. Roberge '80
Jennifer Roberts
Jeremy Roberts '18
Roberta G. Roberts*
James Robertson
Kylie Robin '13
Desiree D. Robinson '06
Tyler Robinson '20
Jessica Robles '10
Richard A. Rocha, Jr. '16
Melanie R. Rochford '03, '13
Ryan Roderick '09, '11*
Natalie Rodgers
Andrew D. Rodney '06
Jasmine Rodrigo
Carlos Rodriguez '21
Jose A. Rodriguez
Maureen K. Rodriguez '94*
Roberto A. Rodriguez
Lizandro Rodriguez-Marine
James Roel
Carol Rogaski '75
Timothy Rohan '03
Melissa R. Rohrman '12
Dorea F. Rolle
Alice A. Roller '65
Lucelenia Vasquez Roman '82 and Ferdinand Roman '81*
Steven A. Romano '15
Alicia F. Romeo '21
Lanz Romero
Sue Ronan
Joseph Ronzetti '21
Nastassia Rooche '19
Joy E. Rootkowski
Gabriella Rosado '21
Ashley Rosario Ogando '21
Dina Rosas '09, '11
Michael J. Roseingrave '71*
Marc J. Rosen '13*
Pamela S. Rosen '91
Barbara '80 and Milton Rosenberg*
Catalina Rosenthal
Richard M. Rosenthal '91
Adrienne and Mark S. Rosman '99*
Paul M. Rosman '64
Susan '75 and Michael Rosoff '76
Randi Feldman Ross '73, '80 and Steven Ross '73*
Carmela Rossi '10
Christine Rosvoglou
Christopher Rosvoglou '19
Stephanie Rosvoglou '21
Samantha Roth
Marilyn Rothbard '65
Richard H. Rottkamp '82*
Catherine Rountry '57*
Doris E. Rouse '50, '52, '57*
James D. Rozakis '76*
Laurie '73, '75 and Bob Rozakis '73*
Robert L. Rua '63*
Sarah Rubensohn
Harriet Rubenstein '79*
Jaycee Ruberti
Nancy E. Rubin '83*
Jay Rubinstein '82
Mary Ruddy-Amante
Serena M. Ruel '17, '18
Bonnielee Ruge '65, '68*
Cynthia A. Ruiz '21
Kevin R. Ruiz '21
Zida Ruiz
Blake Runyan
Kathy and Richard Russell
Mark Russell
Christina Marie Russo '15
Julia A. Russo '21
Suzanne Russo
Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild '62*
Corinne E. Rutkowski '21
Katie Rutter
Barbara M. Ryan '63, '69
Dylan Ryan
Emily Ryan-Bahhar '99
Shanna L. Ryan
Lou Sabatini '97
Anthony Sabatino
Marisue Sack
John W. Sadowski '76*
Wendi and Jeff Sager
Allison Sajkoski '21
Gina A. Sajoski
Lesidet Salce '19
Brittney R. Salerno '21
Mirla Sales '19
Allison Salomone
Joann Iwachiw Salsbury '75 and James Salsbury '76
Jennifer Sammartano
Joseph Sammartano '21
Ellie Samson
Michael Samson '21
Neena Samuel '21
Sibin Samuel
Sunil Samuel
JeanneD'Arc Sanbar '17*
Cristian J. Sanchez '21
Elsie M. Sanchez
Migdalia Cruz '93
Robin and Frederick V. Sandas, Jr.
Heather G. Sanders
Grace Sanker
Suzanne Sanna
Cullen SantaMaria
Jessica R. Santangelo
James Santora '68, '73*
Nicholas A. Santora '01
Stanley D. Santoro '74*
Rose V. Sapelli '92
Ruth Saravia
Andrew R. Sarli '07, '10
Robert S. Sarli '73*
Stephanie Sarmiento '21
Gail Sarner '96*
Bob Saunders, Jr. '89
Daniel W. Savarino '15
William Savarino
Michelle Sawka
Stephen Sayers
Vito Scaglione
Mary Scala
Nicholas M. Scalera '06
Henry M. Scarangella '69
Elena Scarano '21
Linda Scarano
Mary P. Scarpa '16
Courtney Scarpato '19
Lisa Polese Scatamacchia '71 and Vincent Scatamacchia '71, '81*
Michael R. Schaeffer '92, '10
Jeffrey S. Schaffel '74
Kim Schafstall
Jamie A. Schagat '01
Pamela L. Schaub-Durkin '69
William Scheibeler '02*
Rachel L. Scher '13
Linda K. Scherer '64*
Casey Schermick
Robert J. Schertzer '73, '75*
Amy Schettini
Anthony Schettino
Irene M. Schiffer '75, '76
Charles J. Schilling
Alan Schlissel '92, '96, '99
Ann Schmidt
Martha E. Schmidt '65*
Kevin Schmiegel
Paula Cohen Schneebalg '70, '74*
Brandon Schneider
Kyle Schneider
Chester H. Schnepf '74*
Heather E. Schnepf '14*
Roger Schore '70*
Jean A. Schubert '76*
Laura R. Schulte '89*
Barbara K. Schultz '79
Hillary and Douglas P. Schultz '68
Terence Schulz '98, '02
Christopher Schwartz
Dorothy Schwartz '71
Judith G. Schwartz '71
Sherry N. Schwartz '75
Michael Scoates
Angelina B. Scolari '19
Francesca Scotti '19
Faith A. Seaman
Lisa and Bruce Sechrist
Vanshea Sedita
Anthony J. Segesti '66
Loretta G. Sehlmeyer '90*
Alana Seidenberg
Martin L. Seidner '68*
Cheryl A. Sena '88, '90 and Peter E. Cario '87
Jennifer L. Sengelaub '08
Zygimantas Sestokas '09
Victoria M. Shadle '15
Arslan Shahzad '21
Peter Shakalis '77
Rahela Shamsuzzaman
Jeffrey G. Shapiro '92
Reid Shapiro
James J. Sharkey '61*
Kevin T. Sharkey '81*
Tim Shay*
Lisa N. Shecter
Jenna A. Sheerin '09 and Lukasz Kwiatcowski
Hazel A. Sheppard
Rachel '02 and Jesse Sherer '03, '08
Diane M. Sheridan '92
Linda Sherlock-Reich '04*
Shirley R. Shinder '66
Jennifer Shively
Navita Shivsawak '21
Rona L. Shor '78
Patrick W. Shoureas '16
Virginia E. Shoureas '89
Julie Shuman '06
Zevan W. Shuster
Tulsi L. Shyamsundar-Jipp '21
Matthew M. Siano '17
Alex Sica
Gary R. Siebenberg '76
Anna Siefken
Jason Siegel '21
Betty Siegel-Marx
Luz D. Sierra '21
Stacey I. Sikes
Edward J. Silhan
Emily L. Silhan '21
Felice Silverman
Marc E. Silverman '16
Stephen Silverman '80
Joan Silverstone
Leo Silverstone
Jeffrey L. Simmons '94*
Kimberley Simmons
Alexa A. Simon
Eileen G. Simons '87*
Camiryn D. Simpson '21
Rose P. Simpson '07
Brandon Singh '21
Bryan K. Singh '21
Gurdeep Singh '18, '21
Raishme N. Singh '20
Rishav Singh
Sita Singh
Morris Sinkowitz '51
Patricia E. Sinkus '90*
Joseph T. Sinnona
Astrid Swenson Sipos '67, '71, '97, '10 and Allan Sipos '79†*
Deanna Sisti
Dennis Skiadas '90
Leonard Skoros
Samantha Slootmaker '21
Alexander J. Slovensky '21
Don J. Slovensky '61
Delores Smalls
Christine M. Smey '11
Cameron J. Smiley
Tammy J. Smiley
Julie Smink
Alexis Smith '21
Arthur M. Smith '59*
Ashley N. Smith '21
Beverly A. Smith '66*
Brittany J. Lyman '12
Christine Smith '66
Susan and Christopher Smith
Colleen Smith
Dan Smith
Darcie Smith '20
Darren Smith
Isabelle Smith '65, '68
Joan '73 and John Smith*
Julie Smith '21
Katherine J. Smith '13
Lisa A. Smith
Marcus T. Smith '19
Richard Smith
Richard Smith
Savannah M. Smith
Thomas R. Smith
Zdenka Smith
Barbara and George E. Snizek
Lori Sobey
Nicole R. Sobey '17, '19
Ruth Sobey
Donna Sobieski
Costantinos Sofronis '09
Samuel Sola
Sophia Sola '21
Brenda and Kris Solberg
Melissa Soliz '20
Barbara Sollecito
Alexander Solon
Emma V. Soloway '18, '21
Daphine Somerville '67*
Susan C. Somerville '96
Marlanea Sopp
Michael Sorrentino
Nicholas Soto '21
Sergio Soto
Fred Soviero
Dolores V. Spagnoli '84*
Victor P. Sparaccio
Lorraine Spaterella '99, '02
Leslie Spelke
William Spellman '92*
Loredana Spena '21
Nancy Spena
Barbara Spence
Madison Spence-Moore '21
Annik H. Spencer '14
Doris Spera
Paul E. Spidell '61
Charles Spiegel
Nora Emery Spiegel '19
Harriet C. Spiegelman '69*
Laurel Riegel '78
Evelyn M. Spina '70*
Amy L. Spintman '85*
Robert Spitz '69*
Bari Spokane
Steven C. Spronz '78
Laurie S. Spurrell '84
Brian L. St Hubert '14, '18
Curtis R. St Surin '07, '10
Kayla Stadeker
Dale Stark
Tara R. Stark '21
Allison Starks '21
Jean Starks
Theodore Statharos '96
Bev and James P. Stathopoulos
Nikos Stathopoulos '20
Kaylee N. Stebbins '20
Jeri L. Stebel '78, '82
Michael D. Stebel '76
Joan H. Stein '52
Kerianne Stein '08
Alan J. Steinberg '79, '80
Philip B. Steinberg '17
Scott Steinberg
Nora J. Steinkamp '17
Freya Stenton
Gina Stephan
Irnel Stephen
Tamara Stephen '96*
Erika Stern
Guy Stern '48, '98
Allyssa Stevens
Audrey P. Stevens '21
Kellie Stevens
Diana B. Stimmel '53
Tyler Stock '21
David Stolarz '90
Tyler M. Stone '85
Wendy and Tom Stoudt
Brandi L. Stratton '96
Maria Barnett Strocchia '91
Lisa Strohmyer
Anne and Stephen Strout
Paige F. Strout '21
Robert Sugar
Linda Ellison Sugarman '62, '67*
Arnelle Sullivan
Jolee N. Sullivan '21
Matthew Sullivan
Robert C. Sullivan
Barbara and Martin Summa*
Chaowei Sun '21
Kyran N. Sunday '21
Srna Sunik '21
Korinne Suter
Jill S. Sweeney '02*
Ruth E. Sweeney*
Helen Bauman Sweitzer '68*
Burton Swerdling '61, '64*
Elizabeth Szczupak '98
Anna Szemiot
Farid Tadros
Veronica Tadros '21
Connie Tais '20
David V. Takseraas '06
Robert F. Takseraas '06
Janet E. Lauro '80*
Richard J. Tamaro '66
Peter Tamigi
Anna Tamura '21
Michiko Tamura
Julia Tanenbaum
Lawrence Tang '21
Thomas Tantillo
Elizabeth I. Tarasewich '59
Phyllis Tartell
Ross H. Tartell '74
Luca F. Tausch '21
Melissa Sansone Telesca '03 and Mario Telesca '99*
Gayl and Michael Teller*
Michael D. Templeton
Barbara Tennyson
Lilly A. Tennyson '21
Randy Tepper
William ter Steege
Dayna Terrell
Kami R. Teruya
Samuel R. Tesch '21
Danielle M. Tesoriero '19
Ryan T. Tessier '15, '16, '18
Shawn Thelen
Ian M. Thomas
Ralph Thomas '15*
Larry Thompson
Nicholas Thompson
Jordan L. Thurman '15
Ryan T. Tierney '21
Shoshana T. Tieyah
Karen Timmermans
Patricia A. Timp '91
Deborah Tinnirello
Karys R. Tipton '21
Robin Tipton
Robert Tirado
Eleanor Tisk '86
Jillian A. Tkaczyk
Mario Todaro
Bryce Doublas Tolmie '21
Annmary Tom '21
Carl Tomanelli
Monika R. Tomasone
Constantin Tombet-Moupegnou
Patrick G. Tominey '91
Andrea Tone
Daniel Toogood '21
Mary Toogood
Val Tooma
Marielle Tordone '05
Brian Toron
Dylan Torpey
Maya J. Torpey
Nafessah Torpey
Justin Torres '21
Olga Torres
David Tortora
John J. Tortora '72
Teresa Tortora
Alexandra M. Toscano '21
Frank Toscano
Nancy Toussaint
Tracey Tran '18
Gregory J. Tranchina '85
Paula M. Trauner '89*
Josephine Traverso
Robert J. Traverso '21
Brad T. Trettien '05
Wendy and William Treubig
Diane and Glenn Triebe
Nicole M. Triebe '18
Thomas J. Triola '72
Venessa A. Trofa '16
Emma Trombetta '21
Tammy Trombetta
Edward S. Trotta '19
Rebecca L. Trovato
Salvatore Trovato '73*
Binh Truong
Steven Tsapelas '03
Peter S. Tsetsekos
Kailin Tu
Olivia Tu '21
Jessica Tucker
Robert Tugander '92
Gaspare Tumminello '08
Francie Tumsuden '78
Joseph R. Turberg '61
Gary M. Turk '78*
Rich Turk
Helen and Dennis G. Tvelia '78
D. Clancy and Joseph Ulianelli*
Michael C. Ulianelli '10, '12*
James E. Ullmann '77
Mallory J. Ullrich '16
Mitchell A. Ulrich '21
Cheryl Uram
Alyssa T. Urban '18, '19
Casey Urban '21
Christine and Robert Urban
Nicole Urban '20
Ignacio A. Urbina '08
Ann M. Utke '04
Thomas J. Uva '79*
Larry J. Vadala '78*
Fredy S. Valencia '12
Nicholas Valentini '18, '20
Christine and Vincent E. Valentini
Frances Carol Valerio '67*
Joseph P. Vallone '92*
Eunice J. Valmond Hysons '11
Guillermo Valor
Dennis W. Van Dunk '21
Ellen and Dennis Van Dunk*
Jaime Van Dyke '00 and Keith A. Doran '94
Shelby Van Hyfte
Allan M. Van Wickler '55
Marcus W. Vanderberg '08
Lisa Vanderburgh
Delia M. Vanderpile
Wendy and John M. Vanik
Jennifer E. Van-Pelt '13
Grace Varnum
Caryl Vaughan
Adriana Vaz
Dimitri Vega
John Veit
Devin M. Velasquez '15, '18
Kara R. Velez
Esai Velez-Perez
Karl Verastegui
Doris E. Verity '67*
Lisa Vespa
Vincent M. Vespa '21
Judy A. Vianest '97
Rosalind '87 and Robert Viggiano '88
Aihra Villarreiz '21
Benjamin Vimont '18*
Steven M. Vissichelli '74*
Americus C. Vitale '63
Ann Viteri-Jackson '88
Steven B. Vitoff
Alisa B. Vogel '09
Eliot and Karen Vogel
Rachel Vogel
Russell A. Vogel '16
Richard J. Voight
Patricia M. Voll '03
Ginger Vollmar '79*
Betty J. Volpe '70*
Erin A. Von Elm '18
Meghan M. Von Elm '15, '19
Katherine Voros
Julia Wachtel '21
Robyn Elise Wadler '84
Ira J. Wagner
David B. Waite '66*
Hannah L. Walcoe '18*
Hazel A. Walcott
Richkisha Walcott '20
Jerry A. Waldkoetter
Karen J. Walker '90
Lois A. Walker '75
Tammara K. Walker '06
Michelle C. Wallace '21
Andre Waller '99
Lance Wallin
Vera Wallmann '53*
Kylie Walrod
Caitlin M. Walsh '11
Erin E. Walsh '21
Virginia M. Walsh
Margaret Ann Walter '80*
Andielynn Walters '16, '19
Miriam Wanderman*
Robert M. Wanderman '77*
Chenghao Wang '20, '21
Li Wang '13
Ou Wang-Hartline '14
Deborah Ward-Frankle
Marie Ward
Amy '96 and Lee Warner '94
Alec Warren
Barbara Warren '77, '83, '87, '89
Todd Warshall
Robin J. Warshawsky
Ebony D. Washington '00
Allison Wasserman
Andrew S. Wasserman '08
Frank E. Watson*
William Watson
Anne Bailey Watters '97, '00
Kayla M. '11, '19 and Julian A. Watts '08, '12
Eric G. Waxman, Jr. '57
David Wayne
Margaret L. Wayne '18
Emily Weber '21
Barbara Wassmer Weidman '62 and Robert Weidman '57*
Karen '96, '99 and Seth Weingarten '96
Marc P. Weiser '19
Jaime Weiss
Robert Weiss
Melinda and Rudolph Weissberg
Brent G. Weitzberg '10, '13*
Rita and Brent Weitzberg*
Richard Weksberg '77*
Patricia M. Welch
Lawrence Welner '72
Claudine S. Welti '92
Frederick H. Wen '03*
Christine Wenc
Anne Wentworth
Barbara West
Flor West '90, '93
Marie Wetmore
Victoria M. Wetmore '21
Andrew D. Wetstein '13
David B. Wheeler '81
Carmen White
Jennifer White
Mary Ann White '05*
Patricia Dainet White '78
Christina '02 and Ellis T. Whitehurst '02
Novia P. Whyte '00, '05
April and Elliot J. Wiener
Emma F. Wiener '21
Diana Torraca Wikstrom '77 and George R. Wikstrom '65, '73
Karlene P. Wilder
Samantha Wilder '21
Pam Wildes
Whitney Wildes
Lynn D. Wille '02
Debra A. Willett '98
Leslie '11 and David M. Willhoft
Betty K. Williams
Clement Webb Williams, Jr.
Danielle Williams
Janelle Williams '21
Mary Williams '99
Tammy Williams '92
Tessie Williams
Charmaine Sherriff-Wilson '83*
Derek A. Wilson '14
Mallory Wilson '21
Nicole Wilson
Edward Wind
Abby '97 and Jonathan Winderman '97
Rochelle Winderman '69*
George-Hyuung M. Winer '17
Linda S. Winicki '86
Laura Winkelman '81
Matthew D. Winkelman '15
Mary M. Wirth '71*
Luke Wise
Emily '61, '67 and Bernard Wiseblatt*
Ryan Wodarski
Donna Woghin
Jayme A. Woghin '18, '20
Samantha B. Woghin '20
Suzanne Riccio Wolfe '98 and Matthew Wolfe*
Daniel Wolff
Rona S. Wolfson '73*
Geraldine M. Wolk '77
Emily Emily. Wolkenbrod '19, '21
Cheryl Wolmer
Michael H. Wong
Tabreeca Woodside
Bryce Woodson
Claire L. Woolley '53
Sharon J. Wortzel '94, '00
Charles L. Wright '70
George W. Wright '82
James K. Wright '90*
Sharon Wright
Dewei Wu
William Wyman '81
Irene E. Wymes '13, '15
Luke Wyszynski
Peter Xanthos '75
Yongxue Xie '16
Vanessa Yam
Denise L. Yannone '73, '74
Elizabeth C. Yarbrough '72, '73*
Christine Yarkosky
Michele and Eric Yingling
Zachary M. Yingling '20
Daymon S. Yizar
Daniel H. Yoon '09
Candace York
David York '21
Charles L. Yorks
Jamesha Yorkshire
Ellen Young
Llewellyn Young
Susan '92, '95 and David Young '95
Elinor and Daniel Yovanovich
Tiffany Georgatos '11
Evangelia Zafiropoulos '20, '21
Shamnaz Zaman '21
Matthew Zampino '21
Neil M. Zang '59*
Kathleen T. Zanoni '97
Richard A. Zaun '71*
Linda Zeeble '72
Diana A. Zelada Vasquez '21
Robert J. Zellner '12*
Marie '69 and Mike Zembruski '71
Andrea M. Zeng
Amanda Zeo '18
Angel Zhagui
Jennifer Lisette Zhagui '21
Weiyi Zhang '14
Chandler Zhang '14, '16, '21*
Michael T. Zick '07*
Patricia Ziegler '64
Patricia Ziehl
Tessa R. Ziemba '13 and Scott A. A'Hara '11
Caroline Zimmerli
Lisa A. Zoldi '98
Ronnie Millman Zolin '68
Elizabeth V. Zorovich '12
Emily Zotto
Arnold H. Zudick '71*
Giga Zukhubaia '21
Cynthia K. Zumbrun '92*
Rebeca Zuniga Lazo '21

Amani Salon & Spa
Argyle Theatre
Aroma Nails
Artrageous! Studio, LLC
B. Good
Bacaro Italian Tavern
Bahari Estiatorio
Susan Ball
Bango Bowls
Bangz Salon
Bell Bay Florist
Bhavesh Patel
Bicycle Playground
Blossom Nails & Spa
Bob's Natural Foods
Bourbon Street
Brixx & Barley
The Burger Spot
Cactus Salon
The Chef's Corner
Chiddy's Cheesesteak
Compass Group USA Inc.
Craft Kitchen & Tap House
Deja Vu on Main
Del Fuego
Denise and Company Salon
Dominican Restaurant 4
Donovan's Grill & Tavern
Earth Arts
Eden Total Skin Care
Elysian Hair Spa
Esther Nails
Expressions In Hair
Five Pennies Creamery
Floral Park Diner
The Flower Shoppe
Susan Foschino
Fred Astaire Dance Studios
Gallery Four Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Garden City Bistro
Garden City Pizza
Gauc Shop
Gino's Pizzeria
Glen's Dinette
Go Greek
The Good Life
Hair Machine Salon
House of India
Hue Studio
Pascal J. Imperato
Jack Jack's Coffee House
Jam Restaurant
Jameson's Bar & Grill
Johnny McGorey's
Joseph Christopher For Beauty & Wellness
Kasey's Kitchen & Cocktails
Kucks Delicatessen
Kutting Kraze Salon
La Bella Vita Salon
Lahey Clinic Hospital, Inc.
Laser Plus Spa
The Library Cafe
Livorno Restaurant
Local Pour House
Ma-Belle Boutique
Madison Taylor Salon
Massapequa Soccer and Sport Shop
Masters & Company Florist
Melissa's Taqueria
Mission Taco
Moby Drugs
Monroe Kornfeld
Nail's World
Needle & Groove Records
Neraki Mediterranean Grill
New York Percussion Service
Occo Nails
Omonia Cafe
One Station Plaza (OSP)
Opulence New York
Osteria da Nino
P.S. Burgers
Palomino's Restaurant
Pandemonium Boutique
Panera Bread
Paper Source
Parea Restaurant
Park Ave Nails
Parlay Gastro Pub
pHountain Huntington
pHountain Massapequa Park
Pipeline Coffee
Press 195
Primehouse Steak & Sushi
The Republic
Revel Restaurant & Bar
Revive Nails & Spa
Roast Sandwich House
Thomas Roman
Ruby Tuesday
Runner's Edge
RVC Beauty Spa
Salon on Park
Sam's Barber Shop
Sangarita's Tapas wine
School of Rock Queens
Scrubz Body
Shrimpy's Burrito Bar
Holly J. Seirup
Slots-A-Lot Raceway
Spaghettini Pizza Trattoria
Stella Pizzeria Inc.
Katie Sturino
Sugarberry Bakery
The Sweet Peace Specialty Cakes
Swell Taco
Swing The Teapot Inc.
The Tap Room
Texicana Grill
That Meetball Place Farmingdale
Time Source Jewelers
Tim's Florist
Top Shelf Tattooing
Torta Fina Pastry
Total Wine
Towne Boutique
Trattoria 35
Umberto's of Massapequa Park
V Spa's Nail
Village Cheese Merchant
Village Pizza
Who Does Your Hair?
William G. Salon
E. David Woycik, Jr.

Non- Individual Donors

A & M Fried Family Foundation
The Bellofatto Trust
The Carl Marks Foundation, Inc.
Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Under the Will of Louis Feil
Charlie's Long Island Fund in the LI Community Foundation
The David & Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc.
The Donald and Barbara Zucker Family Foundation
The Family of William Entenmann-LI Community Foundation
The Fay J. Lindner Foundation
Hemlocks Fund in The New York Community Trust
Joseph & Libby Shapiro Family Foundation of Florida Inc.
Kushner Companies Charitable Foundation
Laurence T. Ginsberg Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Long Island Beech Trust A-Long Island Community Foundation
Martin & Toni Sosnoff Foundation
Northwell Health
Rita and Frank Castagna Family Foundation
Roberge Family Foundation
Robert & Florence Kaufman Foundation Inc.
Stewart Anthony Smith Living Trust
The Zarb Family Fund, Inc.

Abrams Fensterman, LLP
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC
Broadridge Foundation
Carol and Alan J. Bernon Family Charitable Foundation
Elizabeth & Frank Ingrassia Foundation
Estate of Frank Calderone
Feil Family Foundation
The Gartland Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Hesselbirg Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
The Joey Comunale Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Klar Family Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
Leonard & Caryl Shapiro Family Foundation Inc.
The Philip and Janet Shapiro Family Foundation Inc.
Pinkerton Foundation
The Samuel Ramos and Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Sica Consultants Inc.
Sweet Tuna Foundation

(Video) Donor Honor Roll: Blaire

2001 Frederick & Nancy DeMatteis Family Charitable Trust
Digital Remedy,LLC
Edwin E. Hatch Foundation
Foundation for Innovations in Medical Education
General Refining & Smelting Corp.
Janice Long Beekman & Jeffrey Scott Beekman Philanthropic Fund
Jodi & Robert D. Rosenthal Family Foundation
The Julio and Heidi Portalatin Charitable Fund
Levittown Mews Assoc LP
Marilyn and James Simons Charitable Fund
Rechler Philanthropy, Inc.
Robert B. Catell Charitable Fund
Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation
RXR Social Impact LLC
Structure Tone, LLC
VOYA Foundation
Whitmore & Co.
Yale Art Trust

AmTrust Title
Apple Bank for Savings
Bethpage Federal Credit Union
Boeing Company
Burner Law Group PC
Cameron Engineering & Associates, LLP
Capital One Foundation
Christian Keesee Charitable Trust
Dell Giving
Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation
Dolan Family Foundation
Epstein Family Foundation of the Jewish Communal Fund
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The Sidney & Pearl Kalikow Foundation
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3 G Warehouse, Inc.
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Garden State Equality
Global Atlantic Charitable Gift Fund
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Long Island Contractors Association
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The Martin B. Greenberg Foundation, Inc.
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The Nathanson Family - SMHR Fund
Nodiff Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable
North Shore University Hospital NSUH Medical Staff Society
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Sterling National Bank
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Varian Medical Systems Educational Grant Corporate Fund
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Walden Environmental Engineering PLLC

Warburg Pincus LLC

A1 Reliable Industries Corp.
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Zollenberg Family Fund

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American Legion of NY Nassau County Org
American Legion Post 1087
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Suemedia Inc.

See 2020 Honor Roll of Donors


Alumni: Honor Roll of Donors (8)

As I reflect on my first year as president, I am grateful for the opportunity to join and serve the Hofstra community.

Hofstra students embrace civic engagement and community service, from food drives for the Interfaith Nutrition Network in Hempstead to helping build bridges in underserved regions of South America.

Our professors are dedicated to academic excellence, mentoring, and providing experiential learning and research opportunities that help students win prestigious fellowships and awards, including two Fulbright scholarships this year.

Our student-athletes are determined to compete at the highest levels in their sports and their studies, and this year won conference championships in three team sports.

And our entire community – our generous donors, faculty, students, alumni, and staff – was committed to working together to make this past year a successful on-campus experience, despite continuing challenges of COVID-19 and the ever-changing health protocols.

This allowed a return to the lively campus we cherish, and with it Pride traditions like Fall Fest, basketball games at the Mack Sports Complex, the holiday lighting ceremony in front of Hofstra Hall, and in-person commencements.

We created new traditions, too. Some events produced as part of last year’s presidential inauguration will become annual staples for a late September “Welcome Week” leading up to Fall Fest, including an academic symposium focused on sustainability, a community barbecue, and the Roar Rally student celebration of unity, identity, and talent.

(Video) Andrews University Thank You - 24 Hour Donor Challenge

I am proud of how this community met the moment and thrived over the past year. Across all schools, disciplines, programs, and activities, there is much to celebrate.

On July 1, we welcomed our new provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Charles Riordan, to the Pride. Dr. Riordan, formerly vice president for research, scholarship, and innovation at the University of Delaware, is an internationally known chemist and academic leader with a long track record of creating partnerships between the academy, business, and government.

This summer also marks a significant milestone for the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, with the retirement of founding Dean Larry Smith. He will be succeeded by Dr. David Battinelli, vice dean, who also played a central role in the development of Hofstra’s groundbreaking medical school.

At the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies, our first undergraduate nursing class began their studies, as the school continued to rise in the rankings for graduate nursing education, climbing to #42 in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report.

This year brought the return to campus of in-person speakers, including our new senior fellows at the Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency, Phil Schiliro ’78, former special advisor to President Barack Obama, and Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush.

The Center for Civic Engagement’s Day of Dialogue and the School of Health Professions and Human Services’ National Public Health Week series resumed in person as well, both focusing on themes related to community.

We further fortified our commitment to serving the community with the launch of a partnership with WABC-TV, which opened a Long Island bureau within The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. This partnership will provide great experiential learning opportunities for our students while providing strong local news coverage to the entire region.

The Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science, ranked #39 in the nation for non-PhD-granting engineering programs in 2022 by U.S. News & World Report, also found an innovative way to combine experiential and service learning. The school expanded Hofstra’s longtime partnership with the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN), challenging industrial engineering students to focus their senior design projects on helping the INN improve its operations.

Meanwhile, our business programs drew national and international attention this year. The Center for International Financial Services and Markets hosted the annual conference of the prestigious EURO Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling, a group of international scholars whose research shapes decision-making for financial markets around the world.

And our online MBA program was recognized by three different rankings: #28 by U.S. News & World Report, #33 by The Princeton Review, and #52 by Poets & Quants. No other New York metro area online MBA was ranked higher on all three lists.

U.S. News also recognized Hofstra’s online master’s degrees in education – the MSEd in Higher Education Leadership Studies and MSEd in Health Professions Education, which shot up 21 spots to #53 in the nation this year.

At the same time, Variety magazine named The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication one of the Top 30 Film Schools in North America – the sixth time since 2015 that the magazine has singled out Hofstra’s film program for excellence.

But academic rankings are not the only way to measure the quality and value of a Hofstra education.

This year, two graduate students and a professor were awarded prestigious Fulbright grants to conduct research in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, respectively. In addition, one of our 2022 law graduates was accepted to the highly competitive Schwarzman Scholars, an international postgraduate fellowship program in China.

It was also a year of outstanding achievements for Hofstra Athletics.

Our men’s and women’s soccer teams captured the hearts of Pride fans with magical seasons that included winning their Colonial Athletic Association tournaments. The men’s team advanced to the third round of the NCAA tournament for the first time in its history.

Our baseball team also had a historic season. Picked in preseason polls to finish last in the conference, Pride baseball won the CAA championship and advanced to the NCAA tournament for the first time.

That excitement and momentum is sure to continue into next season, when our conference expands with the addition of three schools– Stony Brook University, Monmouth University, and Hampton University. These schools are known for academic and athletic excellence, making the CAA stronger, more competitive, and more representative of student-athletes up and down the East Coast.

These are exciting times at Hofstra. The fortitude, ingenuity, and compassion that carried us through the last year will continue to serve us well as we embrace new challenges and evolve as an institution.

I look forward to making this journey with you. With your guidance and support, I know Hofstra will prosper as never before.

Susan Poser, President

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Hofstra Honor Roll of Donors. On behalf of the University, I am grateful for the extraordinary commitment and generosity that so many of our alumni, parents, and friends have shown to Hofstra — over time and, in particular, in the past year.

Although these last two years have brought unprecedented challenges, we did have moments to celebrate. We honored retiring President Stuart Rabinowitz at our 25th annual Gala, which we joyfully held in person. Honors College was named the Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College in recognition of their decades of service to the University.

We also named our new, state-of-the-art business school building to honor longtime trustee Leo A. Guthart, whose commitment to the University spans more than four decades. The building will be known as the Leo. A. Guthart Hall for Innovation and Discovery at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. In June 2021, we broke ground for a new Science and Innovation Center that will be home to the DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science and the newly expanded Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies.

We also prepared to welcome our new president, Susan Poser, whose inauguration was held this past September. Hofstra celebrated the inauguration with a week of exciting events, including symposia, service projects, a prom, a barbecue, the annual Alumni Awards Dinner, and the Fall Fest outdoor music festival and carnival.

We are excited to pave the way for Hofstra’s future and grateful for donor support that helps us move toward our ambitions. Our annual Honor Roll of Donors provides us with the opportunity to formally acknowledge and thank you for your leadership, philanthropy, and commitment to the University. It recognizes all gifts received during the 2021 fiscal year (September 1, 2020, through August 31, 2021). Your generosity allows us to provide our students with an outstanding education and state-of-the-art learning facilities and resources, as well as unique opportunities for academic growth and enrichment.

Now, more than ever, philanthropy has become an important source of funds. Your continued investment in Hofstra truly makes an impact on our campus and our students.

On behalf of the Hofstra community, I thank you for your continued generosity and investment in our institution, our students, and our faculty.

Sincerely yours,
Alan J. Kelly
Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

Hofstra University is uniquely equipped to offer students a personalized experience within a world-class education. The University community is also agile enough to adapt to different learning environments, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Thanks to the generosity of many alumni and friends, the Scholarship Program provides vital support to individuals striving to achieve their academic, personal, and professional aspirations. Scholarships lessen financial burdens and allow dedicated students to concentrate on their studies, enhance their civic impact, and celebrate their achievements. For these students, scholarship recognition and support are gifts that last a lifetime.

Create an annual scholarship that provides immediate support for students each year it is given or establish an endowed scholarship as a legacy to help students now and for generations to come.

Scholarship donors receive the following benefits:

• The satisfaction of helping students achieve their educational goals.
• Recognition of your philanthropy and commitment to Hofstra in the Honor Roll of Donors.
• Annual notification of the student who receives your scholarship.
• Invitations to events and the opportunity to connect with your scholarship recipient(s) and other talented Hofstra students.
• Tax benefits to the fullest extent of the law.

For information about establishing scholarships at Hofstra, please contact Krista Stella at 516-463-6561 or

If you already support the Hofstra University Scholarship Program, thank you!

New Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards Established in Fiscal Year 2021:


2021 COVID-19 Innovation Prize
Allegro Con Brio Annual Scholarship
Christopher G. Gegwich '99 Memorial Outstanding Law Student Award
Dari Schwartz-Bookamer '84 Memorial Annual Scholarship
Engel Burman Annual Scholarship
Hofstra University Annual Scholarship Fund
Jamie Nacht Memorial Annual Scholarship
Janice and Jeffrey Beekman Annual Scholarship
Jaspan Schlesinger LLP Annual Scholarship
Joey Jackson '95 Annual Scholarship
John and Grace Saionz Memorial Dance Scholarship
Joshua Lichtenstein '92 Memorial Annual Scholarship
Kristen Kawczynski Memorial Annual Scholarship
Lynn Boccio '78 Annual Scholarship
Matthew McCarthy Annual Scholarship
Michael and Doreen DeDomenico Family Annual Graduate Scholarship
Quatela Chimeri PLLC Annual Scholarship
Richard J. Spera and Winnie S. K. Ho Spera Annual Scholarship
Shegun Holder '97 Annual Scholarship
William J. O'Hara '02 Award in Film Studies


2021 Gala Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Stuart Rabinowitz
Christopher G. Gegwich '99 Endowed Memorial Outstanding Law Student Award
Dari Schwartz-Bookamer '84 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Deborah and Dr. Lawrence G. Smith Endowed Scholarship
Future Generations for Justice Scholarship
Janice and Jeffrey Beekman Endowed Scholarship
Jaspan Schlesinger LLP Endowed Scholarship
Joshua Lichtenstein '92 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Michael and Doreen DeDomenico Family Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Michael Blisko Endowed Scholarship
Michael T. Colavecchio '90 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
President Rabinowitz Honors College Endowed Scholarship
Quatela Chimeri PLLC Endowed Scholarship
Ronald A. Narel Endowed Scholarship
Sina Y. Rabbany Endowed Scholarship

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Honor Roll of Donors.

I am very proud to serve as president of the Hofstra University Alumni Organization. With more than 144,000 graduates, our network is strong! As president, I work closely with the University administration and the Alumni Organization leadership to strengthen alumni connections both to fellow graduates as well as to current students. As we continue to expand our alumni presence in cities across the globe, our brand recognition builds and strengthens.

While the past year looked different for our alumni activities across the nation, the opportunity to connect virtually kept our network united.In fact, thanks to technology, we were able to showcase alumni through new methods and bring them into classrooms, homes, and offices.The last twoyears positioned us to search for silver linings and, for the Alumni Organization, that meant seizing the opportunity to find new ways to socialize and connect with alumni across the country. Being able to engage with each other and the campus through virtual events, small group meetings, and hangouts introduced alumni who may not have had the opportunity during “normal times.”

The Honor Roll of Donors is an opportunity to thank our donors, and especially our alumni, who support the University and allow for the growth and continued success of Hofstra University. Your generosity makes a tremendous impact on our students, our facilities, and on our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest students and faculty.

Hofstra is a special place, and your ongoing support means a great deal. Thank you for continuing to make Hofstra a priority.

With pride and gratitude,
Hillary Serota Needle ’89

  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics unveiled a new campaign aimed at dismantling racism within collegiate athletics.The campaign, titled "No Locker for Racism," was formulated by Assistant Field Hockey CoachCourtney Deenawith assistance from Hofstra Athletics' Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Hofstra's student-athletes posted a 3.49 grade point average for the entire academic year.
  • Hofstra Athletics raised more than $1.54 million, with 1,831 unique donors, both all-time highs for the department.
  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics proudly announced the formation of the Colonel E. David Woycik, Jr. (Ret) Esq. Pride Leadership Academy, an initiative designed to cultivate an environment where student-athletes have the opportunity to evolve into leaders of impact. The inaugural class of the Pride Leadership Academy featured 20 student-athletes.
  • Senior women's tennis student-athlete Ronia Dolabany participated in the virtual Student-Athlete Mentoring Program, sponsored by NBC Sports and the Women's Sports Foundation. The program is designed to inspire and support female collegiate student-athletes as they explore potential career paths.
  • Men’s soccer star Matthew Vowinkel was selected by FC Cincinnati in the 2021 Major League Soccer SuperDraft.
  • Holden Heller won the 157-pound weight class at the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championship, becoming Hofstra’s second EIWA champion since the University joined the league in 2014.
  • Hofstra had seven wrestlers – Vinny Vespa (141 pounds), Greg Gaxiola (149 pounds), Holden Heller (157 pounds), Ricky Stamm (165 pounds), Charles Small (184 pounds), Trey Rogers (197 pounds), and Zachary Knighton-Ward (285 pounds) – qualify for the NCAA Championships, the most since 2012.
  • Tareq Coburn was named the CAA Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year and was the recipient of the CAA’s Dean Ehlers Leadership Award, which is presented annually to a men’s and women’s basketball student-athlete who “embodies the highest standards of leadership, integrity, and sportsmanship in conjunction with academic and athletic achievement.”
  • CAA Cross Country Runner of the Year Alex Masai won the men’s cross country championship for the third consecutive season and was an All-CAA selection, along with Paul Markovina, who placed fourth in the race.
  • Jordyn McDonnell and Sophia Masciarelli placed eighth and 11th, respectively, at the CAA Women’s Cross Country Championship to earn All-CAA accolades.
  • Alex Masai concluded his track career by winning CAA Outdoor Track Athlete of the Year and collecting a pair of All-America finishes at the 2021 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships, placing sixth in the 10,000m and 10th in the 5,000m. He is Hofstra’s first-ever outdoor track All-American.
  • Speedy Claxton, one of Hofstra’s all-time greatest players, was named the 13th head men’s basketball coach in program history. Claxton, a 2000 graduate, led Hofstra to the NCAA Tournament as a senior and enjoyed a decade-long career in the NBA.
  • The Hofstra Student-Athlete Advisory Committee partnered with S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth, a community-based organization that seeks to end youth and gang violence. Hofstra SAAC held a pie fundraiser that raised more than $1,500 for a community peace garden at S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth headquarters in Uniondale.
  • JaKayla Brown (women’s basketball), Jalen Ray (men’s basketball), and Isaac Kante (men’s basketball) were named to the All-Met Basketball team as selected by the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association.
  • Ryan Tierney was selected by the Whipsnakes in the 2021 Premier Lacrosse League Draft.
  • Women’s lacrosse made its third-ever NCAA Tournament appearance, earning an at-large bid. It was Hofstra’s first NCAA selection since 2007.
  • Alyssa Parrella (women’s lacrosse) finished her storied career with 261 goals, to rank 10th all-time in NCAA history. She also ranks 15th all-time in NCAA history with 355 points. Her 261 goals and 355 points are both tops all-time in Hofstra and CAA history, while the 94 assists ranks second at Hofstra and ninth in the CAA.
  • Ryan Tierney concluded his illustrious Hofstra career with 164 goals and 87 assists for 251 points. Tierney established new program records for most career goals and points at Hofstra, while he broke Colonial Athletic Association records for career goals and points. His 87 career assists ranks fourth in Hofstra and sixth in conference history.
  • Lucy Porter (women’s soccer), Ryan Tierney (men’s lacrosse), Alex Masai (track/cross country), and Alyssa Parrella (women’s lacrosse) earned All-America accolades.
  • Hofstra University student-athletes Meghan Giordano (softball), Gavin Jones (track), Frankie O'Brien (field hockey), and Charles Small (wrestling) participated in the 2021 NCAA Career in Sports Forum, which brought together selected NCAA student-athletes to learn about and explore potential careers in sports, particularly college athletics. This unique experience helped student-athletes chart their career paths, while presenting numerous opportunities for attendees to learn from current industry leaders.
  • Alyssa Parrella (women’s lacrosse) was selected fifth overall in the Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse College Draft.
  • Seniors Frankie O'Brien (field hockey) and Lucy Porter (women’s soccer) earned the prestigious Colonial Athletic Association Leadership and Sport Excellence Award in their respective sports. The award is presented to a student-athlete who represents the highest standards of teamwork, integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship in their academic and athletic achievements.
  • Frank Catalanotto, who enjoyed a 14-year Major League Baseball career with the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Mets, was named the 15th head baseball coach in program history.
  • Women's soccer student-athletes Marlene Fries and Grace Watson-Carr participated in the 2021 NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Training (SALT) – two of 200 student-athletes from across the country selected to participate in the unique event, which featured two days of developmental programming. The virtual event equipped participating student-athletes with vital personal development skills – leadership, grit, core values, acceptance of vulnerability, and a growth mindset – that will serve them on and off the field of competition.
  • Pitcher Jimmy Joyce was selected by the Seattle Mariners in the 16th round of the 2021 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft. Joyce became the program's 14th-ever MLB Draft pick, and it marked the third time in the last four years that Hofstra has had at least one player selected in the draft.
  • Adrienne Clark, a member of three NCAA Tournament teams during her playing career under legendary head coach Bill Edwards at Hofstra, was named head coach of the program. Clark helped the team to an at-large NCAA Tournament berth in 2003 and nearly led the Pride to the Women's College World Series in 2004.
  • Austin Gauthier (baseball) signed a free agent contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Michael Altmann (men’s lacrosse), Tareq Coburn (men's basketball), Kristin Hallam (softball), Lucy Porter (women's soccer), Storm Strongin (men's soccer), and Matthew Vowinkel (men's soccer) earned Academic All-America distinction during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • The Hofstra University Department of Athletics held its 2021 Hall of Fame Induction and Golf Outing, presented by AmTrust Title, at the Huntington Crescent Club.The event raised more than $110,000 to support the #HofstraStrong campaign, which supports all Hofstra student-athletes.In addition to a great day of golf, Hofstra Athletics celebrated the outstanding careers and accomplishments of Antoine Agudio (men's basketball), Lisa Ciavardini (softball), Marques Colston (football), Tom Kessler (men's lacrosse), Jon Masa (wrestling), and Lizanne Murphy (women's basketball) by inducting them into the Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame.
  • The Hofstra Athletics Pride Club presented a pair of awards to three dedicated supporters of Hofstra Athletics. Judith Ann Salerno was the recipient of the Jack Lenz Award, while Greg and Christine Polli received the Joseph M. Margiotta Distinguished Service Award.
  • Hofstra hosted the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Quarterfinals at James M. Shuart Stadium for the 12th time.
  • In recognition of James C. Metzger's continued commitment to Pride Athletics and philanthropy in support of the Hofstra Athletics program, the Pride Lounge in Margiotta Hall was renamed the Metzger-Pannell Family Pride Lounge. Metzger, a 1983 Hofstra graduate, was a men's lacrosse All-American during his time at the University.
  • Hofstra saw 45 student-athletes earn All-CAA accolades.
  • The women’s soccer team collected four major CAA Awards as Sabrina Bryan was the Attacking Player of the Year, Lucy Porter was Midfielder of the Year, Anja Suttner was Defensive Player of the Year, and Simon Riddiough earned Coach of the Year.
  • Ryan Tierney was the CAA Men’s Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year.
  • Hofstra Athletic Development hosted a series of Zoom meetings with alumni to keep them engaged with our programs amid COVID-19 fan attendance restrictions.
  • Hofstra Athletics partnered with 38 companies and organizations during the 2020-2021 academic year.
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