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    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (11)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (12)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (13)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (14)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (15)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (16)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (17)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (18)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (19)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (20)

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    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (21)

    Welcome to Adel Manor Care Home, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Located 5 miles from Leeds city centre, Adel Manor has 74 modern bedrooms with en-suite wet rooms, designed in line with current CQC requirements. Adel Manor residents have access to communal lounges and restaurants on each floor, as well as to a range of premium facilities, including a hairdresser and nail bar.

    We’re proud to provide the highest level of safety, care, and comfort for all of our care home residents, whether they require residential, nursing, respite, or dementia care. Adel Manor uses soothing colour palettes, alongside modern and clear signage, and carefully planned floor layouts to ensure residents are safe and happy. We believe in ensuring that each resident feels not just at home, but comfortable and independent in their own space. Residents of this Leeds care home can also enjoy various activities and events designed to support their health and wellbeing, and maintain good spirits.

    This New Care Home is in the heart of Adel, a rural community with plenty of green space, including the York Gate Garden, Adel Dam Nature Reserve, and the stunning historic grounds of Harewood House. Visitors to our Leeds care home can also enjoy a day out at the nearby Abbey House Garden, while both Cookridge Hall Golf Club and Headingley Golf Club (the oldest golf club in Leeds) are also situated close by.

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (22)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds

    Adel Manor Care Centre,
    Adel Manor Gardens
    LS16 7AL

    New Enquiries:
    0800 240 4700

    Direct Phone:
    0113 841 1000

    Dementia Care
    Residential Care
    Nursing Care
    Respite Care

    74 Beds

    Nail Bar

    Quiet Lounge

    Lift Access

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    Ensuite Facilities

    Wheelchair Accessible

    Patio Area

    Silent Nurse Call System

    Acoustic Monitoring

    Landscaped Garden

    Outdoor Area

    Spa Assisted Bathroom

    Single Rooms

    Visiting hairdresser

    Terrace to 1st and 2nd Floor

    Great Things About Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (23)

    Our Care Philosophy

    At Adel Manor, it’s our aim to enable all of our residents to maintain their independence and continue to achieve their full potential either physically, intellectually, emotionally, or socially. We pride ourselves on providing professional, person-centred care, nurturing each care home resident to explore and understand their needs. Although a resident’s care requirements may change over time, the team will be responsive to those changing needs - we’re there for you and your loved one, every step of the way.

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (24)

    Dementia Magic Table

    ‘Magic Tables’ or ‘Tovertafel’ are a key part of our dementia care programme at Adel Manor. There is significant research into the positive effects of play on dementia, and we find that the ‘Magic Table’ has extremely positive benefits for residents living with dementia. Residents and their loved ones can play freely on the ‘Magic Table’, which is a fantastic way for children to spend quality time with older relatives. New Care is one of a small group of providers leading the way in the UK with the ‘Magic Table’ as part of our strategy to provide opportunities for residents living with dementia and their relatives to have fun together.

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (25)

    Oomph! Wellbeing Programme

    All Adel Manor Care Home staff have taken part in the Oomph! training programme, which is designed to support them in delivering a 360-degree approach to residents’ wellbeing. The Oomph! programme enables our care home staff to deliver everyday mental stimulation, regular fun physical activity, and new experiences and connections to enhance the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Meet the Team

    Judith Scurr, Home Manager

    My name is Judith Scurr and I am the Manager at Adel Manor. I live with my partner Chris and have 3 grown up boys and two beautiful grandsons.I am a qualified Nurse and have managed Care Homes for over 30 years, my passion is to enhance the lives of the elderly residents in my care. I begun working for New Care in June 2022 and enjoy being part of the wonderful team. New Care are a hands on company who value all the staff that work for them and make all feel part of the New Care family

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (26)

    Adel Manor Care Home In Leeds | New Care Homes (27)

    Helen Ledger, Home Trainer

    My name is Helen Ledger, I am the home trainer here at Adel Manor. I have worked within the care sector for 30 years, working with community mental health teams and domiciliary adult social care, moving to residential care setting in 2019.I began working for Newcare in June 2022, finding it a very refreshing change into residential care, care as it should be for older generation enabling them to live their lives to the fullest.

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    Living in Adel Manor

    Home Interiors
    Fine Dining

    Quality, person-centred care is at the heart of Adel Manor. This is enhanced further with our additional services, including purposeful and meaningful activities that reflect the interests and abilities of our residents.

    Learn More

    Latest News

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    New Care Covid19 information July 2022.

    All New Care homes are open to new admissions and we are now conducting on site visits for those looking for care. Please contact the home for further information.

    The health, safety and wellbeing of our Residents and Staff arealways our top priorities. We have in place robust and comprehensive contingency plans torespond tothe new variants of coronavirus. Our plans will be kept under regular review and updated as advised by the Public health authorities.

    Vaccine and testing program.

    The role out of the vaccine programme has played a significant part in increasing confidence in the safety of our homes.

    We are continuing to follow the most up to date guidance around swabbing. Staff take a routine lateral flow test twice weekly. If a staff member was to test positive they are sent home to isolate. Residents are no longer tested unless they display any Covid symptoms. If a residents tests positive they will be fully supported and all care will be offered in their own bedrooms. Immediate family members will be kept fully informed and encouraged to stay in touch through video links.

    We are open to admissions into our care homes for those that can no longer manage at home and need the additional support a residential setting can offer. We are confident that the infection control measures we have in place along with the vaccine programme and regular testing of staff ensure our homes are a safe a place as possible for residents and staff. Please contact our enquiry line or your local home to speak the Home Manager who will be happy to answer and questions and will arrange a safe viewing of the home. Please be assured that we are taking the necessary steps to keep our residents and staff safe and well.

    Detailed below are the latest guidelines and the steps we are taking to keep our residents and staff safe during this time

    Visiting Arrangements

    As a company we wish to thank all of our residents, staff and relatives for the ongoing support during the last couple of years, as we have all adapted to living during the Covid19 Pandemic.

    Visiting is an integral part of care home life. It is vitally important for maintaining the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents. Visiting is also crucial for family and friends to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones, and to contribute to their support and care. At this time there are no nationally set restrictions around care home visiting, unless the home has a covid outbreak. Visitors must not attend the home if they feel unwell, we are required to check the temperature of visitors and ask them to wear a mask during the visit.

    If the home is in an outbreak situation each resident can have a named ‘Essential Care Giver’ who can visit to provide support or companionship. Essential Care Givers will be included in the homes testing regime.

    Residents are able to leave the home without the need to isolate on their return. However, they must reduce the risk to themselves by avoiding close contact with a large number of people.

    In addition to the new visiting process all of our homes will continue with window and garden visits (weather permitting), Skype and or WhatsApp video calling facilities to enable residents to keep in touch with their families. We are confident that our staff will do all they can to ensure that life in our homes remains as comfortable and sociable as possible as we support them with delivering interactive activities, whilst practicing physical distancing.

    If a new resident is admitted to the home from hospital they must isolate in their bedrooms for a 10 day period. During this time only the Essential Care Visitor is permitted to enter the home. If a resident is admitted from their own home or another long term care facility this guidance does not apply.

    We understand that this is a worrying time for everyone, and wewant to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our residents and staff are as safe as possible, and we are following the advice from public health authorities.

    Health Monitoring of Residents

    We continue to deliver care to all of our residents in line with their care plans. We are also carrying out monitoring of resident’s vital signs. This is enabling us to identify when any resident is becoming unwell or has a temperature. Whilst there are many reasons which affect a residents health, if we do detect a change we seek medical advice. In all cases, we will care for the resident in their own room for a period of up to 10 days. In all cases we notify the resident’s relatives where we have taken these steps. We can also confirm that all of our residents will receive medical support if they become unwell and will be treated proactively.

    Health Monitoring of Staff & Professional Visitors

    We no longer need evidence that professional visitors or trades people are vaccinated. We will continue to take the temperature of any visitors when they arrive at the home. Visitors are unable to access the home if they have a high temperature or display symptoms.

    Our teams were already fully versed in infection control procedures before COVID-19, and at New Care we have always had processes in place to prevent infection. All homes had a score of 95% or more when inspected by the external Infection Control auditors. We use ZERO agency staff in our homes.

    Some of our GP’s and other health care professionals are now conducting virtual visits to the home using technological solutions.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    We continue to have sufficient supplies of PPE. We also have a full supplies of hand soap, hand gel and disposable hand towels, which are supplied, throughout the home. This supports our staff, residents & professional visitors to conduct their hand washing/hand hygiene in line with government guidance.

    The well-being of our residents, relatives and staff is of the utmost importance to us and we hope that we have reassured you that this is the case. Our homes are all fully open to admissions and we will be happy to discuss our care services with you.

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    How many care homes are owned by Care UK? ›

    With over 150 care homes across England, Wales and Scotland, discover your closest Care UK care home.

    Do councils own care homes? ›

    Ownership of care homes

    Some care homes are run by the local authority. However, they are usually run by private or voluntary sector service providers.

    How many care homes are in West Yorkshire? ›

    There are 345 care homes in West Yorkshire, with 125 offering nursing care. If you're not sure which type of care home is best for you, you can read our guide on how to choose the right care home.

    Are all UK care homes private? ›

    Care homes may be run by private companies, voluntary or charity organisations, or sometimes by local councils.

    Who is the biggest care home in UK? ›

    PositionTop companyNumber of homes that received an assurance visit
    1CareTech Holdings PLC67
    2Keys Group Ltd (G Square Healthcare Private Equity LLP)33
    3The Outcomes First Group (SSCP Spring Topco Ltd)23
    4The Priory Group (Partnerships in Care UK 1 Ltd)17
    17 more rows
    31 Mar 2021

    Which is the best care home provider? ›

    Avery Healthcare topped the list with none of its 14 homes rated Inadequate or Requires Improvement. Sunrise Senior Living and Greensleeves came second and third amongst private and non-profit providers with just 2% and 5%, respectively, of services rated Requires Improvement or Inadequate.

    Do dementia sufferers have to pay care home fees? ›

    In most cases, the person with dementia will be expected to pay towards the cost. Social services can also provide a list of care homes that should meet the needs identified during the assessment.

    How much savings can you have before you have to pay for care? ›

    When the council might pay for your care. You might be eligible for the local council to pay towards the cost of your social care if you have less than £23,250 in savings (called the upper capital limit, or UCL). From October 2023 this will rise to £100,000 in savings.

    Are next of kin responsible for care home fees? ›

    Paying Fees After Death

    When someone dies, their care home will issue an invoice for any outstanding care home fees. Next of kin will not have to pay this, but instead it will be taken from the person's estate.

    What percentage of care homes are privately owned UK? ›

    Three out of every four care home places are now provided by private companies, according to new data which reveals the growing privatisation of care.

    Who Privatised care homes UK? ›

    Many of those using private care services today would once have been cared for by the NHS. Now they are at the mercy of profiteers, and for one reason – Thatcher's pro-market reforms of Britain's health system.

    Are all care homes privately owned? ›

    Care homes can be owned and run by private companies, voluntary or charitable organisations, or local councils. If you think you might need to move into a care home, you should contact your local council's social services department and ask for a care needs assessment.

    Who funds care homes in the UK? ›

    You must pay full fees (known as being self-funding). You contribute from income included in the means test, such as pensions, plus an assumed, or 'tariff' income based on your capital between £14,250 and £23,250. The council pay the remaining cost of your care.


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